Court baron, 8 September 1707

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Originals in Latin unless stated (individual words are sometimes in English, marked with "..."). Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors and defaulters which also include Little Horwood and Granborough.

[f.1r] Manor of Winslow with members. Court Baron of Robert Lowndes esq., 8 Sep 6 Anne 1707 by Nicolas Merwin, steward.

Essoins: none

Homage: Daniel Gyles, William Shelton, Stephen Bigg, Thomas Urlwin, John Spratley, Thomas Watts
Thomas Whiteing, Thomas Foster, Philip Budd, Joseph Glenister, Joseph Turner, Charles King

Complainants: none

Benjamin Bigg died seised of a messuage late in the occupation of Daniel Seaton and Benjamin Bigg. Ann, Mary and Jane are his daughters and coheirs. Heriot by composition 20s. Ann his widow holds for her life. Ann, Mary and Jane the daughters were called and did not come. 1st proclamation made.
[This messuage was to the east of The Bell]

Benjamin Bigg died seised of a close of pasture lately bought from Richard North, and 2½ acres of arable and meadow, and half of The Bell Inn. On 8 Aug last he surrendered them by the steward to the use of his will. [Recites will] And now to this court came the aforesaid Richard Bigg and Ann Bigg widow and sought to be admitted tenants to the aforesaid close and 2½ acres on the trusts contained in the same will. Rent 9d, fine 6s. Ann, Mary and Jane Bigg, infants, although solemnly called to come into court to do and receive etc. for a half of the Bell Inn with lands and tenements belonging to it, did not come. Therefore the first proclamation was made.

Richard Bigg and Ann Bigg widow, lately wife of Benjamin Bigg, surrendered a piece of meadow containing 1 acre lying in Demorum Feild, the land of Mr John Townesend south. And 3 ridges at Stone Leys in Hollow furrow feild, lately the land of William Edmonds, the land of William Kirby north. To the use of the said Richard Bigg, who sought to be admitted tenant. Rent 7½, fine 5s.

Nicho: Merwin steward

View of frankpledge with court baron, 15 October 1707

Manor of Winslow with members. View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of Robert Lowndes esq., 15 Oct 6 Anne 1707 by Nicolas Merwin, steward.

Jurors: Joseph Turner, Joseph Harding, William Shelton sr, Grant Hewet, Thomas Barton, John Hodgekins
Thomas Wright, William Bull, William Stevens Butcher, Robert Hughs, Joseph Cox, John Thorpe

Complainants: none

Common fine: 16s 4d Winslow, 8s 4d Shipton, etc.

Thomas Urlwin and Squier Emerton, supervisors of the queen's highways, were negligent in office; each amerced 1s.

Officers elected and sworn:
Augustine Seaton and Edward Smith: constables of Winslow in place of Robert Eden sr and Robert Gibbs jr, and they are to receive from their predecessors £1 9s 6½d.
Richard Benboe jr: assessor of Winslow in place of Philip Goodier deceased.
[f.1v] William Smith: tithingman of Winslow in place of Edward Turnham.
John Henley: constable of Shipton in place of Henry Townesend.

Court Baron

Essoins: Philip Bayley, Thomas Deely, William Gyles, Thomas Cooke, William Illing, William Smith, John Bone, Benedict Holland & John Henley with many others.

Homage: Thomas Blake gent, Robert Grainge gent, Daniel Gyles, William Eden, Thomas Deely jr, John Seaton Yeoman, Samuel Norman
Thomas Bates, John Clarke, William Gent, Thomas Gent, William Eliott, Thomas Henley, Henry Townsesend jr
Thomas Cooke, John Woodward, John Wyat, Robert Eden jr, Robert Manaring, Thomas Rutland, William Stevens Yeoman

Joseph Glenister pastured two cows in the common roads of Winslow against the ordinances of this court; amerced 2s.

Philip Bayley sold his dung [fimum] to be carried away from this manor, against the ordinances of this court.

Ordinances in English to follow.

[f.2r] Mathew Hobbs and Ann his wife surrendered:

To the use of William Short and Martha his wife and the heirs of their bodies, or William's heirs, subject to the payment of the money due to William Gyles from William and Martha Short. Rent [blank], fine [blank].
[William Short mortgaged his property to William Gyles in 1704 and Matthew Hobbs acquired his in 1706. Together they seem to be what is now 17 Market Square (perhaps incorporating part of no.15.]

Mary Tomlyn of Shipton widow and Edward Tomlyn of Shipton Carpenter surrendered 1 acre in Shipton Cowpasture and common of pasture for 1 cow belonging to it. To the use of John Wyatt of Shipton gent. and Ann his wife for their lives, then to John's heirs. Rent 3d, fine 2s.

Robert Eden jr surrendered 3 acres of arable land:

To the use of Robert Eden sr on condition that the surrender is to be void if Robert jr pays him £25 12s 6d on 15 April 1708. Rent 9d, fine 6s.

Robert Elliott and Frances his wife surrendered 4 acres of arable and grassland in Shipton:

To the use of John Wyatt of Shipton gent and Ann his wife for their lives, then to John's heirs. Rent 1s.

[f.3r] Robert Elliott and Frances his wife surrendered 2 acres of arable land in Old Mill feild in Chaines Furlong, William Lowndes east, Philip Budd west. To the use of William Kurby of Winslow Carryer and Jane his wife. Rent 6d, fine 5s.

Philip Egerton surrendered a messuage in The Markett place of Winslow now in his own occupation, the messuage called The Angell Inn north and east. To the use of Philip and Mary his wife for their lives; after their decease to the heirs of their bodies, or for want of such to Philip's rightful heirs. Rent 9d, fine 5s.
[Philip Egerton had married his neighbour Mary Godwyn of The Angel]

William Gent of Shipton Labourer surrendered a cottage in Winslow in the occupation of Mary Gent spinster with outhouses, backsides, etc. To the use of Richard Saunders gent. Plea of common recovery: Thomas Spratley complained on a plea of land; William Gent called to warrant Charles King; the minister of the court Robert Gibbs delivered seisin. All surrendered to William Gent, who then surrendered to the use of Robert Wyatt of Winslow, butcher, on condition that the surrender will be void if William pays him £6 3s on 16 April next. Rent [blank], fine 5s.
[William inherited the cottage from his mother Mary Hatton in 1705. There must have been some sort of restriction on his possession of it which had to be removed before he could mortgage it.]

[f.3v] 2nd proclamation for James Woodward on the surrender of John Woodward on 28 April last.
3rd proclamation for Thomas Foster on the surrender of Henry Hughes.
3rd proclamation for Robert Gibbs and Richard Bigg on the surrender of John Hearn and his wife.
3rd proclamation for George Rowland on the surrender of Thomas Foster.

Court baron, 31 December 1707

Manor of Winslow with members. Court Baron of Robert Lowndes esq., 31 Dec 6 Anne 1707 by Nicolas Merwin gent., steward.

Essoins: none. Complainants: none.

Homage: Joseph Glenister, Mathew Hobbs, William Shelton, Samuel Norman, Augustine Seaton, Joseph Turner
Thomas Foster, Mark Morris, Hugh Seaton, John Spratley, Thomas Whiteing, John Worsley, Philip Bayley

William Edmonds and Joan his wife surrendered all right, title and equity of redemption in the separate pieces of arable land in the common fields of Winslow containing 4½ acres:

To the use of Robert Wyat of Winslow Butcher and Diane his wife. Rent 1s 1½d, fine 9s, heriot £2 10s.
[William Edmonds (who previously kept The Angel) had mortgaged this land in 1687. The purchase from Mary Tomlyn was in 1684 and from Robert Scott in 1681. Joan died in 1709 and William in 1713, in his 80s according to the burial register.]

Nicho: Merwin

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