View of frankpledge and court baron, 11 October 1681

Centre for Bucks Studies D175/16

Originals in Latin. Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors which also include Little Horwood and Granborough. The Latin is full of mistakes.

[recto] Winslow with members. View of frankpledge and court baron of George Duke of Buckingham held on 11 Oct 1681 33 Charles II by Edmund West, serjeant at law, steward.

Mary Adams, Robert Adams, Mathew Adams and George Norris surrendered the barn belonging to the messuage called the Angell Inne in Winslow adjoining the Gatehouse, the Street ling on the south, with the sheep-pens belonging to it and the Leane-to at the end of the new stable, and as much of the Yard as is now bounded and paled. To the use of Stephen Bigg. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

Stephen Bigg and Mary his wife surrendered the barn [as above] and all the sheep-pens being before two bays of the building lately belonging to the messuage called the Angell Inne, recently acquired by Stephen from Edward Palmer, with liberty to erect sheep-pens at all seasonable times before the two bays. To the use of Mary, Robert and Mathew Adams, on condition that the surrender will be void if Stephen pays them £79 12s at Mary's dwelling house at Swanborne: 42s on each 13 April and 13 Oct until 13 April 1684, and £72 2s on 13 Oct 1684. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

Abel Saier surrendered a messuage in Winslow now in the occupation of [blank] Brome with barn, garden and other buildings, and 3½ acres of land in the fields of Winslow:

To the use of William Lowndes of Winslow gent, saving the right of Mary Saier to the barn and garden for her life. Rent 10½d, fine 7s.

Robert Adams gent, Dorothy Millar widow, Thomas Millar her son and Jane his wife surrendered a messuage, in one part of which Simon Hogson now lives, with a close adjoining, with the yard, barn, stable and other buildings and 5 ridges of arable land and "sword ground" in Rye Furlong in Old Mill Feild containing 3 acres:

To the use of William Lowndes, gent. Rent [blank], fine 5s.
[Also recorded in Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.50]

John Surry, Thomas Sponer and Bridget his wife surrendered the messuage with shop and yard in Winslow in which Thomas now lives. To the use of William Lowndes of Winslow gent, , on condition that the surrender will be void if Thomas pays him £48 7s 6d: 24s 7d on 12 April and 12 Oct 1682 and 1683 and 12 April 1684, and £42 4s 7d on 12 Oct 1684.

On 11 Oct out of court Robert Scott and Ann his wife surrendered all those ridges of land containing 1 acre lying at Bubbles Gore in Winslow:

To the use of William Edmonds. Rent [blank], fine 2s.

John Bence and Mary his wife and Edmund Paxton gent surrendered 5 ridges containing 2½ acres in Winslow, in Old Mill feild in Old Mill furlong, the land of Mr Townsend west. To the use of John Seaton of Winslow butcher. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

William Gyles surrendered a messuage in Winslow with garden and yard now in the possession of Ralph Bates, to the use of Ralph Bates. Rent 4d, fine 5s.

William Browne, Richard Saunders and Ann his wife surrendered a toft or piece of land in Winslow, the house of Edward Gent on the west, the land of widow Chandler on the north, in length 69 feet from the street, in width 13 feet at the end abutting the street and 11½ feet at the end towards the north. To the use of John Darvell and Mary his wife for their lives, then John's heirs. Rent [blank], fine 6d, heriot by composition 2s 6d.

[verso] Henry Lea surrendered a cottage in Winslow, the land of [blank] Chandler east and north. To the use of John Darnell [sic] and Mary his wife for their lives, then John's heirs. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

Dorothy Miller widow surrendered:

To the use of Joan Miller her daughter. Rent [blank], fine 9s.

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM/375/22/26

Know all men by these presents that I Henery Hughes of Winslow in ye County of Bucks Ironomonger have remised released and for ever quit claymed and by these presents do remise release and for ever quit claim unto Robert Lownds of Shipton in the parish of Winslow afforesaid yeo(man) his heires executors and administrators all and all manner of Account and accounts cause and causes of Accounts, suites, Bills, bonds, wrightings obligatory, debts, dues, duties, Accompts, sume and sumes of money, Judgments, executions, extents, quarrells controverseyes and demands, and all and everry other matter cause and thinge whatsoever; which against the said Robert Lownds I ever had, and which I my heires executors or administrators shall or may have, claime challenge or demand for or by reason or meanes, of any matter cause or things whatsoever from the beginninge of the world unto the day of the date of these presents In witness wheareof I have heare unto set my hand and seale the ninth day of May Anno Domini 1681

[signed] Henry Hughes

Signed sealed and delivered in ye presence of
Willm Gyles
Mathew Bishop

[endorsed] Mr Hughes his Relese No 10

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