Will of Thomas Willmott, tailor, 1677

National Archives, PROB 11/356 f.100

In the name of God Amen

The first day of July one thousand six hundred seventi sevne according to the computation of the Church of England I Thomas Willmott of Winslow in the County of Bucks Taylor being of perfectt memory and remembrance (Praised be God Doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in manner and forme following. First I bequeath my sole into the hands of Almighty God my maker hopeing that through the meritorious death and passion of Jesus Christ my onely Saviour and Redeemer to receive Free pardon and forgiveness of all my sinns And as for my Body to be buried in Christian Buriall att the discretion of my Executor hereafter ment(i)oned. Imprimis I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Frances Willmott All my Cropp of Corne and hay growing this yeare in the Feilds of Winslow of what nature or king [sic] whatsoever And all the fire wood in the yard that doth belong unto me to her owne proper use to doe with it what she pleaseth Moreover I give unto my beloved wife Frances Willmott All my houshold goods that is {mine} myne in the house for Terme of her life Item I give to my cosson Frances Willmott my best coverled presently after my wife decese And all the Rest of my goods &c I bequeath to be equally devided bettweene my cosson Thomas Willmott his children that are borne and now alive Item I give and bequeath unto my cosson Anne Willmott forty Pound of lawfull money of England To be paid within one yeare after my decese Item I give and bequeath unto my cosson Frances Willmott three score pound of lawfull money of England to be paid within one year after my decese And if it shall fortune that my cosson Frances Willmott should depart this life before the aforesaid sum(m)e is due then my will is that the aforesaid some shall be equally divided betweene my cosson Thomas Willmott his children Item I give to my sister in law Mary Willmott twenty shillings yearly dureing <her life?> to be paid yearly out of the Rent of my house att Whitchurch presently after my decese by my Executor Item I give \un/to my sister in law Sissly Bats twelve pence Item I give to my cosson Joane Engram twelve pence. Item I give unto my cosson Thomas Batts my godsonne Five pounds of lawfull money of England to be paid one yeare halfe after my decese. Item I give to the poore of Whitchurch twenty shillings to be paid poore widows and widdoars as are in most need within halfe a year after my decease Item I give to Five widows in Winslow five shillings to be paid presently after my decease All the Rest of my goods Chattells Cattells redy money debts (my debts and legacies and my funerall expenses discharged I give to Thomas Willmott my kinsman whom I make my Executor of this my last will and Testament Revocking all other wills and Testaments In witnes whereof I the said Thomas Willmott have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare First above written

Thomas Willmott

Witness hereunto John Hogson

[Probate at London 26 Jan 1677/8 to Thomas Willmott nephew by the brother and executor]

Inventory of Thomas Willmott, 1677/8

National Archives, PROB 4/2001

An Inventary of all and [
goods chattels & debts of Thomas [
Winslow in ye County of Bucks deceased [
the 15th day of Jan(uar)y in ye yeare of our Lord [
by the computation of the church of England [
Charles the second by the Grace of [God king of England
Scotland France & Ireland def[ender of the faith
as followeth by John Hogson [

[about 30 lines follow, too faded to read]

Deathbed surrender by Thomas Willmott, 1677

Centre for Bucks Studies BAS 376/22 no.44

Endorsed: Thomas Willmotts Coppy of the house and land at Winslow

Surr(ender) from Thomas Willmott to his wife under Condic(i)on to pay 20 li apiece to two kinswomen

[Latin] Winslow with members. View of frankpledge with court baron of Robert Clayton esq, Thomas Speak[?] doctor of theology and John Wildman fiduciaries of the most noble George Duke of Buckingham held there on 10 April AD 1678 and in the 29th year of King Charles the second by Ed. West junior esq now steward there.

At this court it was found by the homage that Thomas Willmott one of the customary tenants of this manor lying on his deathbed out of court and since the last court, viz. on 22 Oct last surrendered into the hands of the lord of the manor through the hands of John Hogson and William Spooner two other customary tenants of this manor a cottage or tenement in Winslow in a street called Sheepstreet adjoining the land of widow Shelton on the east side, now in the occupation of William Daniel, with four and a half acres of grassland and arable land in the fields of Winslow with all appurtenances. To the behoof and use of Frances Willmott his wife for the term of her natural life. And after her decease to the behoof and use of Thomas Willmott his relative [cognati] and his heirs and assigns in perpetuity. On condition however that if Thomas and his heirs or assigns after the death of Frances do not pay or arrange to have paid to Anne and Frances Willmott his sisters the full sum of twenty pounds of lawful money of England separately (in English apeice) then the surrender will be for the behoof and use of Anne and Frances the sisters, their heirs and assigns forever. And now to this court, the said Thomas being dead, came Frances his wife and Thomas his relative and sought to be admitted tenants to the premisses, viz. Frances for her life and Thomas the relative on the aforesaid condition. To whom the lords through their steward granted seisin, to hold to Frances for her life, and after her death to Thomas and his heirs in perpetuity, by rod, under the above condition, through rent of 1s 1½d a year, suit at court and other services previously due and rightly accustomed. And they paid the lords as a fine for having such entry 9s, did fealty and were admitted tenants.

Examined by Edm. West jun. steward


The various relatives mentioned in the will probably did not live at Winslow; Thomas Willmott the heir was a weaver at Whitchurch and his sons lived in London. Frances Willmott the widow, nee Mitchell died in 1686. They were married at Twyford in 1664. They lived at The Bull until at least 1671 and may still have been there when Thomas died. See Mitchell family. Thomas was taken to Chancery by his brother-in-law Robert Mitchell about the property.

Thomas' arrangements about his cottage and land in Winslow made in 1677, are recited in the court rolls of 1692 following the death of Frances Short nee Willmott. The house and land were acquired by William Lowndes in 1698. See also Bond of William Short, 1698.



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