List of shops with Christmas decorations, 1891

Buckingham Advertiser, 19 Dec 1891

This description of the Christmas decorations is in effect a directory of Winslow shops. 

Winslow Tradesmen and Christmastide.

The tradesmen of Winslow have this year made an increased effort to tempt the eye and the pocket, and we trust that they will receive that patronage they have so commendably catered for and so richly deserve.  In the Market Square the chief windows are those of Mr. G. A. Stevens [15 Market Square].  The large plate-glass fronts are filled, and that most tastefully – one with all kinds of fancy drapery articles, etc. and the other with Christmas cards, etc., and if the eye and pocket are not tempted with the lowness of the price and the variety of the articles, we shall be mistaken. 

Near here we notice that the new buildings of the Bucks and Oxon Union Bank are nearing completion, and will certainly form a grand architectural feature – of which the Market Square is not too well favoured – in the town. 

Mr. J. C. Hawley [6 High Street] has filled one of his windows with provision stores, and the other with rows of very tempting bottles of the liquid that is said to cheer and make glad the heart of man. 

Messrs. Fulks and Son [London House] have a very pretty show of fancy drapery, and at the opposite corner, Mr. Turnham’s windows [14 Market Square] are filled with the choicest confectionery and sweets. 

The Winslow Cash Drapery Stores [27 Market Square] have made, and that successfully, a decided innovation this year.   In addition to the well stocked windows, in which as usual are to be seen the automatic figures, a large show-room has been opened, and it is stocked with all sorts of fancy goods.  The windows and walls are draped with light vari-coloured art muslin, and the large room gives one the impression of a bazaar, so varied are the contents, whilst the musical box on the centre table plays its lively tunes as the bevy of lady assistants attend to the patrons. 

Mr. Illing [1 Horn Street] has filled his windows with boxes of the choicest fruit, across which in one of the fronts are the words, “Fine new Christmas Fruit.” 

The fancy goods repository of Mr. Saunders [4 High Street] is filled with all sorts of toys, etc., and it is questionable if the youngsters will allow this stock to be forgotten in the round of shopping. 

The butchers have provided handsomely, as the following facts will show:- Mr. Joseph Colgrove [75 High Street] has a choice supply of meat, including the first prize fat ox, fed by Mr. H. Monk;  second prize fat ox, fed by T. P. Willis, Esq;  fat ox, fed by Mr. F. Read, of Calverton;  first prize fat heifer, fed by himself;  fat Welsh heifer, fed by Mr. A. Monk, of Shipton;  three first prize fat wethers, fed by Mr. C. Warr, of Padbuy;  two second prize fat wethers, fed by Mr. R. Dickins of Pitchcott;  two fat wethers, fed by T. P. Willis, Esq.;  six fat Welsh theaves, fed by Mr. R. Gough, of Adstock;  and several fat pigs, fed by himself.  Mr. William Ingram’s [12 High Street] large display consists of the first prize ox, fed by Lord Addington, three other prime beasts, also fed by Lord Addington; a very nice fat ox, fed by T. P. Willis, Esq.; also some prime beef from Fenny Stratford Market;  the two first prize sheep, fed by Mr. C. Warr, of Padbury;  and a quantity of other prime wether mutton;  and also pork.  Mr. W. Lorkin’s [31 Sheep Street] show of Christmas-fed meat includes a prime fat ox, four fat sheep, two prize pigs, and several nicely-fed porkets, and a large quantity of sausages. 

Mr. E. J. French [20 High Street] has a window of choice and low-priced Christmas cards, etc.   Ridgeway’s provision stores [29 High Street] are as abundantly filled as usual.  Miss George [34 High Street] has on show a capital selection of Christmas cards, etc., and her adjoining window of choice glass and china is well worthy inspection.  Mr. H. [=Bendigo] Walker [38 HIgh Street] is a noted fruit-dealer, and to his large stock he has now added the customary turkeys, geese, etc.  Mr. S. [=Thomas] Ridgeway [46 High Street] has a window filled with small nick-nacks, and a few massive bunches of grapes.  Mr. Benbow’s [56-58 High Street] window is filled with confectionery, Christmas cakes, etc., and lighted by a row of small coloured lanterns, looks very pretty.  Messrs. Watson Bros. [60 High Street], have their window filled with fancy drapery, and Christmas cards, very nicely arranged.  One of Mrs. Loffler’s [66 High Street] windows is filled with baskets, small lamps, etc., and the other with glittering jewellery, watches, etc. 

Mrs. Dearle has moved to more commodious and suitable premises in the High Street [68 High Street?], and her two windows are filled with choice fancy goods and millinery.   Her show-room too, is well worthy a visit.  It is most tastefully fitted with all kinds of goods suitable to the requirements of ladies in millinery, under-clothing, baby-linen, etc., all of the best quality and work.  The millinery department and showroom certainly are a great acquisition to the town, and we also noticed the large case of Mudies’ Lending Library, which the inhabitants, we feel sure, will take advantage of.  Mr. Prickett’s [72 High Street] window is made very tempting to the youngsters by the array of sweetmeats, etc.   Mr. J. Walker [now demolished] has a good stock of choice fruit, whilst opposite Mr. Eggleton [81 High Street] has a well-filled window of provision stores and fruits.  Mr. Ingram’s [now demolished] windows contain a very attractive assortment of glass and china.  The Stores [100 High Street] display a large stock of grocery, and near here Mr. Bathe’s [102 High Street] window of toys, cards, etc., is worthy of notice. 

Altogether, as we have said, the tradesmen of Winslow have made an extra effort this year, and we shall be glad to hear that their patronage has been correspondingly increased.

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