Will of Thomas Goodger, gardener and brewer, 1856 (proved 1868)

Oxford Probate Registry

 ON the Ninth day of December 1868, the Will of Thomas Goodger late of Winslow in the County of Buckingham, Gardener and Brewer, deceased, who died on the Eighth day of August 1868 at Winslow aforesaid, was proved in the District Registry attached to Her Majesty’s Court of Probate at Oxford by the Oath of William Neal of Winslow aforesaid, Innholder, one of the Executors therein named he having been first sworn duly to administer. Power being reserved of making the like Grant to Alfred Burton the other Executor named in the said Will

It is hereby certified the above is a correct Copy. Dated this Seventeenth day of December1868.
Effects under £450. No Leaseholds.
Extracted by Willis and Willis, Solicitors, Winslow, Bucks

This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Goodger of Winslow, in the County of Bucks, Gardener and Brewer. I direct that all my just debts, my funeral and testamentary expenses may be paid with all convenient speed after my death. And subject thereto I give devise and bequeath unto my Friends William Neal of Winslow aforesaid, Innholder, and Alfred Burton of the same place Innholder, and to their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns according to the respective natures and tenures thereof, All the Real Estate of which I may be seized at the time of my death and all the personal Estate to which I shall be then entitled. Upon trust to permit and suffer my Wife Hannah and her assigns during the term of her natural life, to occupy or receive the rents and profits of my said Real Estate, and to use or enjoy and receive the annual income of my personal Estate and Effects for her own use and benefit. And upon further trust within Three Calendar Months next after the decease of my said Wife or as soon afterwards as conveniently may be, to sell my said real Estate by public or private sale, together or in lots, and sell or otherwise convert and get in my personal Estate. And by and out of the moneys thereby arising in the first place to pay all charges and expenses of and attending to such sale, conversion, and getting in. And in the next place to pay thereout to my eldest Son George Goodger, the Legacy or sum of Five pounds sterling. And to pay share and divide the residue of the same monies unto and among my other Children, namely, Mary Smith, Martha Carter, Eliza Egleton, Charles Goodger, Elizabeth Goodger, and Eli Goodger, equally part and share alike. I direct that purchasers and others taking the receipt of my Trustees for the payment or transfer to them of any monies or effects shall be thereby exonerated from all liability in respect of the application thereof. I direct that my Trustees may deduct and mutually allow to each other all disbursements and expenses incident to the execution of my Will, and shall be responsible each for his own acts and defaults only and irresponsible for losses occurring without wilful neglect or default, and shall be indemnified with or out of my trust property against all liability consequential on the execution of my Will. I direct that any and every vacancy in the trusteeship of my Will occasioned by disclaimer, resignation or death, shall be supplied as soon as may be by the appointment of a fit substitute, such appointment to be made by my Wife during her life, and after her death by the continuing Trustees or Trustee, if any, or if none by my legal personal representative or representatives for the time being, and on every such appointment my trust property transferable at law shall be legally vested by proper Conveyances, and my trust property not transferable at law shall be equitably vested by force of the appointment itself in the new Trustees or Trustee either alone or as the case may require jointly with the continuing or surviving Trustees or Trustee. I appoint the said William Neal and Alfred Burton to be Trustees and Executors and of my Will, and revoke all other Wills. In Witness whereof I the said Thomas Goodger, the Testator, have to each sheet of this my last Will and Testament contained on two sheets of paper, set my hand this Twenty third day of February in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty six
The mark of Thomas Goodger

This, and the preceding sheet of paper hereto annexed were signed by the said Thomas Goodger, the Testator, as and for his last Will and Testament, in the joint presence of us, who at his request, in his presence, and the presence of each other, have hereto subscribed our names as Witnesses Dav: Tho: Willis [signature] Solicitor, Winslow Thos. R Brown [signature] His Clerk

Proved at Oxford, the Ninth day of December 1868, by the Oath of William Neal one of the Executors to whom Administration was granted. Power reserved of making the like Grant to Alfred Burton, the other Executor.

The Testator Thomas Goodger was late of Winslow in the County of Buckingham, Gardener and Brewer, and died on the Eighth day of August1868 at Winslow aforesaid,
Under £450
Willis and Willis, Solicitors, Winslow, Bucks
It is hereby certified the foregoing is a correct Copy. Dated this Seventeenth day of December 1868.


Thomas Goodger's surname was also written as Goodier, Goodyer and Goodyear.

Thomas was aged 73 when he died in 1868. His wife Hannah had already died in 1865 aged 73. He was baptised at Winslow in 1794, the illegitimate son of Silence Goodger. He married Hannah Abbott at Padbury in 1813.

The 1851 Census lists Thomas aged 56 as a brewer, living in Buckingham Road. His wife Hannah was a dressmaker aged 57 , and they had three children living with them, all born in Winslow: Elizabeth aged 28, house servant; Charles aged 23, journeyman shoemaker; Eli aged 20, occasional servant.

In 1861, Thomas, Hannah and Elizabeth were still living together in Buckingham Road. In the next house were George Egleton, journeyman grocer, his wife Eliza (nee Goodger) and seven children. Next to them on the north side were Charles Goodger, shoemaker, and his wife, and next to them Eli Goodger, gardener (domestic servant) with wife and son.

Thomas handed over his brewing business to Eli before his death. Presumably he supplied some of the Winslow pubs as his executors were the landlord of The Bell and a resident of The Bull. He owned the four houses in which the various family members lived, now 110-116 High Street, and presumably had them built in the 1840s (in 1841 he lived in Horn Street). Thomas' house, no.110, stands behind the others, backing on to the Recreation Ground; Eli Goodger was living there in 1895 (see Golden Lion).

1866, 8th September, Buckingham Advertiser

THOMAS GOODYEAR BEGS most respectfully to thank the inhabitants of Winslow and the neighbourhood for the kind patronage bestowed upon him, and to inform them that he has disposed of his business to his son,
ELI GOODYEAR, Who will conduct the same for the future, and hopes by strict attention to business, combined with moderate charges, to merit a share of public support.

1869, 16th January, Bucks Herald

W I N S L O W.
Four Neat Brick-built and Slated Freehold Cottages, with Wood Barns and Gardens,
Pleasantly situate in the BUCKINGHAM ROAD.
At Four o’Clock in the Afternoon, by direction of the Trustees under the Will of the late Mr. Thomas Goodger.
THE PROPERTY comprises THREE substantially-built Brick and Slated COTTAGES, facing the Buckingham Road, with side entrance from the street, severally in the occupation of Mr. George Egleton, James Brazzil and Henry Bandy, at rents amounting to £19 10s. per annum.
  Also, a Detached Brick and Slated COTTAGE AND GARDEN, standing at the back of the above, late in the occupation of Mr. Thomas Goodger, deceased.
  The whole is Freehold, has a well of excellent Water, and is situate in a most improving part of Town.
  For a View, apply to the Tenants, and for further Particulars, to Messrs. Willis and Willis, Solicitors, or to Messrs. Dudley and Son, Auctioneers and Land Agents, Winslow.

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