View of frankpledge and court baron, 20 April 1692

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Originals in Latin. Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors which also include Little Horwood and Granborough.

[f.1] View of frankpledge of Nicholas Goodwin, 21 April 4 William & Mary, by James Hayes esq., deputy steward.

Essoins: Richard Westley, Ed. Reddell, John Seaton sr, John Seaton jr and many others.

Jurors: John Hogson, Henry Hughes, Peter Lowndes, William Bigg, Christopher Stutsbury, Benjamin Scott, John Dymock, Stephen Bigg.
Ralph Bates, Richard Phipps, George Elliott, Charles Bowler, Thomas Henley, William Illing, Richard Barton, Arthur Smyth.
John Markham, Robert Manwareing, Benedict Holland, John Holland, John Bowden, Stephen Emerton, John Stevens, John Wyatt

Default: Residents: Charles King, Ralph Hall, William Daniell, William Godden and many others.
Tenants: George Knight, John Seaton, Edward Horwood and Nicholas Pleastead.

According to an order of the court of 15 April 1691, a dispute between Stephen Bigg jr and William Gyles jr about the "Eidrey[?] doore" between their houses was investigated by John Amborough, Joseph Glenister, Charles Bowler sr, William Townsend and Henry Hughes. They found that Stephen Bigg had right of entry and the corner post below the house of William Gyles belonged to William. [This sounds like a jetted building with a post supporting the upper floor. It seems to refer to what later became The Bank.]

Constables of Winslow: Richard Seaton and Benjamin Dudley, in place of John Hogston and Charles King.

Tithingmen of Winslow: William Prentice and William Bigg, in place of John Hearne and Richard Ginger.

Thomas Eden died since the last court. On 16[?] July last he surrendered through Christopher Coates and Robert Gibbs all his messuage in Winslow with barns, stables, houses, orchards and gardens, for the benefit of Robert Eden his son, Anne Ellice and Joan Alling his daughters. If Ralph Eden his eldest son paid £5 to Robert, £5 to Anne and 40s to Joan, the surrender would be void. Ralph Eden died since the last court. The money was paid to Anne and Joan. Now Robert was admitted tenant. Fine 10s for entry and two heriots.

Thomas Willmott on 22 Oct 1677 through John Hogston and William Spooner surrendered a cottage in Sheepestreete and 4½ acres of land for the benefit of Frances Willmott his wife, with reversion to Anne and Frances Willmott his relatives [they are called his cousins in his will but might be his nieces]. Thomas is now deceased. Frances his sister, late wife of William Short is deceased. William Short her son, aged less than 14, is her nearest heir. He was granted entry, with custody to William Short sr.

John Stutsbury and Elizabeth his wife surrendered a messuage in Winslow which John dwelled in, with barns, stables, malthouses, orchards, etc. and 1 acre of sweard ground adjoining, to William Eden. Richard Bigg claimed it and a procedure of common recovery followed, at the end of which John was admitted tenant.

Thomas Bishopp has died. On 17 Feb last he surrendered to the use of his will through Nicholas Merwin and Henry Hewes:

He made his will on 17 Feb last. Some of the will is recited. His widow Elizabeth was admitted tenant.

[f.2] Benjamin Leach and Frances his wife surrendered 3 acres of arable land in Winslow:

to Robert Wyatt of Winslow, butcher, and Diane his wife for their lives, then to Robert's heirs in perpetuity. They were admitted tenants, fine 6s.

John Seaton sr surrendered 11 acres of arable and sweard ground in Winslow:

to his son Daniel Seaton and Anne his wife for their lives, then their issue, or Daniel's heirs. They were admitted tenants, fine 22s.

William Spooner sr, William Spooner jr and Elizabeth his wife surrendered 3 acres of arable land:

to Thomas Betts of Winslow, blacksmith, who was admitted tenant. Fine 6s.

Robert Scott, Ann his wife and Benjamin Scott surrendered a messuage in Sheepe Street called The Boote and 3 acres of arable and sweard ground in Winslow fields:

One bay of the messuage with solar above as now divided, with cattle-stall, barn, butcher's shop [laniena] and stable for horses, on the eastern side, with access to the well, John Dimock east, was for Benjamin Scott and Elizabeth his wife for their lives, reversion to Benjamin's heirs. The rest was for Ann for her life, then Benjamin and Elizabeth for their lives, reversion to Benjamin's heirs. Fine 11s. [The house was demolished to build Winslow Hall]

A proclamation was made for Thomas Bett. [entry incomplete]

[f.3] John Keniston surrendered the messuage in Winslow where Charles King jr now lives, to Samuel Norman of Winslow. The surrender is to be void if he pays Samuel 20s each on 12 Oct 1692, 12 April and 12 Oct 1693, and 12 April 1694, and £41 on 12 Oct 1694.

John Stutsbury and Elizabeth his wife surrendered the messuage in Winslow where he now lives, with barns, stables, malthouses, gardens, etc. and 2 leyes of sweard ground lying to the east, to Henry Honour of Bottle Claydon. The surrender is to be void if he pays Henry 25s each on 24 Sep 1692, 24 March and 24 Sep 1693 and 1694, and £51 5s on 24 March 1695.

Dorothy Norman surrendered "a Bay of Building" [contignacionem] in Sheepestreete in the occupation of Joseph Collins, with outhouses, gardens and backyards, belonging to the bay in Dorothy's occupation, the ground of William Shelton north-east. To the use of Robert Adams of Swanbourne, yeoman. The surrender is to be void if she pays Robert 10s on 21 Oct next and £21 10s on 21 April 1693. Rent 1½d, fine 5s.
[= D/BASM/376/22/86, which has been endorsed "Mary Avery her surrender & Money"]

Thomas Bett and Elizabeth his wife surrendered ½ acre of land in Short Tuckey Furlong, Demeram Feild, the land of Thomas Blake on both sides. To Thomas Blake of Winslow, yeoman, in exchange for some land at Little Horwood.

Nathaniel Kent of Buckingham, gentleman, surrendered:

To Stephen Bigge sr of Winslow, blacksmith, who was admitted tenant.

Mary Woodcocke, widow, surrendered 12 acres of ley ground or pasture called Bradford Peece in Demeram Feild, Mr Lownes north and south, and ½ acre in Newmill Feild in Nant Ditch Furlonge, John Keniston south. To Joseph Dandridge of London, merchant taylor, and Martha his wife for their lives, then Joseph's heirs. Rent 3s 9½d. [This was part of the holding granted to Robert Lowndes in 1651]

William Gyles sr and Mary his wife surrendered:

[the next 7 lines are illegible]
Half the messuage to the use of Daniel Gyles and his heirs. The other part, occupied by William Gyles and Mary Hodgekins, to William and Mary Gyles for their lives, then Daniel Gyles and Be<a>trice his wife, then Daniel's heirs. [Keach's Meeting House was opened in 1695 on premises provided by William Gyles, and the messuage in this transaction was probably adjacent to it.]

Charles Bowler and Jane his wife surrendered about 20 acres of arable and ley ground in the common fields of Shipton:
Blackgrove Feild:

Red Feild:

Dry Meade Feild:

To Joseph Dandridge of London, merchant taylor, and Martha his wife for their lives, then Joseph's heirs.

Benjamin Leach and Frances his wife surrendered 2 acres of arable land in Woodway Furlong, Lice Hill Feild, extending south over Post Furrowes in the king's highway called Buckinghamway, the land of Charles Bowler between the same, John Hogston west, Henry Townesend east. To William Wyatt sr of Shipton, butcher.

View of frankpledge, 16 October 1692

[separate sheet] View of frankpledge, 16 Oct 4 William & Mary, by Nicholas Merwin, deputy steward.

Essoins: William Eding, Richard Worsley, Richard Seaton, Charles King, Nicholas Pleastead & many others.

Jurors: John Henley, Robert Grainge gent., William Elliatt, William Kirby, Daniel Gyles, William Hunt, Robert Scott, Richard Phipps.
Charles Bowler, Samuel Norman, Christopher Coutes, John Hearne, John Seaton Carryer, John Robinson, Robert Manwareing gent., Thomas Montague.
John Mountague, William Illing, Thomas Ward, Richard Barton, James Woodward, Thomas Woodward, Henry Pitkin, Joseph Cox.

Default. Tenants: Thomas Blake sr 6d, John Seaton sr 6d, John Seaton jr 3d, John Chenill 4d, Thomas Brickill 3d, Daniel Stevens 3d.
Residents: Edward Smyth 2d, Benjamin Dudley 2d.

John Hogson, Henry Hughes, Richard Phipps, Benjamin Scott, Peter Lowndes & John Dymock looked at all the encroachments between Mr Merwin and Mr Coates, and William Wyatt sr and Mr Holloway. They found Christopher (Coates)'s mound should be even and straight. They set out the encroachment between William Wyatt and Mr Holloway.

Joseph Dandridge jr, citizen of London, merchant taylor, and Joseph Dandridge sr of Winslow, barber surgeon, his attorney, sought admission to a messuage at the Westgate of the graveyard of Winslow, with yard, orchard and houses, as set out with stakes and stones, which Margaret Deely widow and William Lowndes gent. surrendered through William Cherry esq., chief steward, on 7 Nov 1691, to the use of Joseph jr and Martha his wife. [This is the property in Church Street to which Margaret Deeley was admitted in 1691 under the will of her husband Anthony. It may refer to a mortgage rather than outright sale.]

Anne Attwood widow surrendered 1 acre of arable land in Tuckey Furlong, Demeram Feild, the land of William Lowndes gent. north and south, to William Lowndes of Westminster, gent., through Richard Phipps his attorney.

John Dymocke and Jane his wife surrendered all title to a messuage in Sheepstreete with stables, malthouses, etc., in the separate occupations of Thomas Wainwright, Thomas Crofts and Christopher Bigg, the land of Nicholas Merwin gent. north, Benjamin Scott west, John Seaton jr east. To William Lowndes of Westminster through Richard Phipps his attorney. [According to William Lowndes, "This was a Brickhouse standing near the street, puld downe to build my new house more backward"]

Benjamin Leach surrendered 2 acres of unenclosed pasture in Winslow called Rose Close, William Lowndes gent. east and west, to William Gyles jr of Winslow, draper. The surrender to be void if Benjamin pays £80 with 5% interest half-yearly at the end of 3 years. [Benjamin Leach bought this from the Fyges in 1647. Rose Close was north of what is now Verney / Vicarage Road where it joins Burleys Road.]

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