Shipton: Snow entail, 13 March 1632/3

British Library, Add.Ch.53939

In the process of listing all his lands which he wanted to go to his daughter Katherine Phippes, Richard Snow provided a very detailed list of furlongs in Shipton and which of the three fields they were in. Nearly all the furlong names can also be found in the 14th-15th century Court Books.

At the court baron of the most illustrious Katherine Duchess of Buckingham held on 13 March in the 8th year of the reign of King Charles and in the year of the lord 1632.

To this court came Richard Snow one of the customary tenants of this manor and in full court surrendered into the hands of the lady through the hands of the seneschal of the aforesaid manor according to the custom of the aforesaid manor a messuage with appurtenances situated in Shipton in which the aforesaid Richard now lives and sixty seven and a half acres of arable land, meadow and pasture with appurtenances lying and being within the fields and limits of Shipton, Winslow and Grandborowe, namely:

In the field in Shipton called the Redd Feild [Varnham Field on the 1599 map]:
4 selions or roods lying together over Upper Clayfurlong
1 selion over Middle Clay Furlong
2 selions over Nether Clayfurlong
2 selions over the eastern side of the furlong called Oxakerfurlong
2 selions over Snoutfurlong
3 selions over Peasefurlong
2 selions over Slowfurlong
2 selions over Redmorefurlong
2 selions over Keene Headlands furlong
2 separate selions over Weedfurlong [not in medieval Court Books]
2 selions over Blackpitfurlong
1 selion and headlands over Amcrslondfurlong
4 selions over Southbery furlong [not in medieval Court Books]
1 selion over Northbery furlong
6 selions over Coydmorefurlong
2 selions over Shortbernum
5 selions over Cockwellfurlong
4 selions over Brodmorefurlong
3 selions over Trendlefurlong
4 selions over Foxtonfurlong [not in medieval Court Books]
2 selions over Netherslow furlong
2 selions over Nether Brach
a leasure being with headley over Upperbrachfurlong

In the other field of Shipton called Blackgrovefeild:
13 selions over Meadsidefurlong
8 selions over Stertfurlong with half the meadowground piece[?] there called St Mary Hooke
1 selion ove Durtfurlong [not in medieval Court Books]
4 selions over Littenden
3 selions over Shortblackgrove furlong
1 selion called Rede[..]hedland [could be Redepole, -acre, -bred, -lynch]
2 roods over Newlende[?] furlong
1 selion over the east side of a furlong called Longblackgrovefurlong
1 selion being the headland over Rewletdeanefurlong [not in medieval Court Books]
1 selion over Upperbeanehillfurlong
1 selion over Netherbeanehillfurlong
7 selions over Smitheswellfurlong
1 selion over Landdewfurlong
2 selions over Redlinchfurlong

In Lice Hill Feild:
2 selions lying over the west side of a furlong called Snoutfurlong
2 selions lying over the west side of a furlong called Snouthallfurlong
2 selions lying in the west side of a furlong called Almeadfurlong
4 selions over the west side of Woodwayfurlong
1 selion over Longlandfurlong
4 selions over Rushmeadfurlong
6 selions over Drye Meade furlong
4 selions over Lice Hill furlong
2[?] selions over the northern side of the furlng called Noutfurlong

In Winslow Old Mill Feild:
6 selions over Coldamfurlong
6 selions over Cotmoreland
2 selions over Ryefurlong
half a piece of meadow in M[o?]reacre [not in medieval Court Books]
5 selions over Overswyesfurlong [not in medieval Court Books]
3 selions over Tuckey

and in the fields of Grandborow 8 selions and common pasture for 11 beasts in Shipton
for the benefit and use of Richard Snow himself to the end of his life
then for the benefit and use of Katherine Phippes his daughter now wife of Ralph Phippes
and Katherine's heirs of her body, born or to be born to Ralph. And for lack of such offspring, to Katherine's own heirs.
Katherine paid as a fine £6 15 s. No heriot because Richard has other lands.

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