Will of John Miller, 1673

Herts RO 109AW18

Aprill the 3 1673
In the name of god Amen I John Miller of Winslowe being ill in body but in pafect Memory Thanks bee given to god for it doe make this my last will and Tastament in maner and forme fowloing.  first I bequeath my soule into the handes of almighty god trustinge in the merits of Jesus christ my Redeemer to bee saved and for my body to bee decently buryed at the discretion of my executer hereafter named  First I give unto my sonne Joseph one Jonyed bedsted one Rug and one Cubberd table standing at the saide beds head  Item all the Rest of my goods and Chattells I give equally betweene my other three Children John William and Joane my debts and funeral being discharged whom I make my sole executers of this my \last/ will and tastament  In witnes whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seale the day and yeare above written

In the presence of John Hogson Joseph Miller
John Miller      his marke

[Latin] John, William and Joan Miller, executors named within, were sworn before me, John Retchford, surrogate.

Inventory of John Miller, 1673

Herts RO A25/3919

A true and parfect Inventary of all the Goods and Chattells of John Miller \desseed/ of Winslow in the County \Bucks/ Apraysed by us whos names are heare unto subscribed

Item in the hall on tabule & Fram 3 Formes 3 Joyn Cheares 3 stooles on Cover 3 hangers on pare of tongs and on pare of bellowes
Item in the parller on Joyn bedsteed on cubard 2 Chestes 2 tabule Cubards on Cofer on stoole on Fether bead on Fether bollster on Fether pillow on Rugge on Cover Lid 2 parre of blanckets with Curtaines & vallines att
Item in the parler Chamber on beddsteed on table & Frame 2 Chestes on Fether beed on Flock bead 2 Fether pillowes on Flocke pillew on Cover Lid on blanckett with Curtaines & valianes att
2 potage pots 2 Cetells 4 peuters dishes on Flagon on Greatt kettell on Fryinge pan on worminge pan on barrell on tubb on pitch pan on spit and other Lomber att
For donge in the yard 2 sheep Racks & other Lomber in the barne
For Grasse in the Fielld
For wareinge apparel and mony in his purse
For things onseene and Forgotten

John Hogson and Francis Glenistere


John Grant alias Miller of Shipton married Joan Holland at Granborough on 23 Sep 1641. The children listed in the will (all baptised with the surname Miller only) are:

Some others whose baptisms are recorded must have died young. Joan seems to have been buried on 12 Jan 1655/6. John then married Judith Willson at Winslow on 11 June 1656, and she was buried on 18 Jan 1658/9. John and Judith mortgaged 15 acres of land in 1658 and John mortgaged another 11 acres in 1659-60. Another mortgage in 1661 is recorded below, followed by several further surrenders which seem to be transfers of mortgages in which John and the original mortgagee transferred the property to a new mortgagee. The deeds were preserved by Charles Bowler who eventually acquired the property.

Centre for Bucks Studies BAS 376/22 no.7

Endorsed: Mortgage. John Miller to Thomas Bunce sub cond. Bowlers Land

[Latin, summarised] Manor of Winslow with members. At the view of frankpledge with court baron held there on 8 Oct 1661 was enrolled:

The homage found that John Miller, a customary tenant, since the last court, on 9 Aug 1661, surrendered through the hands of the steward in the presence of John Henly sr and Benjamin Leach sr, two customary tenants, all his messuage with orchard in Shipton and all those separate parcels of arable land lying scattered in the fields of Shipton:

To the behoof and use of Thomas Bunce of Padbury yeoman and his heirs, provided however and on condition that if John Miller, his heirs or assigns, pays or causes to be paid to Thomas Bunce, his executors, administrators or assigns, the full sum of £3 of legal money of England on 29 Sep next in consideration of £100 borrowed by John Miller from Thomas Bunce last Lady Day, and a similar sum of £3 on 25 March 1662, and £3 on 29 Sep 1662, and £3 on 25 March 1663, and £3 on 29 Sep 1663, and the full sum of £103 on 25 March 1664, then the surrender will be void and of no effect. And now Thomas Bunce came to the court and sought to be admitted to the premisses. The lord through his steward granted seisin on the above condition, through rent of 9d a year and suit of court. And he paid the lord as a fine 6s and did fealty and was admitted tenant.

ibid., no.8

Endorsed: Thomas Bunce & John Grant als Miller to William Bignell. Belonging to Charles Bowler

[Latin, summarised] 9 July 1662. Thomas Bunce and John Graunt alias Miller surrendered a messuage in Shipton and land in the fields of Shipton [described as in no.7]. To the use of William Bignel of Chesham, yeoman.

ibid., no.9

Endorsed: Surr Miller & al to Norton

[Latin, summarised] 21 Oct 1662. John Graunt alias Miller and Rebecca Gerard surrendered:

Now in the tenure or occupation of John Miller or his assigns. To the use of Richard Norton of Latimar[?], Bucks, fuller. Rent 3s 3d. No heriot becuase John has other lands. Fine 6s.

The original mortgage to Rebecca Gerard took place in 1658.

ibid., no.10

Endorsed: Surr from Millar & al to Norton

[Latin, summarised] 21 Oct 1662. John Graunt alias Miller and Francis Woodcock surrendered 9 acres in Winslow [details given]. To the use of Richard Norton of Latimar[?], Bucks, fuller.

ibid., no.11

Endorsed: Surrender. Rookes & Grant als Miller to Bignell. 11 acres. Charles Bowlers land.

[Latin, summarised] 9 July 1662. Christopher Rookes and John Graunt alias Miller surrendered 11 acres in Shipton [details given]. To the use of William Bignel of Chesham, yeoman.

The original mortgage to Christopher Rookes took place in 1659-60.

John's son William appears to be the main involved in the following dispute, translated from Latin:

National Archives, CP40/2948/1528

1677 Easter Term
William Graunt als Miller late of Winslowe yeoman ... was summoned to respond to Thomas Carter on a plea that he should render him twenty pounds which he owes him & unjustly withholds etc.  On which the same Thomas by William Playdell his attorney says that whereas the said William ... on 17th November in the 7th year of the present King [1655] at Winslowe by his writing obligatory granted that he owed to Thomas £10 of the said £20 to be paid to the same Thomas when required of him.  And whereas the said William afterwards on 17th November in the 10th year of the present King at Winslowe by another writing obligatory granted that he owed the said Thomas another £10 of the said £20 due to the same Thomas although he was required thereof the said William having often been required of the said £20 has not yet rendered it to the same Thomas but has heretofore refused to render it and still refuses.  By which he said he is damaged and has damages to the value of £20 ... The same William by John Reeve his attorney came and defended the force & injury etc.  And the same attorney said that he was not informed by the same William his master of any response to be given for the same William to the said Thomas’ complaint.  And he did not have anything else by which the same Thomas ??? against the same William undefended thereon.  Therefore it was considered that the said Thomas should recover against the said William his said debt and damages
... assessed at 40s