View of frankpledge and court baron, 6 October 1641

Centre for Bucks Studies D175/1 (cont.)

Translated from Latin.

[f.11r] Winslow with members. View of Frank Pledge with Court Baron of the Rt Hon. Randell Earl of Antrim and the most illustrious Katherine, Duchess of Bucks, his wife, held there on 6 Oct 17 Charles 1641.

Homage for the lord King and lords of the manor, sworn:
William Glenester of Shipton
Winslow: William Lownds, Henry Pym, John Shelton, Hugh Seaton sr, William Hogson, Nicholas Overing
Shipton: John Snow, Ralph Phippes, Thomas Glenester, John Sheffeild
Granborow: William Holland, Benedict Holland, John Stevens, Thomas Mountagu, George Rutland
Little Horwood: Thomas Illing, Henry Curtis, John Illing, Emanuel Waters, Richard Webbe

Default by tenants:
Winslow: Nicholas Miller 6d, John Bull 6d, Edward Tomlyn, 6d and Edward Tirroll 6d
Shipton: Thomas Deely 6d, Amy Miller widow 6d
Grandborow: Francis Hartnoll 6d, John Pitkyn 6d, John Stevens 6d, Richard Stevens 6d and John Wirroll 6d
Little Horwood: John Hawkins 6d, William Jeffs 6d, Henry Smith gent. 16d[?], Oliver Stiles gent. 16d and John Smith 6d

Default by residents:
Christopher Bigges 4d, John Glenister 4d, John Burrell 4d, Jeremy Gilbert 4d, Richard Prentice 4d, Benedict Glenister 4d, William Browne 4d, John Crosse 4d, Ralph Porter 4d,
Thomas Robson 4d, Thomas Benbow 4d, Thomas Norket 4d, Thomas Pitkyn 4d, Robert Holt 4d, Henry Wyet 4d, Nicholas Wyet 4d, Henry Grant 4d, John Baily 4d, Isety[?] Lynney 4d, John Man[n?]
William Daniel 4d, William Spooner 4d, Rowland Fell 4d, Abraham Prentice 4d, Christopher Moores 4d, Thomas Daniel 4d, Thomas Toomes 4d, William Day 4d, George Shaw 4d, John Fell 4d,
Robert Burrowes 4d, William Turney 4d, Robert Stevens 6d, Alpha Jones 6d, John Jorden 4d, Edward Manie 4d, Thomas Mariat 4d, Thomas Stredwick 4d, Robert Jeffs 4d, Richard Hawkins 4d,
Anthony Philippes 4d, John Barrett 4d, William Hobbes 4d and James Milman 4d

Henry Pym 8d [Bell], Humfrey Bucher 8d [Angel], Nicholas Michell 8d [Bull], Abell Seer 6d, John Branford 6d, John Seaton 6d, George Kirby 6d, Edward Plaisted 6d, William Wyet 6d [Rose], Thomas Norket 6d, Michael Norman 6d, John Burrell 6d, Jeremy Gilbert 6d[?], Richard Rogers 6d, Nicholas Brinsall 6d, Richard Hodgkins 6d, Benedict Glenister 6d, John Bird 6d, Robert Snackston 4d and John Beagle 2d are common innkeepers [hospitatores] and tipplers of beer and ale in Winslow, and sold ale and beer by illegal measures and broke the assize; therefore amerced.

William Udden diverted the common watercourse at etc. outside the ancient course, causing a nuisance to the inhabitants and arable on the common[?] balk [liram]; therefore amerced 5s.

Edward Ping dug earth [lutum] in the king's highways, causing a nuisance to the king's people; therefore amerced 5s.

John Jones of Granborow overburdened his common with one cow; therefore amerced 12d.

John Jones and Thomas Hall collected beans and peas against the orders placed about it; therefore each forfeited 12d. Total 2s.

William Whitehall 3s 4d, Robert Stevens 12d, Benedict Holland 12d and Robert Bowton 12d kept their colts in the sown fields against the orders, and a penalty of 3s 4d, and each of them forfeited 3s 4d, but it was reduced for Stevens, Holland and Bowton.

Orders remain in force[?].
Assessed by the whole homage.


Constables: John Hogson and Hugh Seaton jr chosen and sworn.
Tithingmen: Thomas Norcott and George Elliot chosen and sworn.
Overseers of the fields: Hugh Seaton sr, William Hogson and Thomas Kirbey chosen and sworn.


Constable: John Miller chosen and sworn.
Tithingman: Thomas Miller chosen and sworn.


Constables: Matthew Dancer and John Thorp chosen and sworn.
Tithingmen: Henry Emerton chosen and sworn, and George Stevens remains in office.

Little Horwood

John Williat gent. and Richard Allen were chosen constables for the following year.

Halimote or Court Baron

George Kirby and Mary his wife surrendered a cottage in Winslow now in the tenure of John Bavyn. To the use of the said John Bavyn. Rent 4d, fine 5s.

John Burt surrendered a cottage in Shipton now in the occupation of Robert Stevens. To the use of Robert Burt for his life. Rent 12d, fine 5s.

John Pitkin now deceased since the last court surrendered a dwelling-house with close adjoining in Grenborow and a virgate of land in the fields of Greenborow. To the use of Ellen Pitkin, then his wife, for her life. Rent 7s, fine £3, heriot a colt worth 40s.
He surrendered all the above (except 3 half-acres) and common of pasture for a cow and 10 sheep to Robert Stevens, on trust to pay the following sums:

All to be paid at the next full court after the decease of Ellen. Rent 6s 7½d, fine £3 17s.
He surrendered 3 half-acres to the use of George Stevens. Fine 3s. He was admitted subject to Ellen's right for her life.

Margaret Chinall widow since the last court surrendered by Thomas Glenister and John Hogson a tenement in the Sheepstreet and a half-acre over Bubles gore in Winslow. To the use of Richard Letman and Joan his wife for their lives, then to Ann Letman their daughter forever. Rent 7d, fine 5s, heriot 10s by composition.
[Joan Letman, nee Mitchell, was the niece of Margaret's husband. Ann Letman married George Richardson. The house was east of The Bell.]

Walter Grant and Daniel Seere surrendered a peice of land in the fields of Winslow called Grove Leyes and 8 selions adjoining it, containing in all 6 acres. To the use of Peter Fige jr gent. and Martha his wife and Peter's heirs. Rent 18d, fine 12s.

Thomas Lee gent. and Katherine his wife surrendered a cottage in Winslow and pightle adjoining it with hades, now in the tenure of John Yates and Edward Bott [=Budd]. To the use of Peter Fige jr gent. Fine 5s.

Henry Pym sr surrendered a messuage in Winslow called the Bell. To his own use for his life, then to Henry Pym his son and the heirs of his body, or for want of such issue to the rightful heirs of Henry Pym sr. Fine 5s.

Francis Hartnoll surrendered a newly erected cottage in Granborow and the piece of land on which the cottage is built containing 1 rood, with common for a cow. To the use of Francis and of Elizabeth Powell, whom he intends to marry, and Francis' heirs. Rent 6d, fine 5s, heriot by composition 5s.

Elizabeth Gale died since the last court seised of a cottage and 3 acres in Little Horwood. Ellen Gale is her sister and nearest heir, and sought admission. Rent 9d, fine 6s. She surrendered to Thomas Grace and Joan his wife and Thomas' heirs. Fine 6s, heriot by composition 5s.

Edward Tirroll died before this court seised of a cottage in Winslow in the tenure of Antony Tomlyn. Agnes Knap wife of Thomas Knap and Sybil Tirroll are his daughters and co-heirs. Fine 5s, heriot 6s 8d by composition. They surrendered to Antony Tomlin and Ellen his wife and Antony's heirs. Fine 5s, heriot 6s 8d by composition.

Peter Fige jr gent. and Martha his wife surrendered 1½ acres in the fields of Winslow:

To the use of Robert Hale and Katherine his wife and Robert's heirs. Rent 4½d, fine 3s. Valentine Knight gent. complained on a plea of land. Peter and Martha called to warranty Michael Walker. Peter Fige sr, bailiff and minister of the court, delivered seisin. All surrendered to Robert and Katherine.

[f.11v] John Bowden alias Boughton and Robert Bowden alias Boughton remitted to Henry Stevens, being in possession, all right and claim to land [details given] in Granborow. Robert Stutsbury brought a plea of land. All surrendered to Henry Stevens.

John Williat gent. and George Williat gent. surrendered 2 messuages and a toft called Dorenswicke in the Bery end of Little Horwood, and 2½ virgates and a quarter-virgate called Berryland, and a half-virgate called Herry Alwynes, excepting a close of pasture called Norwell hill and a quarter-virgate of land. To the use of William Glenister and Thomas Miller. Valentine Knight brought a plea of land. All surrendered to John and George, who then surrendered to Newman Williat, gent., on condition that the surrender will be void if they pay him £22 at Michaelmas 1642, 1643, 1644, 1645 and 1646 and £322 at Michaelmas 1647 at Newman's dwelling-house in Great Horwood. Fine £9.

Thomas Glenister on 3 Feb last surrendered by the steward 12 acres of arable land, leys and meadow in the fields of Shipton and Winslow:

To the use of Valentine Fige of London apothecary, on condition that the surrender will be void if Thomas pays him £4 on 12 Aug and 12 Feb 1641, 12 Aug and 12 Feb 1642, 12 Aug and 12 Feb 1643 at Velantine's dwelling-house in Fleetstreet London. Rent 3s, fine 24s.

William Stevens on 13 April 1641 surrendered a messuage in Granborow and a close and other land. To the use of Roger Decon. To be void if William pays him £70 on 1 May 1646 at the now dwelling-house of Peter Fige gent. in Winslow. Fine 10s.

Benedict Holland on 3 Feb 1641 surrendered a messuage with pightle in Granborow in his own occupation and 5 acres. To the use of John Holland his son. Rent 16d, fine 10s.

The court baron held on 10 March is enrolled in the preceding roll.

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