The Golden Lion (or Red Lion)

The Golden Lion (now 108 High Street) functioned as a pub or beerhouse from 1861 to 1956. The photo below shows the north side, next to the lane which now leads to the Recreation Ground. Note the beer cellar behind the bicycle. It was originally a butcher's as well as a pub, with a slaughterhouse at the back.

Golden Lion

The Golden Lion seems to have started as outbuildings for John Elley, whose bakery business at the time was at 75 High Street. The Church Rate Book refers to "Buildings" 1856-9 and "Stables" in 1861. By 1863 they had been sold along with no.75 to John Colgrove and his son Joseph, described as "beer retailer & butcher" in Kelly's Directory 1864.

The following unsigned affidavit by Mr G.D.E. Wigley has been donated to the Winslow History Archive. It concerns an issue which must have arisen when the Golden Lion was sold in 1901: were the same premises known as the Red Lion? It seems that the Red Lion was its original name.

Dated 1901
In the matter of the title of Sir Richard Byam Martin Baronet and Henry Alfred Hubbersly Esquire to “The Golden Lion” Inn at Winslow in the County of Buckingham.
Statutory Declaration of G.D.E. Wigley Esquire as to indentity of the property.
Geo V. G. W. Rands, Northampton
A De M. Severne, Wirksworth
In the matter Of the title of Sir Richard Byam Martin Baronet and Henry Alfred Hubbersly Esquire To “The Golden Lion” Inn at Winslow in the county of Buckingham.

I George Davys Edward Wigley of Winslow in the county of Buckingham Esquire F.S. I do solemnly and sincerely declare as follows:-

  1. I am well acquainted with the public house and premises known as the Golden Lion with the tobacconists and confectioners shops adjoining at Winslow aforesaid and which said hereditaments I offered for sale by public auction on the twenty sixth day of July one thousand nine hundred and one and the same were purchased by Messieurs P. Phipps and Company (Northampton and Towcester Breweries Limited.
  2. When the property was built it had a painted sign of a Red Lion with a Golden Chain around its neck and was then variously called by the inhabitants of the town both by the name of the Red Lion and the Golden Lion and it is on this account that it is described by the name of Red Lion in the mortgage of the said properties with the Chandos Arms and other hereditaments belonging to the late John Ingram dated the twenty third December one thousand eight hundred and seventy five. The property however is the same as that now commonly known as The Golden Lion the sign and name of the Red Lion having of late years fallen into disuse.  The premises now occupied as a tobacconists and confectioners shop were built for the purposes of a butcher and were for some years used and occupied by Joseph Colgrove as such but on his quitting the premises they were converted into and used for the purposes of the businesses now carried on thereon.  There is no other {other} public house in Winslow known as the Red Lion.
  3. I am able to declare as above from having lived at Winslow aforesaid for                years and remembering the property being built and having been well acquainted with the Ingram family to whom the property formerly belonged and of whose estate I am one of the Trustees.

And I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act One thousand eight hundred and thirty five.

Declared at             in the County of
This                               day of
One thousand nine hundred and one
Before me
                A Justice of the Peace for the County of Buckingham

The photo below shows three adjacent houses, one a tobacconist's shop with plate glass window, also sold by Mr Wigley in 1901 (now nos 106-102)

High Street with Golden Lion on left

1871: Census
High Street

William Ridgway Head married 28 Butcher & innkeeper b. Thornborough
Ann Ridgway Wife married 27   b. Aylesbury
Ann Ridgway Dau   3 Scholar b. Great Horwood
Thomas W. Rigway Son   2   b. Great Horwood

1872: Return of Public Houses
Occupier: William Ridgway. Owner: John Ingram, Winslow. Leaseholder: Wroughton & Threlfall, Aylesbury

In 1876 William Ridgway was sent to prison for 12 months for passing a forged cheque at the Royal Oak.

1881: Census
The Golden Lion is not identified by name or function and the premises seem to have been occupied by John Keys, carpenter, aged 43.

1891: Census
High Street, Golden Lion

Jesse Smith Head married 40[?] Coal Merchant & Beerhouse keeper b. Broughton, Beds
Fanny R. Smith Wife married 36   b. Maids Moreton
Eleanor Smith Dau   13 Scholar b. Akeley
Maud E. Smith Dau   12 Scholar b. Akeley
Elizabeth A.B. Smith Dau   10 Scholar b. Akeley
Walter W. Smith Son   8 Scholar b. Winslow
Clara E. Smith Dau   6 Scholar b. Winslow
Violet Smith Dau   2 Scholar b. Winslow
Herbert W. Smith Son   5m   b. Winslow

Walter Smith later ran the coal business from 34 Station Road.

1895: summarised from Bucks Herald, 19 October
Mr Wise, Surveyor to Winslow Rural District Council, had "great difficulty to know what paths to repair", and asked for guidance. One of the paths of uncertain status was the lane by the Golden Lion, about which Councillor Neal responded, "Take the piece up by the Golden Lion [they] would perfectly well know that it was a private way to Squire’s Field."  Mr Willis countered that "it was the only way to Eli Goodger’s house, as well as a back way to the Golden Lion."  The lack of agreement led to the creation of a Highways Committee.

1898: Centre for Bucks Studies D/WIG/2/1/32
Valuation of the Golden Lion by Wigleys for transfer from Aylesbury Brewery Co. to Phipps & Co.

1899: Northampton Mercury, 28 April
Cyril Burbury and Thomas Gibson, boys of about 11, were charged with stealing 4s from  the bar of the Golden Lion public-house, Winslow. It appeared that there was a window about three feet from the ground opening from the bar into a lane [see top photo], and the boys gained access by this window and took a cigar-box containing coppers. The Bench gave the boys a good scolding, and dismissed the case under the First Offenders Act.

1901: Census
High Street, Golden Lion Inn

Jesse Smith Head married 51 Coalmerchant and Farmer b. Broughton, Beds
Fanny Smith Wife married 47   b. Maids Moreton
Eleanor Smith Dau single 23   b. Akeley
Maud Smith Dau single 22   b. Akeley
Walter Smith Son single 18 Coalmerchant's son b. Winslow
Clara E. Smith Dau single 16   b. Winslow
Herb Smith Son   10   b. Winslow
William Heritage Visitor single 27 Bricklayer b. Marsh Gibbon

Sale poster for Chandos Arms and Golden Lion

1901: Sale by mortgagees, 26 July 1901 (click on the poster for larger image - the original with full particulars on the reverse is in the Winslow History Archive)
With immediate possession.
A Brick and Slated Freehold and free INN, known as
Situate in the High Street, and containing on the Ground Floor — Tap Room, Bar Parlour, Back Parlour, Kitchen, good Cellar, and 5 bedrooms, and on the right of Tap Room a Tobacconist's and Confectioner's Shop.
In the yard is a brick and slated Nag Stable with Loft over; a Slaughter House easily convertible into a good Coach-house, W.C., and a boarded and tiled open Hovel.
The premises are well situate for trade and have a side and back entrance to Yard,
There are certain fixtures belonging to the Tenant which will not be included in the Sale.

The three adjacent houses were sold at the same time. They were occupied by:

1907: Bucks Herald, 29 June
PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26. – PRESENT Mr M .Selby-Lowndes and the Hon. Cecil Fremantle.
LICENSING : The George Hotel, Winslow was transferred to Mr F.J. Walker of Northampton; the Royal Oak, Winslow to Mr T. Pullen, and the Golden Lion, Winslow, to Mr J. Wesley.

1911: Census
The Golden Lion, 10 rooms

James Wesley Head married 70 Beer House Keeper b. Newport Pagnell
Mary Ann Wesley Wife married 66 Assisting in business
married 42 years, 8 children (7 living)
b. Olney
Frederick Evans Wesley Son single 21 Clerk for brewer b. Stantonbury

Centre for Bucks Studies D/WIG/2/1/16 (Oct 1910 - May 1911)
Valuation: James Wesley to Phipps & Co.

Centre for Bucks Studies D/WIG/2/1/163 (Feb - July 1916)
Inventory and valuation: Mrs Lomas to Phipps & Co.

D/WIG/2/1/86 (Jan - June 1926)
Inventory and valuation of fixtures, W. Bradbury to C.R. Hall

1931: Kelly's Directory
Hall, Cha(rle)s R(ichar)d, Golden Lion P.H., High st.

1939: Kelly's Directory and Hillier's Almanack
Golden Lion P.H. (Percy Slater), 108 High st.