Will of John Chinnall, 1619

Herts RO 8AR95

In the name of God amen. The 16th day of June Anno D(omi)ni 1619 I John Chimnall of Winslow in the Countie of Bucks being diseased in body but in good and p(er)fect memory (God be praised for it) doe make this my last will and testament in m(ann)er and forme following First I bequeath my Soule unto Allmightie God who created me and Redeemed mee by his sonn Jesus Christe and my body to be decently buried in the Churchyard of Winslow. Touching my worldly goods I give unto Robert Mitchell my nephew the som(m)e of twentie pounds of that fiftie pounds w(hi)ch Peter Fige and Nicholas Mitchell of Winslow stand bond to pay unto my Executors and Administrators after my decease It(e)m I give unto Joane Mitchell Sister of the said Robert Mitchell the some of vli out of the said fiftie pounds to be paid unto her att such time as it shalbe due to be paid by the obligation It(e)m I give vli to remaine in the hands of the Churchwardens of Winslow successively as a stocke for the use of the poore in the same m(an)ner as that w(hi)ch was given by one William Hardwicke It(e)m I give unto Mr Robert Wallis sonn off Henry Wallis xls And to the three Children of Elizabeth Tapping widdowe xls a peece It(e)m I give unto my seaven Godchildren viz William Shelton John Hughes John Norcott Alice Grace Margarett Adames Dorothy Elliot and Jane the daughter of Richard Higgs twentie shillings apeece.  It(e)m I give unto John Gadsden my friend xls.  To Thomas Steevens my servante xls. To Walther Tompkins and John Parker xls apeece.  All theise somes to be paid them out of the foresaid Some of

[p.2] fiftie pounds att such time as it shalbe due to be paid by the Obligac(i)on And if any of these p(ar)tiies shall die before his or her legacie be due to be paid the same then to remaine unto my next heyres The rest of my goods unbequeathed I leave unto Margarett my wife whome I make my soule Executrix and my loving Friends Henry Wendover and Richard Shelston Overseers to see this my last will and testament p(er)formed And to either of them I give vjs viijd apeece for theire paines In wittnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written
John Chimnall his marke
These being witnesses Rob(er)t Maynwaring Henry Wendover Henry Wallis

[Probate at Winslow before Robert Maynwaring 29 October 1619]

Inventory of John Chinnall, 1619

Herts RO A25/2623

The true and perfitt Inventory of all and singular the goods debts and Cattells of John Chymnall late of Wynslo in the Cownty of Bucks deceased made and praysed the xiiijth daye of September 1619 by Peter Fige Henry Wendover and Richard Shelton

In Primis in the hall a Table w(i)th a frame a litle rownde Table nyne stooles an olde Cupboard and a Settle
xx s
Item pot hangers and hookes, fyer pa(n)ne Tonges a spytte a grediron a dripping pa(n)ne bellowes and a back of iron
x s
Item a Bible a Co(m)munion book w(i)th some other small Bookes
x s
Item Pewter platters pewter disshes two saltes and two pottes
xx s
Item two Brasse pottes fower small kettles a Candlesticke and other small Brasse
xx s
Item a paynted clothe and fyve Cusshyns
ij s vj d
Item in the Chamber a ioyned Bedstede and a ioyned Cheste
xx s
Item a Table a forme a Chayer thre Cofers and two olde settles
x s
Item a Fether bed two bolsters two pillowes two Coverletts a mattresse and a Blancket
liij s iiij d
Item xj payer of sheetes a payer of pillow beres a Table clothe and vj Table napkins
l s
Item in the boltinge house thre barrells fower Tubbes two Bucketts a bultinge hutch two dowe kyvers with other lumber
xiij s iiij d
Item in the mylke house a saltinge trough thre wheles and other Lumber
xiij s iiij d
Item in the lofte thre Bedstedes and ij Cofers
xij s
Item a Fetherbed two bolsters two pillowes a flockebed two mattresses three Coverletts two quyltes and thre blancketts
l s
Item in the Barne wheate Barley Pease and haye
xij li
Item two horses two kyen and a calfe and two hogges
vij li
Item Tymber and fyer wood
vj li xiij s iiij d
Item a hovell and a ladder
xx s
Item a Cocke and fower hennes a flitche of bacon and the frute in the Orchard
x s
Item sayle clothes, myll bylles a gable rope and other implements about the myll
xxxiij s iiij d
Item the ready money in the house
l s
Item oweing by Mr Peter Fige by bond
l li
Item oweing by John Nort by byll
xx s
Item oweing by Henry Wallys
v li
Item his wearinge Apparell
xl s
Su(m)ma totalis
Ciiij l xj s ij d

[Presented by Margaret Chynnall widow and executrix 9 Nov 1619]

Will of Margaret Chinnal, 1641

Herts RO 83AW3

In the name of god Amen The thirteenth day of November anno Dom(ini) 1639 I Margaret Chinnal of Winslow in the County of Bucks widow being weak in bodie but in perfect memorie (God be praysed for it) do make this my last will and testament in maner and forme following. First I bequeath my soule unto Allmightie God who created me and redeemed me by his sone Jesus Christ by whose merites onely I trust to obtain remission of my sinnes and consequently eternall salvation And my body to be decently buried in the Churchyard of Winslow Item I give to the poor of the parish ten shillings to be distributed among them in bread at my funeral. The rest of my goods unbequeathed (my debts and funeral being discharged) I give unto Joan Lutman my servant whom I ordaine to be my sole executrix in witnesse thereof I have here unto set my mark and seale and caused my name to be subscribed the day and year first above written   

Margaret Chinnal 
her mark

Witnesses hereunto
Rob(er)t Maynwaring
John Hogson

The oath was administered to the executrix Joan Lutman the xviiij day of June 1641 by me
                        Rob Hitchcock.

Inventory of Margaret Chinnal, 1641

Herts RO A25/3489

A true & perfect Inventorie of the goods and chattels of Margaret Chinnal of Winslow in the County of Bucks widow made the xxviijth day of Maie anno D(o)m(ini) 1641 by Peter Fyge senr Henry Norman and Richard Hodskin

Imprimis in the hall one table with frame, six stooles two chaires and a settle
xvj s
Item one spitt a pair of andyirons five tongs, five pot-handles, a pair of pot hookesand and iron backe
ix s
Item one brasse pott, two old panes, one small kettle, a posnet, & a candlestick
xxiij s
Item viij platters with some other small platters
xx s
Item in the chamber one bedstead, one chest, three coffers, a table & frame, a settle for clothes one barrel with some other lumber
xx s
Item three paires of sheets, one table cloth, and three napkins
xii s
Item a bible and a mortar
viij s
Item an olde featherbed, a flocke-bed, two bolsters & one pillow
xv s
Item two coverlettes an olde quilt three olde blankets
xv s
Item in the loft a bedstead, two coffers with certaine lumber
vj s viij d
Item one ridge of beanes
vj s viij d
Item her own wearing apparel
xxx s
9l 1s 4d

Peter Fyge Senr.
Henry Norman
Richard Hodson

[Presented by the executrix 18 June 1641]


John Chinnall was buried on 11 Sep 1619. He married Margaret Couper on 2 May 1596. Presumably he was a miller, and the windmill was later in the possession of other people with the same surname. In 1615 Thomas Jackson left a bequest to "goodman Chinnor the miller". John held a cottage and 1 acre 3 roods of land according to the schedule of 1610, and also something illegible which must have been the mill. Margaret was the widow of Thomas Cowper, d.1592, and nee Turner. She was buried on 22 May 1641.

Joan Lutman, Margaret's executrix, was the Joan Mitchell mentioned in John's will.

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