Will of Nathaniel Haselwood, woollen draper, 1688 (proved 1689)

National Archives, PROB 11/395/417

In the name of God Amen

I Nathaniel Haselwood of Winslow in the county of Bucks Woollen Draper
being now in perfect heart and memory thankes to God doe make this my
present last Will and Testament in manner and forme following  Impri(mi)s I
give my Soule into the Hands of God that gave it me hopeing for Salvat(i)on
through the merits of my blessed Redeemer Jesus Christ my body to be decently
buried at the expences of my Executors hereafter named in Trust
for my children Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne William
Haselwood the sume of one pound Item I give and bequeath to my oldest
daughter Mary Haselwood one Silver Tankard marked with ~12~  Item the
rest of my silver plate I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah
Haselwood  Item I give and bequeath all my household goods now in my
possession to my two daughters Mary Haselwood and Sarah Haselwood  to
be equally divided betwixt them either dying before they come to age the
Survivor to enjoy the whole Item I give and bequeath my Stock in my Shop
and other household goods of mine in the Inne togeather withal other
goods and Chattells herein unbequeathed to be disposed of at the discrecon
of my Executors towards the payment of my debts and Funerall expences
the Overplus to be equally divided betwixt my five Children John Haselwood
Nathaniel Haselwood Benjamin Haselwood Mary Haselwood and Sarah
Haselwood and if either of them shall departe this life before they come to
age his her or theire partes to be equally divided to the survivours of the
said five children  Lastly I doe constitute and appoint Mr John Dauncey of
Bletchley in the County of Bucks and William Haselwood sen(io)r of Ketrin
in the County of Northampton Executors in Trust of this my last Will
and Testament In Wittnesse whereof I the said Nathaniel Haselwood
have hereto sett my hand and seal this fifth day of June Anno Dom(ini)
one thousand six hundred eighty eyght annoque regni Jacobi secundi
Nath Haselwood sealed published and subscribed in the presence
of Tho(ma)s Stevens F[rances?] Waldrick [..] Waldrick

Be it known unto all men by these presents That
Whereas I Nathaniel Haselwood of Winslow in the County of Bucks
Wollen draper have made and declared my last Will and Testament the
Writing bearing Date the fifth day of June Anno Dom(ini) One thousand six
hundred eighty eight in the fourth year of the Raign of our Soveraign
Lord King James the Second &c I the said Nathaniel Haselwood doe by
this present Codicill confirme and ratifie my said last Will and Testament
And I doe further give and bequeath and my will and meaning is that
the Best of all my Houses and Lands in Winslow aforesaid shall be disposed
of for the bringing up of my four youngest Children Sarah Haselwood
John Haselwood Nathaniel Haselwood and Benjamin Haselwood till they
come to age And my Will and meaning is that this Codicill or Schedule be
and be judged to be parte and parcell of my said last Will and Testament
and that all things herein mentioned and contained be faithfully and
truely performed and as fully and amply in every respect as if the same
were soe declared and sett downe in my said last Will and Testament
In witness whereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and seal this one and
Thirtieth day of December in the fourth year of the Raign of our Soveraign
Lord King James Anno Dom(ini) Nath Haselwood signed sealed
published and declared in the presence of   Humphrey Stone Tho(mas)s Godwyn
Anne Cowley her marke.

[Proved at London with codicil annexed 20 June 1689 on the oath of John Dauncey one of the Executors]


Nathaniel Haselwood was buried at Winslow on 10 March 1688/9. His wife Sarah was buried on 15 March 1686/7; she was described as "Mrs" so someone of high social status. Only the last two children mentioned in the will were recorded as baptised at Winslow: Nathaniel in 1681 and Benjamin in 1683. Nathaniel sr was living in Winslow by 1675, as he is mentioned in the accounts of Charles Harris. A William Haselwood of Kettering, draper, had his will proved at the PCC in 1693 (mentioning a son called Nathaniel), and he must be "William Haselwood sen(io)r" the executor. Nathaniel's eldest son William was described as woollen draper of Kettering when in 1700 he sold his father's messuage in Winslow to Thomas Urlwin, who was already the tenant.

The inn referred is The Angel; see Nathaniel's surrender in 1688. The transaction of 1700 shows that the Haselwoods had access through the gatehouse of The Angel and across its yard. They therefore lived at the future Royal Oak (2A High Street), unless that was part of The Angel, in which case they were at 4 High Street.

Nathaniel was still using James II's regnal year at the end of 1688 even though William of Orange invaded on 5 Nov; the reign of William and Mary did not begin officially until 13 Feb 1689.

Nathaniel's father-in-law John Jauncey of Bletchley made his will on 30 April 1694 (Centre for Bucks Studies, D/A/Wf 58/112). He left £50 to each of five grandchildren, to be paid when they were 21: Mary Haslewood, Sarah Haslewood, John Haslewood, Benjamin Haslewood, Nathaniell Haslewood. The will also mentions William, already an adult. Mary and Sarah must have lived with their grandfather as he left them "the use of the chamber & closett over the hall in the said messuage & the use of a chimney in some of the lower roomes for dressing their meate for the space of three yeares after my decease, with liberty of egress ... to the gardens & orchards", and half a quarter of apples yearly. Mary also inherited some land in Bletchley.

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