Agreement between James Brittain and William Lowndes, 1698

Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 375/22/43 no.1

This is the only known example of a pre-sale agreement drawn up by William Lowndes. The sale duly went ahead at the manor court on 25 Oct 1698. James Brittain's wife Ann was sister of Thomas Deeley from whom she inherited the property in 1696. They got married at Courteenhall, Northants, on 31 Oct 1696, when they were both said to live at Yardley Gobion. They both came from Baptist families.

Agreem(en)t of James Britain & ux(or) to convey at ye next Court for ye Mann(or) of Winslow a good Estate in a Tenem(ent) in Shipton ye lands there to Mr W(illia)m Lowndes

18 Oct(ober) 1698

I have agreed with Mr W(illia)m Lowndes that I & my Wife at ye next Court for ye Manner of Winslow shall convey or pass to him & his heires a good Estate in a Tenem(en)t in Shipton with the home belonging to it & three acres in Shipton fields & two acres in ye Cowpasture there with Comon for two Cowes now in the occupac(i)on of John Paradine & all ye Land w(hi)ch we have within the Manner of Winslow, For one hundred & ten pounds to be paid to mee & two Guineys to my wif. I have rec(eive)d two shill(ing)s sixpence for earnest.

[signed] James Brittaine
Witnesses     W(illia)m Brudenell    Richard Carter

Bond of William Short, 1698

Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 375/22/25

This document seems to be in William Lowndes' own writing.

[Latin] May everyone know by the present documents that I William Short of Winslow, Bucks, Baker am held and firmly bound to William Lowndes of Winslow esq. in £50 of legal money of England to be paid to William Lowndes, to making the payment of which well and truly I firmly bind my heirs, executors and administrators by the present documents sealed with my seal dated 25 April 1698 10 William III.

[Engish] The Condic(i)on of this Obligac(i)on is such That whereas Thomas Willmott heretofore of Winslow abovesaid dec(eas)ed did in or about the year of Our Lord 1678 Surrender a Coppyhold Tenem(ent) in Winslow aforesaid with foure acres and an half of Land there To the use of Frances then his Wife for her life, and after her decease To the use of his Cousen Thomas Willmott (since deceased) and his heires Upon Condic(i)on That if Thomas the Cousin his heires or Assignes after the death of the said Frances should not pay to Anne and Frances Willmott his Sisters Twenty pounds apiece Then the said Surrender should be to the use of the said Sisters, their heires & Assignes for ever And soon afterwards ye said Thomas Willlmott of Winslow dyed, and in or about the year 1686 the said Frances his Wife dyed. And then the premisses did or ought to come to William Willmott as Son & heir of ye said Thomas the Cousen, and the said William since dying, the same did or ought to come to his Brother Thomas Willmott of the Parish of Stepney Coun(ty) Midd(lesex). And whereas the above named William Loundes hath purchased or agreed to purchase the premisses from the said Thomas Willmott of Stepney and from Thomas Simpson and Hester his wife (Mother of Thomas Willmott last named) and from Richard Whitehead and Anne his wife (one of ye said Sisters) and from the above bound William Short (who marryed Frances the other Sister since deceased) Now if the said William Lowndes his heires Assignes and the aforesaid premisses & every part thereof be for ever defended and indempnified ag(ains)t all & every person and persons clayming as heir Adm(in)istrator or otherwise by from or under the said Frances ye Sister dec(eas)ed. And if her heires & all others clayming under her upon reasonable request & at ye charges of ye said W(illia)m Lowndes or his heires do at any time or times hereafter Surrender or release to his & their use for ever all such right or Title as they or any of them may or can clayme of or in ye premisses or any part thereof Then this bond to be voyd or else to be in full force.

[signed] William Short

Sealed & delivered in the presence of      
Tho(ma)s Croft                 J(oh)n Wyatt                      Peter Lowndes

[Endorsed] W(illia)m Shorts bond to indempnifie ag(ains)t his wifes heires [  ] the other sister was survivor, so no great danger, if any

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