Lowndes Roll 1

Centre for Bucks Studies D/LO/4/1

This document consists of 18 membranes sewn together to form one very large roll. They were compiled by William Lowndes, the builder of Winslow Hall, between 1703 and 1711 and concern his properties in Winslow and elsewhere. The parts relevant to Winslow are ff.1-5, 8-9, 9-14 and 17-18. The first part concerns the arrangements he made in 1703 to transfer his Winslow property to his son Robert.

[f.1] A Particular of the Estates comprehended in my Settlement bearing date the Twelveth day of June 1703

The list below is a schedule of documents which seem to have been dispersed, with references to their page numbers in the original collection. There is more information about some of the transactions in the separate schedule of documents below (f.8).

Holding Cost Acquired from Page
15½a copyhold £175 Wm Retchford clerk 1
13½a copyhold £121 12s 3d do 4
72a copyhold £513 Edward Palmer 28-9
2 Jan 1679 I surrendred three parcells (one Ridg near Shipton Lane excepted) – remainder to my wife Elizabeth and heirs male by her, to my daughters for their lives, to my father and sister (both since dead).  Remainder of two parcells being 29 acres to my brother in law Thomas Lowndes (now in the West Indies if alive).  Remainder of the whole to my cousin Wendover Lowndes (who is since dead having never been marryed).  Remainder to my Cousin Edmond Lowndes (who went beyond sea and is supposed to be dead as is his son which he left in England).  Reversion to my own heirs.  Note by my first wife (the said Mris Harsnett) I have onely issue the said Robert, by my second wife (Mris Hopper) I have onely issue Anne, by my third wife (Mris Martin ) I have issue William and Elizabeth and by my present wife (Mris Shales) I have now issue Rebeccah Clara Sarah John Henry Charles Mary and Richard now living.  See this surrender and admittance pag.26 27 and Md the land bought of Palmer was part of my fathers estate and vi(de) postea these estates tail bard.
1 house & 3a copyhold £185 Thomas Millar 51
These 3 acres lye in the new closes at Dean Hill
90a freehold £750 Sr Robt Clayton & al 9, 10, 24
This was my part of the Berry Lands purchased by mee & Mr Wm Gyles.  I since changed with him an acre over Greenbo Path for an half acre of copyhold at Hanyons and I bought of his part about 3a of meadow for 50 li and I sold his son about one acre at Westerne
1 house & 3½a copyhold £65 Danl Sear & al 35-6
55a copyhold £461 1s 6d Wm Sponer sen 4, 24, 30-2
Md 11 Apr 1684 remainder to my wife Jane for her life.
3a copyhold £50 Robt Sponer 61
This is a new close made out of Cowmead Close.
36a copyhold £390 Thomas Robson 34
1 house & 33½a copyhold £610 15s Tho Halfpenny 39-45
includes Pond Close, one of the Rose Closes and all Norden except one acre.
20a copyhold £305 Jos Ewen & al 54-7
includes 3 little closes at Poors Furrows and one in Demoram.
28a copyhold £330 Silv Claver & al 53
Surrendered 15 Apr 1687 to my son Robert, excepted in my settlement.
8a copyhold £100 John Hewet & al 53
Horsemead Close, all but an acre at the top which was of Wm Sponer
1a copyhold £20 Wm Firth jun 58-9
in Norden next Horwood way.
1½a £35 Thomas Millar 52
at Dean Hill
3a freehold £50 William Gyles sen 93-4
vi(de) supra
1a copyhold £9 Wm Cave 63
part of my fathers land
2a copyhold £40 Richd Phips and Robt Grange 59
surrendered 15 Apr 1689 to use of me & Robert, then layd into the new closes at Dean Hill but Richard Phipps (as appears since) being onely tenant in tail these two acres are conteyned in the Recoverys since sufferd by his son and heir Richard Phipps to the use of mee and my heirs
[f.2] 3a freehold, 9a copyhold £334 6s Benj Leach 81, 61
The freehold is 1/3 Tucky Mead, copyhold is a close in Demoram and a close near Furzen Hill except an acre next the way.
6a freehold £48 Wm Claver 62
Details are preserved in a separate deed (Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22/80), dated 19 June 1690:
William Claver surrendered through Nicholas Merwin gent., deputy steward, 6 acres of arable land, uncultivated land and meadow:
1 acre in Demoram Feild at Cleydon Worge Furlong, the land of William Lowndes gent. west
2 acres in Old Mill Feild at East Cotmore furlong, the land of William Wyatt south
1½ acres in the same field at Maracre furlong, the land of Thomas Kirby east
1½ acres in Old Mill Feild at Stone Furlong, the land of Benjamin Leach north
Seisin was granted to William Lowndes through Richard Phipps his attorney
6a copyhold £70 Richd Seaton 67
This is made a close next Reveham.
1 house copyhold £400 John Dymock 63-5
This was a Brickhouse standing near the street, puld downe to build my new house more backward, its orchard with another that belonged to Halfpenny make the first Garden that lyes next behind my new house.
1½a copyhold £40 Godwyn & al 60, 209-10
1a copyhold exchanged John Seaton sen 60
surrendered to me & son Robert, a close at Short Hawkslow, excepted in settlement.
1a copyhold exchanged George Elliot 60
surrendered to me & Robert 5 Apr 1689, at Rye Furlong in the new closes, excepted in my settlement.
½a copyhold exchanged Wm Gyles sen 61
in Hanyons Close for an acre over Greenbo’ Path now in his close there.
1 house & 30a copyhold £370 10s John Mayn & a 65 & al
These lye at Shipton passed by two Recoverys, the house is demolishd and 9 cows common in the pasture there belong to this little Farm.
1a copyhold £13 Anne Atwood 67
Tucky Furlong
2½a copyhold £75 Robert Mitchel 71
Meadow in Demoram
5a copyhold £110 Robert Scott 71
This is cald Coldrum Close
1 house & 3a copyhold £160 Richd Wooten 72
The 3a make a little close.
2.5a copyhold £180 Benj Leach 72
one of the Rose Closes.
3a freehold £150 Jno Hogsons trustees & al 96 &c
another third of Tucky Mead.
3a freehold £150 Willm Gresham 96 &c
remaining 3d part of ditto
3a freehold £90 Sr Tho Lees trustees 103-123
Cold Reveham
1 house copyhold £50 7s 6d John Seaton jun 213
In the Sheepstreet lately in occupacon of Robert Grainger
1 house copyhold £123 2s 6d Dor Norman & al 213
Late in the occupacon of Dorothy Norman Wm Norman & Tho Rice there
1 house copyhold £156 10s Wm Shelton & al 213
in the same street
30a copyhold + 1 house & 68a copyhold £1162 17s 2d Richd Phipps 136
i) In Shipton lately the lands of Thomas Elliot with 5 cows common in ye Cowpasture
ii) In Shipton & Winslow passed by two Recoverys with ii cows common there
17a copyhold £178 10s John Hendly 139
In Shipton and Winslow
1 house copyhold £280 Benj Scott 212
In the Sheepstreet now demolishd to build my new house.
2a copyhold £19 Wm Townesend 212
in Rushmead
10a copyhold £200 Wm Sponer 209
Lower Mill Close is amongst these.
2a and a barn in the Parsonage Close, 8a lying dispersedly in Winslow field, the Mannor of Winslow cum membris, the Rectory impropriate of Winslow & Shipton, the town of Winslow with the fairs & markets £4900 Nich Goodwin & al 156-165
These are all let together to Robt Gibbs at an old rent of 220 li per annum.
Memd at a court baron of Charles Twitty and Samuel Brewster gent trustees for me holden for the said mannor of Winslow 11th October 1697 I & my wife Rebeccah surrendered such of the copyhold land as was entailed: 15.5a and 13.5a bought from Wm Retchford, 71a from 72a bought of Edward Palmer (the other being a ridge near Shipton Lane excepted), 55a bought of William Sponer.  To the use of Grant Hewit & his heires who was admitted and thereupon a comon Recovery was suffered wherein Joseph Bowden was demandant and the said Grant Hewit was tenant who vouched mee (the tenant in tail) and I voucht over the comon voucher which recovery was executed by hab’ fac’ seisinam at the same court  And the [f.3] said Joseph Bowden Grant Hewet and myself at the same court did surrender all these lands to the use of mee and my heires, and I was then admitted.  And all this was done to cut off all the Entails and Remainders over which had been before made of these lands and that a new settlement might be made thereof my mee together with other my copyhold lands in the said mannor, which was made and afterwards revoked as herein after appeares.
[signed] Wm Lowndes 29th 7bri 1703      
1 house & 4½a copyhold £150 Tho Wilmot & al 220 &c
This house was inhabited by William Daniel its garden is layd into ye great orchard and the land is in Winslow field.
½a copyhold £45 Richd Lettman 221
This is layd into the Backside of my new house
5a copyhold £60 Robt Sponer & ux 270
In Winslow      
3a copyhold £80 Ben Scott & al 270
a close by Shipton Lane
1 house and ½a copyhold £85 Hen Hughs & ux 221
The Tenemt is at ye corner of Astons Lane and one ridg in Winslow field
11½a copyhold £115 John Chittam & ux 215
11a Shipton, ½a Winslow, 2 cows comon in the Cowpasture
5a copyhold exchange John Hendly 216
In Shipton field, exchanged for 3a late of Mayne & 2a late of Phipps
1 house & 48a copyhold £550 Charles Bowler & al 216
In Shipton field with 8 cows comon in the Cowpasture
1 house & 5a copyhold £112 4s James Britten & ux 217
In Shipton with 2 cows comon in the Cowpasture
3a copyhold £25 Jno Chenal & ux 272
In Shipton fields
2/3a copyhold £50 Nic Merwin & ux 273
This was a little orchard now layd into my biggest garden next ye wall of my lesser garden
2/3a copyhold £60 1s Robt Gibs & ux 272
An orchard next that which was of Mr Merwyn now layd into my biggest garden
2/3a copyhold £60 1s Wm Benson & ux 272
This was an orchard next that of Gibs, or two leyes
2a copyhold £60 Robt Stephens & ux 271
In Shipton near the house which was of Richard Phipps
3½a copyhold £80 Wm Sponer 273
Called Upper Mill Close in Winslow
Memd all the copyhold lands and tenements before in this particular comprised (excepting the 28 acres purchased by mee and my son Robert from Silvester Claver and excepting the acre exchanged by John Seaton and surrendered to the use of mee and my son Robert and our heires and excepting the acre exchanged by George Elliot and surrendred in like manner and excepting some parcells given in exchange) were under the content of 547 acres and by denominating the tenements and by particular descriptions of the lands on the 26th day of November 1698 surrendred by mee as one of the customary tenants of the said mannor and Rebeccah my wife (she being examined) out of court into the hands of Charles Twitty and Samuel Brewster fiduciary lords of the said mannor by the hands and acceptance of William Cherry esq steward of the same To the use of Richard Martyn clerk (since decd) Charles Shales Goldsmith Wm Giles the younger Woollen draper and Peter Lowndes the younger and their heires In Trust for the uses and purposes and subject to the powers provisos lymittacons appointmts matters and things in certaine Indentures bearing date the same day …. At the view of Frankpledge and Court Baron holden 24 April 1699 and by adjornement on 31 May following by James Hayes deputy steward the said surrender was presented ….  At the same court I did (by John Wyat my attorney) produce the said Indenture and acknowledg the same to be my deed and at my desire it was inrolled.  It was in trust for Robert for 99 years, then his sons and their sons, or in default for William the y second son and his sons.
2a copyhold £86 1s John Stutsbery & al B25
This consists of 2 leys with the kilne next ye way which leads behind my new garden towards Little Horwood and of Westwell Knob
1a copyhold £50 Rob Wiat & ux B25
2 leys inclosed between ye said way & Coldram Close
1a copyhold £50 John Chenal & ux B26
This consists of 2 leys between ye ground late of Benson south & late of Stutsbery north
6a copyhold £55 1s 6d Tho Blake & ux B27
in Shipton field
¼a copyhold £30 / £55 Hen Tims & ux / Wm Britten & ux B28
These are two small parcels of ground adjoining to Astons Lane whereupon two cottages stood which were removed by the vendors
¼a copyhold £91 1s 6d Wm Shelton sen & ux B28
On this ground a house doth or did stand fronting to Sheep Street in Winslow
2a copyhold £30 Wm Kirby & ux B29
shooting on Berry Corner      
2a copyhold £24 John Godwyn B30
One lyes in Dudslow furl the other (cont 3 ridges) in Kowbridg Furlong
5a copyhold £105 Tho Annett B31
Formerly part of my fathers land viz Albans Close & a piece of meadow at Blackthorn
1 house and 10½a copyhold £400 Thomas Kerby B37
A tenemt and close at Bridg foot and 8½ acres in the comon fields of Winslow
1 house & 1a copyhold £47 John Wiat & ux, late Frenches B39
Two tenemts now in the occupacon of Joseph Glenister & Tho George with a backside
Memorand the twelve parcells last before sett downe conteyning 31 acres more or lesse were purchased by mee after the said surrender and indenture of 26th November 1698 [they were included in the trust]
1 house & 42½a copyhold £550 do’ Wm Holloway  
This consists of a mesuage and forty acres in the precincts of Shipton and 2½ acres in the precincts of Winslow which at the court holden on the 31th day of March 1703 were purchased and surrendred to the use of myselfe and my heires generally and are wholy excepted out of my settlemt of 12th June 1703.
115 a freehold
18 houses & 659½a copyhold
£16577 1s 11d    
Includes common for 37 cows in Shipton Cow Pasture
Purchased between 10 Oct 1676 and 1 April 1703 in the above order.

[f.7] The cost of the new house built at Winslow with the outhouses gardens and other conveniences as by a particular accompt thereof appeares: £6,585 10s 2¼d

A schedule of diverse copys of court rolls & other muniments concerning the copyhold estates conteyned in this particular vizt

  1. Surrender of 15½a from Wm Retchford clerk for WL
  2. 13.5a ditto
  3. Surrender from WL the grandfather of messuage, close & 93a to diverse uses = British Library, Add.Ch.53947
  4. 72a from Edward Palmer & ux to WL - see above
  5. Entail of 101a by WL
  6. Surrender from John Millar & ux of 15a to use of Rebeccah Gerard securing £100 & interest = British Library, Add.Ch.53952
  7. Surrender from Thomas Millar of messuage & lands to Christopher Rooks securing £150 & interest = British Library, Add.Ch.53953
  8. Surrender from Christopher Rooks to Sir John Busby of ditto
  9. Surrender from Thomas Millar of messuage, close & 2.5a to Robert Adams securing £20 & interest
    Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.45, 24 April 1679:

    Thomas Miller surrendered a messuage in Winslow in which he now lives, with orchard and close adjoining, and 6 selions of land containing 3½ acres, of which 3 lie at Ryefurlong and 3 in Demoram in the Towne furlong.  To the use of Robert Adams of Swanborne, gent., on condition to pay him £21 4s at his dwelling house in Swanborne on 25 April 1680, otherwise the surrender will be in force.  Robert sought to be admitted tenant.  Rent 4d, fine 5s.

  10. Surrender from Robert Adams Dorothy Millar & Thomas Millar of messuage, close & three acres to WL - court rolls 1681
  11. Surrender from Daniel Seare of cottage & 3.5a to Abel Seare & Thomas Seare on condition to pay £20 to his wife after his death
  12. Surrender from Abel Seare of tenement & 3.5a to WL with release from Elizabeth Seare
    Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.51, 11 Oct 1681 (also recorded at 1681 manor court)

    Abel Saier surrendered a messuage in Winslow now in the occupation of [blank] Brome with barn, garden and other buildings, and also 3½ acres of land lying separately in the fields of Winslow: In Old Millfeild in Ryefurlonge 1 ridge and 1 “Picke”, land of George Elliott on the south.  In the same field in Maracre furlonge 3 ridges ¼ acre, land of Edmund Paxton on both sides.  In New Mill feild in Over Westerne furlonge 3 ridges, land of William Udding on the east.  To the use of William Lowndes of Winslow, gent., and his heirs, saving the right of Mary Saier in the barn and garden for her life.  William Lowndes present in court sought admission.  Rent 10½d, fine 7s.
    Another hand: 14o Feb 1684

    [Reverse, in English:] I Elizabeth Sayer onely daughter and heire of Thomas Saier decd in consideracon of fifty pounds and a shilling paid by William Lowndes release and quite clayme the messuage Land and other things.  Dated 26 Aug 1690.
    Elizab Saier her mark
    in presence of Willm: Elliott [signature]
    The mark of Abel Saier

  13. Surrender of messuage & 80a from Nicholas Sponer to William Sponer = British Library, Add.Ch.53948
  14. Surrender from William Sponer & ux, Robert Adams & Mathew Adams of 55a to WL
  15. Surrender from WL of 55a late Sponers to several uses
  16. Surrender from Robert Sponer & ux of 3 or 4a to WL - see above
  17. Surrender from Thomas Robson & ux and Faith Robson of 38a to same use - see above
  18. 10 surrenders with a bond of Richard Hodgkins and articles of Thomas Halfpenny for house & 33.5a bought of TH to use of WL - see above (includes British Library, Add.Ch.53950; see court rolls entry)
  19. 4 surrenders with articles of agreement concerning 20a bought of Joseph Ewen and others late Nortons land to the use of WL
  20. 5 surrenders for 28a bought of Silvester Claver and others to use of WL & Robert his son - see above
  21. 4 surrenders for 8a called Horsemead Piece bought of John Hewitt & al to WL
    Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.46, 12 April 1680

    Edmund Paxton gent. surrendered a piece of land in Winslow in the Mill feild commonly called Horsemead piece containing 9 acres by Addington Highway side abutting on The Berry ground on the west, the land of John Seaton on the north-east.  To the use of John Hewett of Winslow, who sought to be admitted tenant.  Rent 2s 3d, fine 18s.

  22. Recovery & surrender for the acre of William Firth to same use - see above
  23. Surrender from Thomas Miller & al of 1½a to same use - see above
  24. Surrender from Robt Lowndes & ux of 1a to use of William Cave an infant with the admittance of a guardian = British Library, Add.Ch.53953
  25. Surrender from William Cave of same acre to use of WL - see above
  26. Surrender from Richard Phips & Robert Grange of 2a to WL & Robert - see above
  27. Surrender from Benjamin Leach & al of 9 or 10a to WL - see above
  28. Surrender of 6a from William Claver to WL - see above
  29. Surrender from Richard Seaton his son & their wives of 6 or 7a to WL - see above
  30. 5 surrenders concerning the Brickhouse purchased of John Dymock Harris Smith & al to WL - see above (court rolls entry)
  31. Surrender from Thomas Godwyn of messuage & 1½a securing £40 & interest.  Memd Thomas Godwyn surrendred the last parcel to the use of his wife who after his death surrendred the acre & halfe absolutely to the use of WL and his heires and her surrender is in the Bundle no.31 together with an old mortgage made by Thomas Godwyn to Thomas Smith with his acknowledgmt of satisfaction endorsed thereupon.
  32. Surrender from John Seaton sen of 1a to WL & Robert - see above
  33. Surrender from George Elliot of 1a to same - see above
  34. Surrender from William Gyles sen & ux of 1a to WL - see above
  35. Surrender from Edmond Sharrock & ux of messuage & 33a & 9 cows common in Shipton to John Mayn jun & Alice his wife
    Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.41, 12 Oct 1677:

    Edmund Sharrock clerk and Susanna his wife surrendered a messuage, barns, adjoining close and all their lands in Shipton containing 33 acres, with common of pasture for 9 cows in The Cowpasture of Shipton.  To the use of John Mayne jr of Waddesdon and Alice his wife and the heirs of their bodies, or in default John’s heirs. John and Alice sought to be admitted.  Rent 8s 3d, fine £3 6s, heriot by composition £1 2s.

    BAS 375/22 no.24
    Obligation of Edmund Sharrocke Rector of Great Horwood to John Maine of Waddesdon for £500, 16 Jan 29 Charles II 1677. Edmund and Susanna his wife have made an estate unto John and Alice his wife of a messuage and 33 acres in Shipton. John to have undisputed possession. Witnesses: William Hartwell, John Bradbury, John Capp.

  36. Recovery from William Mayne & Alice Mayne widd of same to use of WL with surrender and bond - see aboveMemd there was a former recovery suffered of this by the said John Mayne and Alice his wife to the use of the said WL & his heires but the copy is mislayd.
  37. Surrender from Anne Atwood of 1a to same use - see above
  38. Surrender from Robert Mitchel of 2½a in Demoram to WL + surrender from Robert Scott & Anne his wife, Ben Scott & Elizabeth his wife of Coldrum Close to WL + surrender from Richard Wootten & ux of messuage & 3a to WL with old surrender from Robert Stevens = British Library, Add.Ch.53985 - see above
  39. not used  
  40. Surrender from John Seaton jun & ux of messuage in the Sheepstreet to WL + surrender from Dor Norman, Wm Norman, Sarah his wife & Robt Adams of messuage in Sheepstreet with orchard & backside to WL + surrender from William Shelton & Robert Adams of another mesuage in Sheepstreet with yard & garden to WL - see above
  41. Diverse surrenders &c concerning house & lands late of Richard Phips vizt
    Surrender from Richard Snow of mesuage in Shipton, 67½a, 11 cows commons to use of himself then his dau Katherine wife of Ralph Phips & her heirs = British Library, Add.Ch.53939
    Surrender from Thomas Elliot & ux of messuage & 30a in Shipton to Richard Phips
    Surrender from John Shepherd [=Sheffield] & ux of 1a to Richard Phips = British Library, Add.Ch.53951
    Surrender from Richard Phips & Thomas Elliot of 12a to use of Mary Godwyn securing £80 & interest with release endorsed = Centre for Bucks Studies BAS 376/22/26, dated 8 Jan 23 Charles 22 [1672]:
    Richard Phipps and Thomas Elliott surrendered:
    Blackgrove Feild: 3 ridges in Meadside, land of John Snow between them, land of Charles Bowler north and south; 3 ridges in Littledon Furlong, William Townesend east of two and Thomas Sheffeild west of the third; a half-acre in Long Blackgrove, William Wyatt both sides; 1 ridge in Newleane, William Wyatt west; 2 ridges over Bewles Deane, George Elliott east
    Redfeild: 3 ridges over Peartree, John Henly west of one, John Townesend west of another, Thomas Robinson west of the third; 2 ridges at Portway, John Henly west; 2 ridges next to Saltstreet Way beyond the way; 3 ridges in The Slow, John Snow east; 2 ridges in Pease Furlong, John Stevens east
    Licehill Feild: 2 ridges in Drymead, William Townesend east; 2 ridges in Snouthale, Joseph Glenister east of one, Thomas Sheffeild west of the other; 2 ridges in Woodway, Thomas Sheffeild east of one; another ridge in Woodway, John Snow west; in West slade 2 ridges, William Townesend east; another ridge there, William Townesend east; 1 ridge over Long Varnham, Charles Bowler north; 2 ridges over Cookewell, the land of Mrs Holloway east
    To the use of Mary Godwyn of Mursley, spinster. To be void if Richard Phipps pays here at the dwelling house of Nicholas Godwyn in Mursley a total of £94 8s: 48s on 9 Jan and 9 July each year, £82 8s on 9 Jan 1674/5. Rent 3s, fine £1 4s.
    Surrender from Richard Phips of 10a to use of Joan Williat securing £50 & interest, acquittance endorsed
  42. Surrender from Richard Phips jun & Elizabeth Phips wid of 28a & 5 cows common formerly of Thomas Elliot & ux to WL securing £200 & interest - see above
    Recovery from Richard Phips Robert Grange and Elizabeth Phips widd of messuage & 68a thereunto belonging & 2a in Rye Furlong & their other lands (except 1a at Sheffeilds Hedg) with common for 11 cows to WL securing £705 & interest
  43. Absolute surrender from Richard Phips & Elizabeth Phipps widow of the above to WL
  44. [sic] Surrender from John Hendly of 17a to WL with old discharged mortgage - see above
    Surrender from Ben Scott Elizabeth his wife & Anne Scott widd of mesuage in Sheepstreet to WL with copy of old mortgage to William Corbet which is satisfied - see court rolls and accounts entry
    Surrender from William Townsend & ux of 2a in Ruchmead to WL - see above
  45. Surrender from William Spooner sen & jun of 10a to WL - see above
  46. Recovery from WL & ux of 15½a bought of Retchford + 12½a bought of him + 72a formerly of Mr Robert Lowndes + 55a bought of Sponer to dock all the former entails
    Admittance on a surrender from Thomas Willmott, Thomas Simpson & Hester his wife of a tenement in Sheepstreet & 2½a in Demoram & 2a to WL with articles from Thomas Willmott, Richard Whitehead & Anne Whitehead and William Short and a bond of William Short, a surrender from Thomas Willmott deced, a proclamacon and two admittances = British Library, Add.Ch.53986
    Surrender from Richard Whitehead, Anne his wife & William Short of the same, to WL
    Surrender from Richard Lettman, Anne his wife & Thomas Lettman of the ground on which a house lately stood to WL, with old surrender from Robert Gibs & his wife concerning the same - see above
    [f.9] Surrender from Henry Hews & ux of tenemt in Sheepstreet & ½ a to WL with 3 former surrenders - see above
  47. Surrender from Richard Sponer & ux of 5a to WL - see above
    Surrender from Ben: Scott, Elizabeth his wife & Anne Scott widd of a close of 3a in Course Furlong Field to WL - see above
  48. Admission on surrender form John Chittam & ux of 11.5 a to the like use with former surrender of same from Robert Scott & ux & former surrender from John Chittam to use of self, wife & heirs
    Surrender from John Hendly & ux of 5a to WL
    Surrender from Charles Bowler, wife & son of mesuage & 48a to WL with bond and copys of 5 surrenders - see above
  49. Surrender from James Brittain & ux of cottage & 5a & all other lands & 2 cows commons to WL - see above
    Surrender from John Chennels & ux of 3a in Shipton to WL - see above
    Surrender from Robert Gibs, Allice his wife & Robert Gibs jun of orchard to WL - see above
    Surrender from William Benson & ux of 2 leyes to WL - see above
    Surrender from Robert Stephens & ux of 2a swerd ground to WL - see above
  50. Surrender from Nicholas Merwyn & ux of orchard to same - see above
    Surrender from William Sponer sen of Upper Mill Close to same - see above
  51. Surrender from Henry Honnor, John Stutchbery & Elizabeth his wife of 2 leys & Western Knob to Richd Martyn etc [on trust of 1698].
    Surrender from Robert Wyat & ux of 2 leys to same on same trust
  52. Surrender from John Chennels & ux of 2 leyes on same trust - see above
  53. Surrender from Thomas Blake & ux of 6a in Shipton on trusts concerning lands in Shipton. - see above
  54. Surrender from Henry Tims & ux of land on which a cottage stood in Astons Lane on same trusts, with copys of 5 old surrenders & admittances concerning this and the other cottages in the said lane. - see above
    Surrender from William Brittain & ux of another piece of land on which a cottage stood in the same lane on same trusts, with old surrender concerning that cottage. - see above
    Surrender from William Shelton & ux of piece of ground on which another cottage stood in Sheepstreet on same trusts with 2 old surrenders - see above
  55. Surrender from Christopher Big & ux of 2a to John Godwyn & Raby his wife
    Surrender from John Godwyn the survivor to WL - see above
    Admittance of WL to said 2a
    Surrender from WL & ux to 1698 trust
  56. Surrender from Robert Lowndes & ux of Albans Close & Blackthorne Platt to Thomas Grant & Susan his wife with old mortgage from Thomas Grant & ux to Anthony Godwyn which is satisfied
    Surrender of same from Susan Grant the survivor to Thomas Arnett & Anne his wife in special tail
    Admittance of Thomas Arnett the heir in tail
    Recovery from Thomas Arnett of same to 1698 trust
  57. Admittance of trustees to 2a bought of John Godwyn & lands bought of Thomas Arnett = British Library, Add.Ch.53987
    Surrender from Thomas Kerby of messuage, close & 8.5a to trust of 1698 with copy of 3 old surrenders & a release from Thomas Rice relating to last mentioned parcel - see above
  58. Recovery from William French & ux of cottage in W to use of self & wife & heirs, and of 4a in Shipton to use of John Chennells & his heirs
    Surrender from William French & ux of cottage in W to John Wyat
    Surrender from John Wyat & ux of said cottage to 1698 trust - see above
  59. Copy of a surrender from WL of 1.5a in Shipton exchanged to use of George Elliot - see above
    Copy of surrender from WL of 1.5a in W exchanged to use of John Seaton sen
  60. Copy of surrender from WL of 5a in Shipton exchanged to use of John Hendly
  61. Copy of admission on general surrender of 26 Nov and indenture of trusts

[f.9 cont] A Schedule of the Writings concerning the Freehold Estates comprehended in this particular

First concerning the Berry Lands conteyning ninety acres and three acres [this was part of Biggin Farm]

Indenture tripartite dated 3 Feb 1679 wherein for £375 lent to WL by John Wise and for 5s apiece paid to Sr Robert Clayton kn Lord Maior of London and John Morris esqu Clayton & Morris demise to Wise half the Berry Lands conteyning 180a to hold for 500 years.  If WL pays Wise £375 on 4 Aug next then this indenture to be void.  Receipt of principal and interest dated 1 Dec 1681 enclosed.

Indenture dated 4 Feb 1679 where Clayton & Wise for £750 convey to WL moiety of Berry Lands.  On request they shall produce one indenture tripartite inrolled dated 22 May 22Jac [1624] between Duncombe & al of 1st part, Sr Thomas Lee & al of 2nd part & William Abell of 3rd part + Indenture dated 28 June 4Car I [1628] between Wm Abell & Emanuel Earl of Sunderland + Lease dated 29 May 1654 from Thomas Lord Savage & Elizabeth his wife to Josias Best cancelled + indenture tripartite dated 20 May 1654 between Lord Savage & ux of first part, Colburne & al of 2nd part & Josias Best of 3rd part + Lease and release dated 1-2 Feb 1675 between Thomas Earle Rivers of one part & John Savage & Robert Hyde + indenture quadripartite dated 10 Dec 1677 between 1 Martha Jeanes als Sandford, 2 Thomas Earle Rivers, Thomas Lord Colchester eldest son of the Earle and Elizabeth his Countess deced Richard Savage esq the second son and Elizabeth Savage eldest daughter 3 Marquis of Winchester & al 4 Clayton & Morris

Fine 32Car 2 [1680] between WL and William Gyles Pl(aintiff)s and said Clayton and Morris deforcients of all the said Berry Lands
Indenture of partition dated 21 Sep 1681 between WL & William Gyles of all Berry lands except 3 small pieces of meadow with 2 schedules entitled Coast Hill Division conteyning the lands which by drawing the lotts fell to William Lowndes, the other Greenborough Path division conteyning the lands which by lott fell to William Gyles

[f.10] Indenture dated 13 Nov 1683 where WL in consideration of marriage to Jane Hopper grants and releases to Simon Hopper & Hugh Squire his part of the Berry Lands – to Jane in lieu of dower then to WL’s heirs.

2 indentures of lease and release dated 18-19 Aug 1687 wherein William Gyles sen & Mary his wife for £50 convey to WL the moiety of WG in the piece of meadow called Little Oxye, whole meadow conteyning 3a + moiety of another piece of meadow abutting upon Claydon Brook & Addington Hedg, whole piece conteyning about 2a + moiety of another piece of meadow abutting on same hedg and land of William Woodcock, whole piece conteyning about 1.5a.  Witnessed by Richard Phips & William Gyles jun

Indenture tripartite dated 9 April 1689 where it is agreed that a common recovery shall be had by Richard Savage esq Lord Viscount Colchester son & heir of Thomas Earle of Rivers & Elizabeth Countess of Rivers decd of all lands which under title of Coast Hill division were allotted to WL, omitting 1a of arable over which a path leeds to Greenborough which WL gave to WG in exchange for ½ a of copyhold at Hanyons + pieces of meadow above.  To use of WL.  Indenture executed by Lord Colchester, Samuel Gwillym & WL

Recovery in Easter Terme 1 William & Mary [1689] was suffered.  Mem Emanuel Earle of Sunderland settled the Berry Lands on his natural daughter the said Elizabeth late Countess of Rivers

Counterpart of indenture of release dated 16 June 1691 where WL for £20 conveys to WG jun a piece of swerd ground part of Berry Lands att Westwell conteyning 1a 10 poles with memorandum endorsed for saving the cartway over the said ground.

[signed] Wm Lowndes 29th 7bri 1703

2ly Writings concerning one third of Tucky Mead bought of Benjamin Leach

Indenture of mortgage dated 15 April 1684 wherein Benjamin Leach for £60 demises to Robert Adams & Matthew Adams his 1/3 of Tucky Mead, whole conteyning about 8a.  To be void on payment of £60 & interest.  Witnessed Thomas Godwyn, Oliver Lawrence

Indenture tripartite of 27 March 1690 where Robert & Mathew Adams for £60 paid by Dr Robert Harsnett by direction of BL assign land to Dr Harsnett in trust for WL. Witnesses William Bayly, Joseph Gyles, Richard Phips.

Indenture of release dated 19 April 1690 wherein Benjamin Leach & Frances his wife convey for £150 to WL all the land.  Witnessed Richard Phips, William Miller, Thomas Bishop. 

[signed] Wm Lowndes 29th Septembr 1703

3ly Writings concerning one third of Tucky Mead which was of John Hogson

An indenture dated 9 Aug 44Eliz [1602] where Thomas Lee gent & Thomas his son for £140 sell Tucky mead conteyning 8a to Peter Fige.  Sealed & delivered in presence of William Nichols, Henry Wendover, Thomas Nichols, William Lowndes, Robert Wallis, Thomas Thomline & Michael Walker but no execution appears
Memd this William Lowndes was my Grandfather who marryed the daughter of Henry Wendover and she was the mother of Robert Lowndes my father

A Latin deed poll dated 30 Aug 44Eliz where Thomas Lee father & son enfeoffe Peter Fige of same meadow which TL the father purchased inter al from William Lee gent by indenture of bargain and sale dated 22 Nov 21Eliz [1578] inrolled in chancery 4 Nov 21 and by feoffment dated 10 June 22Eliz

Indenture quadripartite dated 27 Oct 22Car 1 [1646] wherein Peter Fige the elder, Elizabeth his wife, Peter Fige the younger, Martha his wife & Valentine Fige for £100 paid and £140 more to be paid covenant before the end of Micha(elma)s Term next to levy a fine to Richard Hodgkins, Benjamin Leach & John Hogson of the said meadow – 1/3 to each of them.  In presence of John Humphris, William Hogson, Thomas Kirby, Richard Wilson, Robert Lowndes, John Kirby.  By VF in presence of Richard Edmonds, Henry Hurles, John Reeves, John Nicholls.

Indenture of 17 Feb 33Car 2 [1681] wherein John Hogson son of John Hogson for £50 demises his 1/3 of Tucky Mead to Mary Godwyn, to be void on payment of £59.

Endorsement wherein William Randolfe who married Mary Godwyn for £53 15s paid by WL assigns it to Dr Robert Harsnett in trust.

2 indentures of lease & release dated 17-18 April 1693 reciting that John Hogson decd by will made 16 Oct last devised to Simon Hogson & Henry Hughs his 1/3 meadow to pay his debts.  Now for additional £96 5s paid by WL he purchases meadow. Bond of Simon Hogson to indemnify against a charge of 5 nobles p.a. payable to his mother Anne.

[signed] Wm Lowndes 29th Septembr 1703

[f.11] 4ly. Writings concerning one third of Tucky Mead which was of Richard Hodgkins

An Indenture dated 16th Novemb(er) 1654 wherein Richard Hodgkins for Sixty pounds paid to him doth demise to William Grassum his third part of Tucky Mead aforesaid from the date for Nine hundred Ninety Nine Yeares without Impeachm(en)t At a Penny rent p(er) annu(m) On Condic(i)on to be void by the paym(en)t of Eighty One pounds Twelve Shillings at certain days therein menc(i)oned This deed was Seal(e)d & delivered by Richard Hodgkins in the presence of Oliver Lawrence and Robert Gibs

[signed] W(illia)m Lowndes 29th S(eptem)ber 1703

An Indenture dated 9th March 1658 Wherein Richard Hodgskins and William Grassum in considerac(i)on of a Marriage had between Grassum and the daughter of Richard Hodgskins Do Assigne to William Hogson and William Hodgskins the third part of the Meadow last menc(i)oned for the residue of the said Term of 999 years Upon Trust to suffer William Grassum to enjoy the profitts for so long time of the said Term as he shall live  And after his decease to suffer Margaret his Wife to enjoy the profitts for so long time of the said Term as she shall live  And afterwards to assigne the premisses as William Grassum shall appoint  And till such Assignem(en)t to permitt him and his Heires to enjoy the same Provided if Richard Hodgkins in three yeares and giving a Months notice do pay to Grassum One hundred Sixty five pounds Then the whole Estate is to be assigned as Richard Hodgskins shall appoint This Indenture was Sealed and Delivered by Richard Hodgskins and William Grassum in the presence of John Deveril and Samuel Bell

An Indenture tripartite dated 10th March 1658 Wherein Richard Hodgskins for five Shillings and in considerac(i)on of the Marriage of his Daughter above mend(i)oned Doth grant to Richard Hodgskins his Son and his heires the said third part of the said Meadow To the use of William Grassum for his life  Then to the use of Margaret his Wife for her life Then to the use of William Grassum and his Heires for ever.  With a Proviso to be voyd on Paym(en)t of One hundred Sixty five pounds ut Supra  This Indenture was Sealed and delivered by Richard Hodgskins in the presence of John Deverell Samuel Bell, There is an Endorsem(en)t on this Indenture that William Hogson and William Hodgskins Tenants for Yeares doe Attorne thereunto

Two Indentures of Lease and Release dated the 18th & 19th of May 1693 Wherein William Grassum and Margaret his Wife for One Hundred and fifty pounds do convey to William Lowndes and his heires their third part of the said Meadow called Tucky Mead  These Indentures are executed by William Grassum and Margaret Grassum in the presence of Thomas Curll Richard Phipps Nicholas Merwyn And there is a Receipt on the Release for the said One hundred and fifty pounds  Witnessed in like manner.

A Fine levyed in Easter Term 5to Willi(am) & Mar(garet) by William Grassum and his Wife to William Lowndes.

A Poll Deed dated 24th May 1693 Wherein William Grassum and his Wife assigned to William Lowndes all the Interest which they or William Hodgskins or any other in trust for them have in their third part of the said Meadow for the residue of the said 999 years and of and in the Sum(m)e of Eighty One pounds twelve shillings and One hundred Sixty five pounds above menc(i)oned and the Interest thereof This Deed is executed by William Grassum and Margaret Grassum in the presence of Richard Phipps and Nicholas Merwyn.

[signed] William Lowndes 29th S(eptem)ber 1703    

5ly. Writings Concerning Reveham.

Two Indentures of Lease and Release dated 28th & 29th December 1692 Wherein Dame Anne Lee Widdow of S(i)r Thomas Lee deceased [of Hartwell] S(i)r Thomas Lee his Son and heir Richard Beke and Simon Mayne for Ninety pounds paid to Dame Anne Lee Richard Beke & Simon Mayne and five Shillings paid to Sir Thomas Lee In pursuance of Trusts in an Indenture Tripartite dated 5th Febr(uary) 1690 and of the last Will of S(i)r Thomas Lee deceased dated 6th of the same Month  And of an Order in Chancery made on \or/ about 15th September 3 Willi(elmi) et Mar(iae) Do convey to William Lowndes and his Heires A Close of Meadow called Reveham conteyning three acres in or near Winslow  These Ind(entu)res are executed by Anne Lee S(ir) Thomas Lee Richard Beke and Simon Mayne in the presence of Nicholas Knowles Hugh Price and William Payn.

[signed] W(illia)m Lowndes 29th Sept(embe)r 1703    

6ly.  Counterparts.
A Bundle conteyning Twenty Three Counterparts of Leases made to Under Tenants most of them expired.

7ly.  Writings concerning the Mannor Town & Rectory of Winslow with the Parsonage Close and those Eight Acres which were layd to the Mannor.  

A Copy from the Records in the Custody of the Lord Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer Inter Placit de Michs 10mo Hen(rici) 4ti Of the Franchises which the Abbats of St. Alban had in Winslow and their other Mannors.

A Copy of an Inspeximus dated the 1st of July 1mo Hen(rici) 8vi of the same Franchises

A Copy of a Survey of the Mannor of Winslow made in the reigne of King Phillip and Queen Mary taken from ye Book of ye Auditor of Bucks.

Letters Patents of Queen Eliz(abeth) under the great Seale dated 12o Novemb(e)r 41moyear of her reigne [1599] Wherein for Two thousand three hundred thirty nine pounds seaven shillings Sixpence paid into the Excheq(uer) She grants the Mannors of Winslow Shipton Greenborough and Little Horwood to S(i)r John Fortescue Kn(ight) and Alice his Wife and the heires of S(i)r John with such Franchises as the Abbots had.

The Copy of a Fine of Trinity Term 4to Jac(obi) [1606] from S(i)r John Fortiscue and his Wife of the Mannor of Winslow and its Members (inter al) to Sir Thomas Mounson and S(i)r William Gardiner.

Letters Patents of King James the first dated 9th Januarii Anno 4to [1607] Wherein his Ma(jes)ty for Service done by Lewis Duke of Lenox Grants to S(i)r John Fortescue and Richard Tomlyne and their Heires the Rectory and Church of Winslow, the Tythes of Winslow and Shipton, The Barne and Close to the said Rectory belonging (The Advowson Excepted) Rendring to the Crown the Yearly rent of Fourteene Poundes at Lady day and Micha(elma)s by equal porc(i)ons.

An Indenture in Latine dated 4o Febr(uarii) 5o Jac(obi) [1608] Wherein Tomlyns (the Survivor) doth bargain and Sell the said Rectory to S(i)r Francis Fortescue (Son and heir of S(ir) John then deceased) and to his heires This Deed appeares to be burnt in part Att S(ir) Robert Claytons house (as is said) in the great Conflagrac(i)on of London but is Inrolled in Chancery.

A Particular delivered by S(i)r Francis Fortescue to the late Marquis of Buckingham shewing of what the said Mannor did consist and the yearly Value of the several parts thereof and of the said Rectory.

A Paper setting forth the Title of S(i)r Francis Fortescue to the said Mannor and Rectory with some other Papers relating to the Sale by Sir Francis Fortescue to the said Marquis

Articles between S(i)r Francis Fortescue and the Marquis of Buckingham for Sale of the said Mannor and its Members [=British Library, Add.Ch. 53938]

Two Indentures dated 26th June 17o Jac(obi) [1619] importing a Deferance of a Statute Staple entred into by S(i)r Francis Fortescue for performance of his Articles to the Duke of Buckingham.

The Counterpart of an Indenture bearing date 18th Novemb(ri) 17th Jac(obi) Wherein Dame Alice Fortescue Widdow of S(ir) John Francis Fortescue Son and heir of S(ir) John and John Fortescue Esq. Son and heir of S(ir) Francis In Considerac(i)on of Five Thousand pounds to them paid by the Marquis doe grant Bargaine Sell and Aliene by Indenture Inrolled in Chancery unto Richard Lane and John Middleton and their heires The Mannor and Towne of Winslow the Mannors of Shipton Greenborough Little Horwood North Merston Nash Whaddon and Oving  To the use of them and their heires In Trust for the Marquis and his heires And to the Intent That they should be Tenants of the Freehold untill a Recovery should be had against them wherein they should Vouch S(i)r Francis and he should Vouch S(i)r John Fortescue the Son who should Vouch over the Com(m)on  Vouchee, which Recovery should be To the use of the Marquis and his heires for ever

An Exemplificac(i)on of a Fine levyed eod(em) Anno by S(ir) Francis Fortescue and Grace his Wife John Fortescue and Frances his Wife of the premisses  This Exemplificat(i)on is in part consumed by the said Fire, soe that for the same and for the Recovery suffered thereupon recourse must be had to the Records.

An Indenture dated 19th Decemb(ri) xjmo Car(oli) [1635] Wherein Randall Macdonall Earle of Antrim and Catherine his Wife (who was the Widdow of the said Marquis after Duke of Buckingham) demised to Phillip Earle of Pembroke & al. The Mannor of Winslow for Ninety Nine Yeares If the Earle and Dutchesse should soe long live.

An Indenture dated 28th April xijmo Car(oli)  [1636] Wherein the Earle of Antrim and the said Dutchesse and S(i)r Robert Pye one of the Trustees demise to Peter Fige Sen(ior) the Tythes &c. for ten years if the Dutchess so long live at one hundred thirty six pounds thirteen shill(ing)s four pence per ann(um) rent [= British Library, Add.Ch. 53940]

An Indenture dated 6th August 1642 Wherein the Earle of Antrim and the Dutchesse grant all their hereditam(en)ts in Winslow in the tenure of Peter Fige To Henry Reve for a further Term of Fifty yeares at a Pepper Corne p(er) annum rent

A grant dated the first of October 1660 Wherein George Duke of Buckingham (Son of the said Duke) Grants to Kenelme Digby for his life Fourscore pounds p(er) annu(m) out of the said Rectory

A Lease by Articles of Agreem(en)t dated 29th April 1661 Wherein George then Duke of Bucks demised the Rectory and all the profitts of the Mannor of Winslow to Charles Terrill Esq. For one year at two Hundred and Twenty pounds rent.

The Copy of an Indenture Tripartite dated 18th June 1660 Between George Duke of Bucks Thomas Earle of Rivers and S(i)r Robert Pye Knight of the first part Martin Clifford Thomas Paulden and James Scudamour of the Second part Brian Fairfax & Arthur Arscott of the third part Wherein for cutting off all Entails and Remainders over the Duke Covenanted on or before the twentyeth day of November next by Fine or otherwise to grant and convey to those of the Second part (amongst many other Mannors & Lands) the Mannor and Towne of Winslow the Mannors of Shipton Greenborough and Little Horwood the Rectory of Winslow and all Lands Woods and Hereditam(en)ts in those places To make them Tenants of the Freehold  And that a Recovery should be suffered wherein Fairfax and Arscott should be demandants Clifford Paulden and Scudamore Tenants and the Duke should be vouched To the use of the Duke and of Ranald Grahme Esq. And of the Heires of the Duke for ever Which Deed is Inrolled in Chancery.

The Copy of an Indenture of Mortgage dated 23th January 1661 wherein George Duke of Buckingham and Ranald Graham for four thousand pounds demise to Edward Lord Rockingham The Mannor of Biddlesden and also the Mannor of Winslow with its Members and the said Rectory and all their hereditam(en)ts there for One thousand yeares On Condic(i)on to be void on the Paym(en)t of Foure thousand two hundred and forty pounds at dayes lymitted

The Copy of a Decretal Order In Chancery made 21th June 36th Car(oli) 2 [1684]. That the Deed of Mortgage last menc(i)oned (The Lord Rockingham being satisfied out of the purchase money of Biddlesden) be delivered into Court with a Copy of the Ushers Receipt for the same.

A Note from the Prerogative Court That Anne Baroness of Rockingham Administred to Edward Lord Rockingham deceased in July 1689 and that George Watson Esq. Administred De Bonis non &c in January 1695.

An Indenture Quadrupartite dated the 17th January 1681 Wherein it is menc(i)oned That (for a competent Sum(m)e paid to
[f.12] George Duke of Buckingham and five shillings apiece paid to him and Edward Lord Rockingham) The said Lord Rockingham (by direction of the Duke of Buckingham his Dutchesse S(i)r Robert Clayton John Wildman and Doctor Thomas Spratt) doth Assigne (at the Nominac(i)on of Nicholas Goodwin) to William Millet the Mannor of Winslow cu(m) Membris and the said Rectory for the residue of the said One thousand Yeares In Trust for Nicholas Goodwin and his heires  But this Indenture is executed onely by the Duke and Dutchesse of Buckingham to wit by the Duke in the presence of Francis Jenkes and John Nonne and by the Dutchess in the presence of Elizabeth Manfield Ralph Foxley and John Nonne

[signed] W(iilia)m Lowndes 29th S(eptem)ber 1703

An Indenture Quadrupartite dated the 28th January 1698 Wherein George Watson Esq. Administrator de bonis non &c for five Shillings paid to him and by direction of Thomas Bishop of Rochester S(i)r Robert Clayton William Lowndes & Nicholas Goodwyn the elder doth Assigne to George Browne The said Mannor of Winslow with its Members and the said Rectory for the residue of the said One thousand Yeares In Trust for the said William Lowndes and his heires and to be assigned as he or they shall appoint And in default of Such appointm(en)t to attend the Inheritance Which deed was executed by S(i)r Robert Clayton George Watson and William Lowndes in the presence of Franc Sambrooke Jer. Samrooke By the Bishop in the presence of Thomas Moore John French By Nicholas Goodwin in the presence of Nicho(las) Goodwyn Jun(ior) Nicho(las) Merwyn And by George Browne in the presence of Peter Shakerley Thom(as) Jett And is Inrolled in the Exchequer

The Copy of a Decretal Order in Chancery made the xjth of November 9o Willi(elmi) tertii That S(ir) Robert Clayton and the Lord Bishop of Rochester shall joyne in the Conveyance of the Mannor of Winslow to Such as Mr Goodwyn shall appoint

An Indenture Tripartite dated 25th November 1697 Wherein Thomas Lord Bishop of Rochester and S(i)r Robert Clayton do by direction of Nicholas Goodwyn and William Lowndes and Pursuant to Several Orders of Chancery therein menc(i)oned Convey to Charles Twitty and Samuel Brewster and their heires The said Mannor and Rectory of Winslow In trust for William Lowndes and his heires which Indenture is executed by Nicholas Goodwyn in the presence of John Strickland Tho(mas) Hues Nicho(las) Goodwyn Jun(ior) By S(ir) Robert Clayton in the presence of Samuel James Richard Claridge Nicho(las) Goodwyn Jun(ior)  By William Lowndes in the presence of William Clayton James Gray Nicho(las) Goodwyn Jun(ior) And by the Bishop in the presence of Nicho(las) Goodwyn) Jun(ior) Charles Lowe Thomas Warren And is Inrolled in Chancery.

An Indenture of the same date wherein the Bishop of Rochester and S(ir) Robert Clayton Covenant with William Lowndes against Incumbrances with diverse Exceptions This Indenture is executed by Sir Robert Clayton in the presence of Sam(ue)l James Richard Claridge Nicho(las ) Goodwyn Jun(ior) and by the Bishop of Rochester in the presence of Nicho(las) Goodwyn Jun(ior) Cha(rles) Lowe and Thomas Warren

Indentures of Lease and Release dated 21th & 22th July 1679 Wherein George Duke of Buckingham in considera(c)ion of Foure thousand Six hundred pounds Doth Convey to Nicholas Goodwyn Senior and his heires The Mannor and Parsonage of Winslow But by an Endorsem(en)t on the Release before the Sealing thereof Goodwyn did agree to pay So much money as (with what was then due to him) Should amount to foure thousand Six hundred pounds and Soe much more as the premisses on a Survey Should at the rate of Twenty yeares Purchase according to the full yearly Value Amount to above foure thousand Six hundred poundes  And that the Duke at any time during his life should have Liberty to Repurchase the Same at Twenty yeares Purchase according to the then yearly Value thereof  These Indentures are executed by the Duke of Buckingham in the presence of Edward Manfield William

[f.13] Cherry John Goodchild And there is an Indenture dated 19th May 1680 of the Same purport with the said Endorsem(en)t

An Abstract of an Accompt of Nicholas Goodwyn in Chancery whereby it appears that more money is due to him by the Duke

An Indenture dated 9th May 1692 Wherein Mary Dutchess Dowager of Bucks (who had recovered ag(ains)t Goodwyn one third of the Mannor and Rectory of Winslow in Dower) for three hundred pounds paid by him did demise to John Lesey (In Trust for the said Goodwyn) her third part aforesaid for Ninety Nine yeares If she so long live At a Pepper Corne rent p(er) annu(m) With her Receipt for the said Three hundred pounds Witnessed by Dorothy Lowther William Peisly Henry Edlin.

Indentures of Lease and Release dated the 2d and 3d Febr(uary) 1693 Wherein Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) et  Ux(or) do convey The Mannor and Rectory of Winslow with the Members and eight acres of Land lately Purchased by him and layd to the said Mannor To the use of himself for life And after his Decease That his Wife may have a Rent charge of One Hundred Pounds p(er) annu(m) Out of the premisses during her life Then to the use of Nicholas Goodwyn Jun(ior) and Elizabeth his intended Wife for their lives Then to the use of such Son and Sons of their two bodys as Nicholas the Younger by Will or Deed shall appoint And for want of such appointm(en)t To the use of the first Son of their bodys intail with Remainders over  This Deed of Release was executed by Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) and Priscilla his Wife Morris Emmett and Nicho(las) Goodwyn Jun(ior) in the presence of Eliza(beth) Emmett Diana Read Moses Porter and by Eliza(beth) Emmett [sic] in the presence of Eliza(beth) Emmett Diana Read Morris Emmett.

A Fine levyed in Hill(ary) Term 5o Willi(elmi) & Mar(iae) by Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) and Priscilla his Wife pursuant to the last Indenture.

A Copy of an Act of Parliam(en)t passed 9o Gulielmi tertii [1697] Entituled An Act to enable Nicholas Goodwyn the elder and Nicholas Goodwyn the younger to sell the Mannor of Winslow in the County of Bucks and with the moneys arising thereby and other Moneys to be advanced by the said Nicholas Goodwyn the eld(e)r to purchase Lands of a greater value to be settled to the same uses as the said Mannor is now Settled

Articles of Agreem(en)t dated 21th May 1697 Wherein Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) and Nicholas Goodwyn Jun(ior) Agreed to Sell to the said William Lowndes the said Mannor and Rectory and the said eight acres and to assure the Same as is therein menc(i)oned These Articles were executed in the presence of William Cherry Thomas Cook and James Grape Mem(orandum) the Purchase money was by direction of Nicholas Goodwyn the elder and Nicholas his Son paid to Richard Goodwyn and Henry Emmett as appears by Several Receipts whereof two are endorsed on the said Articles And Mem(orandum) that Twenty three pounds was repaid out of the Purchase money for a Fee farm rent of Twenty Shillings per annum and the arreares thereof

Indentures of Lease and Release dated 28th & 29th May 1697 Wherein Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) Nicholas Goodwyn Jun(ior) and also Richard Goodwyn and Henry Emmett (by direction of Nicholas the elder and of Priscilla his Wife Nicholas the Younger and of Elizabeth his Wife) for foure thousand Nine hundred pounds paid by William Lowndes to Richard Goodwyn and Henry Emmett by direction of Nicholas the elder and Nicholas the younger Doe Convey to Charles Twitty and Samuel Brewster and to their heires for ever The Mannor and Towne of Winslow The Mannors of Little Horwood Shipton and Greenborough The Rectory of Winslow and the aforesaid Eight acres of Land Habend(um) in fee In Trust for William Lowndes and his heires These Indentures were executed by Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) and Priscilla Goodwyn Nicholas Goodwyn Jun(ior) Elizabeth Goodwyn Richard Goodwyn and Henry Emmett in the presence of William Cherry Thomas Cook and James Grape.

A Bond of Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) and Nicholas Goodwyn his Son to Wlliam Lowndes of Nine thousand pounds for performance of the Covenants in the last Indenture.

Two Indentures Quadrupartite dated 9th Decemb(e)r 1698 Wherein it is agreed That Nicholas Goodwyn Sen(ior) and his Wife Nicholas Goodwyn Jun(ior) and his Wife Richard Goodwyn and Henry Emmett shall levy a Fine and Suffer a Recovery of the premisses soe sold To the use of Charles Twitty and Samuel Brewster and their heires In Trust for William Lowndes and his heires These two Indentures are of the same tenor and are executed by Richard Goodwyn in the presence of Thomas Peirce and Nicholas Goodwyn And by Nicholas Goodwyn the elder Nicholas Goodwyn the younger and Henry Emmett in the presence of Maurice Emmett John Goodwyn and John Sidwell and by Elizabeth Goodwyn in the presence of John Tussingham and John Sidwell And by William Lowndes Charles Twitty Samuel Brewster and Thomas Jett Sen(ior) in the presence of Thomas Everard Henry Ferne and Thomas Jett

44. Two Concords of a Fine levyed in Octab[  ] Pur 10o Will(elmi) 3tii And the Recovery Suffered in Easter Term Undecimo Will(elm)i Tertii Pursuant to the Covenants in the two last menc(i)oned Indentures.

Mem(orandum)  in my Ledger Book A pag: 165. I have Sett downe at large The Title to the Mannor & Rectory of Winslow as it stood on the 16th day of September 1699.

W(illia)m Lowndes 29th S(eptem)ber 1703

ff.17-18 to follow


William Retchford was vicar of St Peter's, St Albans, 1647-61 (Cambridge University Alumni) and rector of Addington 1660-84. Details of the land are given in two deeds:

1. A copy of court roll of 10-11 Oct 1676 (Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.32):

Demoram Feild

Furzen Feild [=New Mill Field]

Old Mill Feild

Rent 3s 10½d, fine 31s.

2. A copy of court roll of 12 Oct 1677 (Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.40):

containing 7½ acres in Winslow and 4½ acres in Shipton:

Rent 4s 4½d, fine £1 7s.  Fealty respited

Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.43

10 April 1678.  Richard Norton of Chesham on his deathbed on 13 Oct last surrendered through Richard Seaton and Francis Dossett:

And 9 acres of meadow and pasture in Winslow:

And all other customary lands within the manor.  To the use of Richard Norton and Ann his wife for their lives, then to the use of Richard’s relatives Alice Groome and Elizabeth Emerton in perpetuity.  And now to the court came Ann (Richard being dead) and sought to be admitted tenant.  Rent 5s, fine £2.
[This land was mortgaged to Richard Norton by John Miller in 1662]

Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.49 (see William Spooner's letter for the negotiations before this transaction)

Court Baron of George Duke of Buckingham, 26 Dec 1681 by Horace Darling gent., sub-steward of Edmund West, serjeant at law, chief steward.

William Spooner and Margaret his wife, Robert Adams and Mathew Adams gent(s?) surrendered all the arable land, meadow, pasture and “sweard ground” in the fields and parish of Winslow afterwards mentioned:

In New Mill Feild

In Demoram Feild

In Oldmill Feild

In all containing 55 acres of land.  To the use of William Lounds gent., his heirs and assigns forever.  William sought to be admitted tenant.  Rent 13s 9d, fine £5 10s.

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