1A & 3 Horn Street (Old Millfield House) and 4 The Walk

This house was no.3 when street numbering was introduced, and was later subdivided. The front makes it look like a pair of Georgian houses, but in fact it has been one house for most of its recorded history. It is Grade II listed but the listing (see below) doesn't seem to have gone beyond the facade, which was in fact (as often happened in Winslow) added to a much older and very irregular building. This is most likely to have been done in the 1780s or 1790s when the property was partly occupied by its owner. The height of the building must have been raised and the roof replaced at the same time, as the top storey now obscures the Dutch gable on the west end of no.1 (to the left in the photo below). The roof is a shallow slate one, whereas no.1 has a much steeper tiled roof which must have been a direct replacement for thatch. 4 The Walk (scroll down or click here) was at one time in the same ownership. 1A Horn Street was given the name Old Millfield House in 1979 to commemorate its proximity to the pre-Enclosure Old Mill Field.

Listing: Pair of houses. Late C18-early C19. Plum-coloured brick with red
brick dressings, moulded brick eaves. Slate roof, brick stacks
between left-hand bays and to right gable. 3 storeys with basement
to right, 3 bays. 4-pane sash windows, those to ground and first
floors with cambered heads. 6-panel doors between bays, both in
moulded surrounds with roundels to corners, panelled friezes
with flanking baluster ornament, and moulded cornices.

1-5 Horn Street
This photo is from the early 20th century, before 1 Horn Street became E.A. Illing & Sons, and after the large bay window was added to 5 Horn Street in 1905

Plan showing 1-3 Horn Street and land behind
The map shows the site of 1-3 Horn Street and 4 The Walk in 1880 (left), 1979 (centre) and a recent aerial view (right). They appear to have been built on one plot of land filling the corner made by Horn Street and The Walk. Kennish Close has now been built on the former garden.

The origins of the whole property may go back to a medieval barn or grange. It's not certain that 1-3 Horn Street is on the same site, but it is at the corner of the original Market Square and next to Pillory Ditch (now Bell Walk).

1455: manor court, 20 May
Surrender: John Kynge
Admission: William Newman alias Kyot
Grange in the market-place next to Pylorydyche

1457: manor court, 2 June
Surrender: William Newman alias Kiot
Admission: John Wayne and Alice his wife
Grange in the market-place next to the Pylorydiche, lately William Kynge's ...

1500: manor court, 2 June
William Robyns made a deathbed surrender of a grange in the market-place next to the Pylorydyche lately William Kyng’s ...  Granted to Elizabeth his widow.

1510: manor court, 4 June
Elizabeth, widow of William Robyns surrendered a grange next to Pylorydich lately William Kyng’s ... Granted to John Rows.

1518: manor court, 18 May
John Rows made deathbed surrender of a grange in the market-place next to Pylloridyche lately William Kyng’s ... Granted to John Storr & Joan his wife.

1556: survey of the manor
John Graunt alias Myller of Shipton holds by copy of the court roll, as it is said, one barn situate next to the Pillary, lately in the tenure of William Robyns, paying in respect thereof 16d yearly at the feasts aforesaid equally.

The first owner of 1A-3 Horn Street known for certain is Richard Mayne (1704-47).

1704: baptism of Richard, son of Oliver (d.1726) and Ann (d.1737) Mayne.

No manor court records have survived to show how Richard acquired the property. He could have inherited from his father, a bricklayer who came to Winslow some time before 1691 and also owned the house which became the Crooked Billet. Another possibility is that it came from his mother's family, the Worsleys.

c.1730: marriage of Richard Mayne and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Whiteaves (d.1754).

1747: burial of Richard Maine, 24 Dec

1747: will of Richard Mayne, maltster, proved 1752
He bequeaths all his estate "to the Use of my Dear Wife Elizabeth Mayne her Heirs and Assignes for ever ... to Enable her to bring up Educate and provide for (as farr as my Estates will permitt of) all and every one of my Children"

1777: marriage of Richard Panter and Elizabeth Mayne, both of Winslow, 22 Sep.
Elizabeth was the daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Mayne, bap. 1741. Richard and Elizabeth Panter had children baptised at Winslow until 1782.

1781: Land Tax
Elizabeth Mayne, widow (owner & occupier): 7s 9½d

1782: manor court
Surrender: Elizabeth Mayne of Winslow, widow, on 27 Oct 1781
Admission: Richard Panter of Winslow, Butcher and Elizabeth his wife for their lives, then to Elizabeth’s heirs and assigns for ever
Messuage now or late divided into 3 Tenements in Great Horn Street in the occupation of herself, Richard Panter and Thomas Godfrey with houses outhouses edifices buildings barns stables yards gardens etc.  Rent [blank], fine [blank]

1786: Land Tax
Richard Panter (owner); self & Godfrey (occupiers): 8s 5½d

1787: manor court
Conditional surrender on 16 Feb: Richard Panter of Winslow, butcher, and Elizabeth his wife
To William Burley of Winslow, baker for £40 repayable on 16 Aug next
Messuage now or late divided into 3 tenements in Great Horn Street in the several occupations of Elizabeth Mayne widow, Richard Panter and Thomas Godfrey, with houses, outhouses, edifices, buildings, barns, stables, yards, gardens.

1787: burial of Elizabeth Maynes, 31 May

1788: manor court
Richard Mayne late of [blank] held a messuage some time since divided into 3 tenements in Great Horn Street, the messuage formerly in the occupation of Henry Burley east.  He died since the last court [sic].  To this court comes William Mayne of Winslow sadler and claims to be intitled as eldest son and heir.  Rent [blank], fine [blank]. 
Although this is later recited as William Mayne's admission, there seems to be some ambiguity. Presumably William contested his mother's right to transfer the property to his sister and brother-in-law in 1782, and in some way not recorded in the court book his claim was upheld.   

1795: Land Tax
Richard Panter (owner); self & Godfrey (occupiers): 8s 5½d

1796: burial of Thomas Godfrey, 14 July

1798: Posse Comitatus
Richard Panter, butcher
John Godfery, cooper

1805: Land Tax
William Mayne (owner); Widow Eden & Godfrey (occupiers): 8s 5½d

1807: manor court
It is ordered … to view the necessary House or Privy erected or made by William Mayne or some other person adjoining to the Dwelling House of John Walker in Winslow [4 The Walk] within this Manor and enquire whether the same be or not a Nuisance to the said John Walker and to the Premises occupied by him.

1809: will of William Mayne, saddler (proved 1811)
He devises all his real estate "unto my said Wife Sarah Mayne and her assigns for and during the turn of her natural life". After her decease "I Give and Devise unto my Son Thomas Mayne all those three Messuages or Tenements situate standing and being in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid now in the Tenure or occupation of the said Thomas Mayne [blank] Cockerill and William Harris"

1811: manor court
William Mayne late of Winslow sadler held ... a messuage (formerly 3 tenements) in Great Horne Street now in the occupation of Thomas Mayne & James Palmer.  He was admitted in 1788 as son and heir of Richard Mayne.  By will bearing date 10 June 1809 he devised all to his wife Sarah Mayne for her life.  Now she desires to be admitted.  Rent 4d, fine 10s.

James Palmer and his wife Rachel had children baptised between 1811 and 1820; he is described as carrier or labourer.

1814: Land Tax
Mrs Mayne (owner); Thos Mayne & Palmer (occupiers): 8s 5½d

1816: burial of Sarah Mayne, widow, aged 75, 26 Aug

1816: manor court
William Mayne late of Winslow sadler held [as above].  By his will dated 10 June 1809 he devised it after the death of his wife Sarah to his son Thomas Mayne.  Sarah is lately dead.  Thomas Mayne of Winslow sadler desires to be admitted.  Rent 4d, fine 5s.

1819: manor court
Richard Seaton, Richard Staniford, Benjamin Dudley, John Sleath Gent & John Morecraft were ordered to view the premises of Thomas Mayne, collar maker, in Great Horn Street and ascertain whether any nuisance has been committed to the annoyance of the lord or his tenants.

1820: manor court
Conditional surrender: Thomas Mayne of Winslow, sadler & Jemima his wife on 31 Dec 1819 for £80+ 5% interest repayable 30 June 1820
To Samuel Yeates of Winslow, gentleman
Messuage (formerly 3 tenements) in Great Horn Street ... now in the occupation of Thomas Mayne & William Turner. 

1823: Land Tax
Thomas Mayne (owner); self & W. Turner (occupiers): 8s 5½d

1823: manor court
Conditional surrender: Thomas Mayne of Winslow sadler & Jemima his wife and Mary Goldsworth of Winslow spinster on 1 Nov 1822 for £40 + 5% interest repayable 1 May 1823 (in addition to £80 already owed)
To Samuel Yeates of Winslow, gentleman
Messuage [as above] and cottage in or near Great Horn Street ....

1831: manor court
Surrender: Thomas Mayne of Winslow saddler
Admission: Richard Baldwin of Winslow baker
All that their Copyhold Messuage or Tenement (formerly in three Tenements) situate in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid within the said Manor formerly in the occupation of the said Thomas Mayne and James Palmer afterwards of the said Thomas Mayne and William Turner and now of the said Thomas Mayne and Benjamin Rollins together with all houses outhouses edifices buildings barns stables yards gardens orchards backsides wells waters watercouses mounds fences easements rights members and appurtenances …

1832: Land Tax
Richard Baldwin (owner & occupier): house, 8s 5½d

1841: Census
Richard Baldwin, baker + wife, 8 children
William & Ann Howard and Jemima Starkey

1851: Census
Horn Street

Richard Baldwin Head married 58 Baker b. Farthinghoe
Mary do Wife married 55 Baker's wife b. Sulgrave
Mary do Dau unm 30 Baker's dau b. Marston St Lawrence
Leonard do Son unm 27 Baker's son
Amelia J. do Dau   14 Scholar b. Winslow
Clara do Dau   11 do do
George do Son   9 do do
Thomas Herring Journeyman unm 24 Journeyman baker b. Marsh Gibbon

1856: Bucks Herald, 5 July
Consisting of a roomy DWELLING HOUSE, with Bakehouse, Granaries, Stable, Chaise-house, and Large Yard, situate in HORN STREET, WINSLOW, and a convenient HOUSE AND SHOP adjoining;
On FRIDAY, 11th JULY, 1856, AT Five o’Clock in the Afternoon, at the BULL INN, WINSLOW, subject to conditions to be produced at the time of Sale, in Two Lots.
THAT very convenient and roomy DWELLING HOUSE and PREMISES, comprising sitting room, two parlours, kitchen, pantry, and good cellarage; capital bakehouse, fitted up with every convenience for the trade; three bed rooms on the first floor, and three good attics; with neat shrubberies and flower garden, protected by handsome iron  palisades in the front; also a large yard, containing two-stall stable, chaisehouse, wood and coal house, and brewhouse, with meal chambers, granaries and lofts, a pump and well of good water, and a lead tank for rain water; situate in Horn-street, Winslow, and occupied by Mr. Leonard Baldwin.  The whole well and substantially built of brick, part slated and part tiled, and in good repair.
LOT 2 [= 4 The Walk]
The Properties are copyhold of the Manor of Winslow, being equal in value to freehold.  Lot 1 is subject to a quit rent of 6d. and a land-tax of 8s. 10d. per annum ...
  To a person wishing to enter into the Corn-dealing and Baking Business Lot 1 presents a first-rate opportunity, as there is a good trade attached and every convenience for increasing it to a still larger extent.  The business has been carried on at these premises for 25 years, and the present tenant will give every facility for ensuring the connexion.  The purchaser will be allowed possession for the purposes of the business immediately.
  A portion of the Purchase Money may remain on Mortgage, if required.
  For permission to View, apply to the Proprietor, Mr. Baldwin; and for further particulars, to D. T. Willis, Esq., Solicitor, or the Auctioneer, Winslow.

1856: Bucks Chronicle, 16 July:
China, Glass, Earthenware, Bakehouse-fittings; very useful Horse, six years old; Dog-cart, four-wheel Chaise, Baker’s Cart, strong iron-arm Cart for coal, Harness, Brewing-tubs and Ale-casks, Kitchen Requisites, about 50 gallons of Ale, patent Weighing-machine, Sacks, and sundry Effects,
On the Premises, Horn-street, Winslow, By direction of Mr. LEONARD BALDWIN, who is leaving Winslow.
  The whole will be particularised in Catalogues, to be had four days before the Sale, on the Premises; the Inns in the Town; and at the Auctioneer’s Offices, Winslow.

1857: manor court
Surrender: Richard Baldwin, late of Winslow baker, now of Fenny Stratford gentleman
Admission: Sylvanus Jones of Winslow
Consideration: £750
All that Messuage or Tenement (formerly in three Tenements) situate in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid within the said Manor formerly in the occupation of Thomas Mayne and James Palmer afterwards of the said Thomas Mayne and Benjamin Rollins late of the said Richard Baldwin and now of the said Sylvanus Jones

1861: Census
Horn Street

Silvanus Jones head married 34 Cattle Dealer b. Winslow
Elizabeth Jones wife married 35 Mistress of the House b. East Claydon
Henry A. Jones son   9 Scholar b. Granborough
Charles L. Jones son   6 Scholar b. Granborough
Owen E. Jones son   2 Scholar b. Winslow
Elizabeth Silver servant unm 17 House Servant b. Oxon

More about the Jones family; Henry A. became the eminent playwright H.A. Jones.

1867: manor court
Thomas Cornborough, late of Steeple Claydon, now of the parish of Harrow on the Hill & Eliza his wife by warrant of 16 March acknowledged satisfaction of a conditional surrender [i.e. mortgage] from Silvanus Jones of Winslow, cattle dealer of 16 March 1858 for securing £250.

1871: Census
Horn Street

Silvanus Jones head married 44 Cattle Dealer & Farmer b. Winslow
Elizabeth Jones wife married 45   b. East Claydon
William J. Jones son   7 Scholar b. Winslow
Owen D. Jones son   3m   b. Winslow
Mary A. Jackman servant unm 23 Domestic Servant b. Winslow
Catherine Turner servant unm 17 Domestic Servant b. Winslow

1881: Census
Horn Street

Silvanus Jones head married 54 Cattle Dealer & Farmer of 140 acres employing 4 men b. Winslow
Elizabeth Jones wife married 55   b. East Claydon
Davey O. Jones son   10   b. Winslow
Sarah Stevens sis in law unm 50 No occupation b. Quainton
Diana Marriott servant unm 20 Domestic Servant b. Great Horwood

1886: death of Elizabeth Jones

1887: Queen Victoria's Jubilee
Mr. S. Jones had a very large motto (on poles), about 9 feet by 4, having the following inscription, “The Lady of Kingdoms! Rejoice O nations! Be delighted in the abundance of her glory! We will speak of the glorious honour of her majesty. Fear not the reproach of man; thou shalt not be confounded nor remember thy widowhood any more. Thy maker is thy husband.”

1891: Census
Horn Street

Silvanus Jones head wid 64 Cattle Salesman & Grazier b. Winslow
Emily Mayne Bonham servant unm 21 Housekeeper b. Winslow
Elizabeth Marks servant unm 26 General Servant b. Great Horwood

1901: Census
Horn Street

Silvanus Jones head wid 74 Cattle Dealer & Farmer b. Winslow
William Silvanus Jones grandson unm 16 Printer's apprentice b. Hemel Hempstead
Emily Charlotte Bonham housekeeper unm 29 Housekeeper b. Winslow
Thirza Kimble servant unm 18 General Servant b. Hogston

Horn Street looking eastwards
1-5 Horn Street c.1910

1911: Census
Horn Street: 10 rooms

Silvanus Jones head wid 84 Retired grazier b. Winslow
Mary Sellar servant unm 51 Housekeeper b. Winslow

1914: death of Silvanus Jones, aged 87

1914-16: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2347 no.156)
Situation              Horn Str Winslow
[red] V9467, CV12608 S Jones decd 6-10-14
Description         A Dwelling House with all requisite buildings &c
Gross Value: Buildings   £32
Rateable Value: Buildings             £25 – 12 - 6
Occupier & Owner     Silvanus Jones
Interest of Owner           Copyhold of Winslow Manor
[stamp] 29 JAN 1915
Particulars, description and note made on inspection     
Brick & Slate dwelling house
3 attics, 3 bedrooms & 3 rooms down (reception)
Kitchen, scullery & pantry
Brick & Slate Coach house & 2 stalls Loft over
Brick & Slate Coach house                                                                                                     
Brick & Slate Copper Shed Loft over
Brick & Slate Store room
12 poles 10 yds
Charges, Easements and Restrictions affecting Market Value of Fee Simple
[red] V10295 Jones to Illing @ £350  2/8/16
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition        £450
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land
48’ front x 70’ = 3360 sq feet                                                                                                          £ 45
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c                      £405
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                                  £450
Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                                                             £405
FULL SITE VALUE                                                                                                                            £  45
Gross Value (as before)                                                                                                                    £450
Less deductions in respect of –
Fee Farm Rent, rent seck, quit rent, chief rents, rent of assize                       £1
If Copyhold, Estimated Cost of Enfranchisement                                             24
Restrictions                                                                                                                         ___       £25                                        
                TOTAL VALUE                                                                                                                    £425
 Less value attributable to Structures, timber &c. (as before)                        £405
Expense of clearing site                                                                                                                                 £405
                                                                                                                        £  20

1914: Doris Arthur Jones (Taking the Curtain Call, p.247) quoted a letter from Henry Arthur Jones to his wife in November:
I feel strongly that I ought to do something to relieve some of the distress caused by the War. I am offering the house at Winslow as a hospital, and will give £50, or £2 a week towards the expenses.

1915: the house was used for Belgian refugees

1915: sale of Silvanus Jones' property
Click on the link for the full description. The house was described as having a frontage of 42 feet 6 inches on Horn Street; cellar; ground floor with entrance hall, dining room, drawing room, kitchen and larder; four bedrooms on first floor; three bedrooms on second floor; separate coach-house, stable and wash-house.

1916: manor court, 18 Aug
Surrender: Henry Arthur Jones of 6 Arkwright Road, Hampstead, Middx, dramatic author
Admission: Alfred John Illing of Winslow, grocer            
Consideration: £350
All that Messuage or Tenement (formerly in three Tenements) situate in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid within the Manor formerly in the occupation of Thomas Mayne and James Palmer afterwards of the said Thomas Mayne and Benjamin Rollins since of Richard Baldwin then of Sylvanus Jones and now unoccupied

The property was still copyhold in 1916, and would have become freehold in 1922. From this point the house was owned by the Illing family who also owned 1 Horn Street.

1921: Census
Horn Street: 6 rooms

Ebenezer Alfred Illing head married 58y 6m Farmer & grocer (employer) b. Little Horwood
Elizabeth Ellen Illing wife married 53y 9m Home duties b. West Derby, Lancs

In 1939 Ebenezer and Ellen Illing were living at no.3, where they died in 1954 and 1958 respectively. The house was then divided into 1A and 3.

Fire engine, shop decorated for Jubilee
1-3 Horn Street and the Winslow fire engine in 1935

4 The Walk

This is also a Grade II building, listed in 1984:

House. C17, refronted C18. Timber frame with brick infill to right gable, C18 brick to left gable, whitewashed render to front. Wooden eaves board, old tile roof, flanking external brick stacks. 2 storeys, 2 bays. Ground floor has canted bay windows with barred lights, that to left with moulded cornice, First floor has 4-pane sash windows in module frames. Central 6-panel door in slightly projecting porch with rectangular fanlight, panelled strip surround with roundels to corners, and flat wooden hood on cut brackets.

People standing in snow
This photo was taken in April 1908. The people are standing outside 4 The Walk. In the foreground (right) is 2 The Walk, which was part of 1 Horn Street.

There are signs that this house was built later than 1A/3 Horn Street, and blocked off an earlier entrance to that property from The Walk.

1768: will of Thomas Tattam, currier
I Give and bequeath unto my kinsman Thomas Tattam Son of my Nephew Richard Tattam All that my Messuage or Tenement Situate in Winslow aforesaid and now in the Occupation of Robert Shelton together with all Houses Outhouses Edifices Buildings Barns Stables and Backsides with their and every of their Appurt(enance)s thereunto belonging To hold to him my said kinsman Thomas Tattam his Heirs and Assigns for ever

1768: manor court
Thomas Tattam of Winslow Currier held by rent of 2d a Messuage formerly a Barn in Winslow, which by his last Will he devised to the Effect following [recites will].  Now to this Court comes Thomas [the great-nephew] and desires to be admitted Tenant.  Rent 2d, fine 5s, fealty respited.  Because the same Thomas is an Infant of the age of 18, the Lord hath granted Custody to Richard Tattam of Fenny Stratford Taylor his Father during the Minority.

1775: manor court
Surrender: Thomas Tattam of Fenny Stratford taylor and Ann his wife
Admission: William Walker of Winslow Butcher
A Messuage heretofore in the Occupation of Robert Shelton and now of William Walker, together with all Houses, Outhouses, Edifices, Buildings, Barns, Stables and Backsides.  Rent 2d, Fine 5s.

1781:  Land Tax
William Walker (owner & occupier): 1s 9½d

1786:  Land Tax
William Walker (owner & occupier): 1s 11d

1795: Land Tax
William Walker (owner & occupier): 2s 5d

1805 & 1814: Land Tax
William Walker (owner), John Walker (occupier): 2s 5d

1815: will of William Walker, proved 1816
I Give and devise unto my son John Walker and his Assigns for and during the Term of their natural Life All that my Messuage or Tenement and Premises situate in Winslow aforesaid (being Copyhold and already surrendered to the Use of this my Will) now in the Tenure or Occupation of him the said John Walker.
After John's decease it was to go to his eldest son, or if he had no sons then to his daughters jointly.

1815: manor court
William Walker late of Winslow butcher deceased held a messuage in Winslow wherein Robert Shelton heretofore dwelt, afterwards William Walker, now John Walker his son.  By will of 30 Jan 1815 he devised it to his son John Walker for his life.  John Walker of Winslow baker [sic] desires to be admitted.  Rent 2d, fine 5s.

1823 & 1832: Land Tax          
John Walker (owner & occupier): 2s 5d

1839: manor court
John Walker has died leaving William Walker of Aylesbury slater his eldest surviving son.  He desires to be admitted.  Rent 2d, fine 5s.
Surrender: William Walker of Aylesbury slater and Ann his wife
Consideration: £90
Admission: George Cowley of Winslow surgeon
The messuage wherein Robert Shelton heretofore and William Walker and his son John Walker respectively afterwards dwelt.  Rent 2d, fine 5s.

1841: Census
Ann Lamborne (independent means) & Johanna Lamborne (milliner)

1841-54: Church rate: Johanna Lambourn

1842: Pigot's Directory
Milliners & Dressmakers: Joanna Lambourne, Great Horn Street
A well selected library, with a neat reading room attached, has been lately opened in Great Horn-street

1851: Census
Horn Street

Joanna Lambourn Head unmarried 43 Dressmaker b. Hogshaw
Ann do  Mother unmarried 75 formerly Farmer's Housekeeper b. Charndon

1853: Musson & Craven's Directory
Lamburn Joanna, milliner and dressmaker, Horn street
Subscription Library and News Room, Hanging style: Cowley George, treasurer; Perkins Thomas, secretary; Lamburn Joanna, librarian

1854: death of George Cowley
In his will (proved 1855) he ordered his property to be sold, and this is presumably when Richard Baldwin bought the house.

1855: Oxford Chronicle, 31 March
  The Book Society and Reading Room in this town have terminated their existence, after struggling for some years with meagre support and fitful patronage.  The librarian has been discharged, and closed shutters, with these significant words “to be let,” proclaiming the lamp of literature extinguished.  With a population of nearly two thousand inhabitants, yet sufficient vitality cannot be evoked to maintain even the humblest literary association.

1855: Bicester Herald, 13 Oct

Jeweller, Horn Street, Winslow,
Adjoining Mr. J. L French’s, Grocer, &c., Formerly known as the Library,

SOLICITS a continuance of favours, and assures the Public that no exertion shall be wanting to give satisfaction.  Good Lever Watches from £4.  Flat Geneva Watches from £2. Hunting Watches, suitable for youths, £3. The above watches are all warranted, in good silver cases, and exchanged if not approved.  A variety of second-hand watches, from 10s. and upwards.  Watches and Clocks taken in exchange at their full value.  American Clocks from 7s., warranted for accuracy and durability.  All kinds of Jewellery, Fancy Goods, Electro Plate, &c., procured to order.  Geneva, Lever, and other watches, musical boxes, barometers, and jewellery of every description cleaned and repaired on the shortest notice and economical terms.  Clocks cleared in the country.
            September, 1855.

Read more about F.J. Munt.

1856: sale
LOT 2 [= 4 The Walk]
A VERY CONVENIENT dwelling house ADJOINING Lot 1, occupied by Mr. Munt, watchmaker, at the annual rent of £12.  Also, in addition to the house occupied by Mr. Munt, the purchaser will be entitled to a small yard at the back thereof, with an entrance at the north end of the house, such yard being now occupied by Mr. Baldwin, with Lot 1.  
Lot 2 is subject to a quit rent of 2d. and a land-tax of 2s. 5d. per annum

1857-59: church rate: Richard Baldwin

1861: church rate: Jesse Jones

1861: Census
Horn Street

Jesse Jones Head married 40 Agent to railway contractor b. Oxford
Mary A. do  Wife married 34 Agent's wife b. Ludgershall
Louisa do  Daughter   11 Scholar b. Steeple Claydon

1861: manor court
Surrender: Richard Baldwin
Admission: Joshua Lewin French
All that messuage or tenement situate in Winslow aforesaid formerly in the occupation of  Robert Shelton afterwards of William Walker and his son John Walker and then since of Joanna Lambourne then of Frederick Joseph Munt and then of Richard Baldwin.

The building was purchased by Joshua Lewin French and then inherited by his sons with 1 Horn Street, but W.H. French didn't sell it to E.A. Illing at the same time as 1 Horn Street.

1871 & 1881 Censuses
The house was included in Cowley's Walk but it's not clear which one it is. It is probably the one occupied in both censuses by Joseph Viccars, agricultural labourer, and his family.

1891: Census
The Walk

Sara Jane Fletcher Boarder single 24 Milliner b. Ireland

1899: Sale of property of W.H. French, 21 April (Centre for Bucks Studies D/WIG/2/7/1899/11)
Lot 2: A brick-built and tiled freehold house situate in the Walk, Winslow, containing 2 front Sitting Rooms, Kitchen, Cellar, 3 Bedrooms, and having small Court Yard with side entrance thereto.  Let to Norman McCorquodale, Esq., at £10 per annum, and in the occupation of his under Tenant Mr. Andrew Tallett.  Possession can be had on the 24th of June next.

French's notes call it the Old Reading Room.  The reserve was £160.  17 April 1899: “If any lots have to go cheaply it must be little ones like this Tho’ I think you will be able to get nearly £200 out of Illing”. It was actually sold to E.A. Illing for £165.

1901: Census
The Walk

John Wilmore Head married 26 Grocer's porter b. Winslow
Louisa do  Wife married 27 Dressmaker b. Water Stratford
Edith Elizabeth do  Dau   11 m   b. Winslow
William Matthew Buckingham Lodger single 16 Grocer's assistant b. North Marston

1911: Census
The Walk, 6 rooms

William Stonell Head married 28 Postman b. Winslow
Alma Catharina do  Wife married 32 married 4 years, 2 children living, 2 dead b. Germany
Heinrich Martin William do  Son   3   b. Winslow
William John do  Son   1   do 

1914: Assessment for 4 The Walk (TNA, IR58/2350 no.433)
Situation                                  The Walk      
Description                               Brick & Tiled Cottage & a yard
Gross Value: Buildings    £9           Rateable Value: Buildings             £7 - 5
Occupier                                   E J Lines           [different hand] Stonely
Owner                                      E A Illing
Interest of Owner                     Enfranchised
Occupier’s tenancy, Term          Month  From 1908
Actual (or Estimate) Rent         £10 – 8 - 0 (gross)
Former Sales  Dates                         11 Feb 1895
Consideration                                    Bought with other copyhold ppty
Subsequent expenditure                 £10 new roof to barn
Site Value Deductions Claimed    Yes
[red] 29/12/14
Particulars, description and note made on inspection
Brick & Tile Cottage
3 up & attic
3 down & cellar
Brick & Tile washhouse & W.C.  no garden              83 sq yds
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition    £86
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land        30’ x 25= 750 sq feet    £6
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.           £80
Divided as follows:-
Buildings and Structures                £80
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                        £86

1939: Almanack
4 The Walk: P.J. Askham

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