View of frankpledge and court baron, 15 April 1691

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Originals in Latin. Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors which also include Little Horwood and Granborough.

[f.1r] View of frankpledge with court baron of Nicholas Goodwin, gent., 15 April 3 William & Mary 1691, by James Hayes esq., deputy steward.

Essoins: Richard Westley, Richard Seaton, John Seaton sr, John Seaton jr, with many others

Complainants: none

Jurors: John Amborow, William Bigg, Joseph Glenister, Charles Bowler jr, William Shelton, Henry Hewes, Thomas Rice, Charles Bowler sr
Joseph Gyles, John Glenister, Henry Townsend, William Townsend, Robert Manwareing, John Holland, David Worrall, Joseph Holladay
Thomas Mountague, John Haynes, Thomas Ward, Thomas Adams, John Markham, Henry Curtice and Thomas Woodward

Default: Charles King, Edward Smyth, Richard Ginger, John Richenson, Thomas Holdam, Thomas Bell, Robert Holt, Daniell Payne and many other residents
Robert Norman, Francis Dorsett, Samuel Palmer, Richard North, Robert Grainge gent., William Barton, William Thorpe & John Bowden, tenants

Amercements were remitted by the lord's grace

Fines of 5s were separately imposed on Thomas Ward, Thomas Adams, Henry Curtis and Thomas Woodward for withdrawing from their fellow jurors before they were discharged


[English] John Amborough, William Bigg, Joseph Glenister, William Shelton and Joseph Gyles "doe veiw a watercourse between the Widdowe Deareing and the Widdow Darnell".
[Latin] They report that the watercourse should flow "in and through the entrey" of Widow Darnell, who should permit it within 10 days or forfeit 10s.


John Hogston: constable for Winslowe in place of Benjamin Leach.

Order made of £5 for Joseph Bigg to serve as constable in place of Robert Spooner.

John Hearne and Richard Ginger: tithingmen for Winslowe in place of Richard Punn and Daniell Beagle.

John Toms: heyward for Winslowe.

Thomas Henley: constable for Shipton in place of Robert Ewen.

Mary French has died seised of a cottage. William French is her son and heir and under 21. He sought admission. Rent 3d, fine 5s, heriot by composition [blank]. He was admitted as tenant, fealty respited.
[There is a copy of this admission: CBS, D97/104/1/9]

Anthony Deely has died. Before he died, on 2 Jan last, he surrendered through Joseph Glenister and Robert Udden a close of meadow or pasture in Winslowe next to the Graveyard and adjoining his Brickyard. To the use of Thomas Kenwrick of Winslowe, Apothecary. On condition that it will be void if Anthony pays him £30 7s 6d on 3 April following in the south porch of the parish church. The sum was not paid, so the premisses are forfeit. Nicholas Merwin of Winslowe, gent., Thomas' attorney, sought to be admitted. Rent [blank], fine 1s 6d, fealty respited.

Anthony Deely on 6 March last surrendered to the use of his will through Richard Phipps and Thomas Deely two messuages together near the Graveyard, one in his own occupation, the other late in the occupation of Ann wife of Henry Wyatt, the messuage of Peter Lowndes south. And a close of meadow or pasture adjoining the messuages, the Graveyard south-east, the Brickyard east. Margaret Deeley his widow presented his will [recited] and was admitted as tenant. Rent 1s 3d.

[f.1v] Thomas Kenwrick (through Nicholas Merwin his attorney) and Margaret Deeley surrendered through James Hayes the two messuages and close [above]. To the use of William Lowndes of Princes Court, Westminster. On condition that it will be void if Margaret pays him 30s on 15 Oct next, 15 April and 15 Oct 1692 and 1693, and £61 10s on 15 April 1694. William's attorney Richard Phipps sought to be admitted. Rent 1s 3d, fine 10s, fealty respited.

William Woodcock on 2 Feb last surrendered through Nathaniel Kent gent. and Thomas Crosse a piece of arable land, meadow and pasture in Winslowe called Bradford peece containing 12 acres, and a half-acre of arable land at Nant Ditch. To the use of William and Mary his wife, and the assigns of the longer liver. Mary sought to be admitted. Rent 3s, fine 24s, heriot by composition 10s.
[This was probably a deathbed surrender; Mary as a widow sold the land in 1692]

William Gyles and Mary his wife surrendered a parcel of land in New Millfeild, parcel of a close called The Pickles, adjoining Philip Budd on the east and the common king's highway on the south, containing 54 feet from east to west and 90 feet from south to north, as now divided. To the use of Silvester Reddell. Rent 1d, fine 5s.

[f.2r] William Cleyton surrendered 2 messuages or cottages late in his own occupation in Great Hornestreet, the messuage of Richard Seaton west. To the use of Robert Eden sr of Winslow Carpenter. Rent 4d, fine 10s, heriot by composition 4s 6d.

[f.3r] Charles Bowler and Jane his wife surrendered 2 acres of arable land and sweard ground in the fields of Shipton:

To the use of Thomas Bett of Winslow and Elizabeth his wife for their lives, then Thomas' heirs. Rent 6d, fine 4s.

Susanna Sherrock of Great Horwood, widow, surrendered a messuage in Cowstreet late in the occupation of Thomas Paxton and Thomas Ridgeway or their assigns, fronting west on Cowstreete and the Graveyard, the messuage in the occupation of Christopher Coates south, messuage of William Prentice north, with an orchard to the east. To the use of Nicholas Merwin of Winslow, gent. Rent 10d, fine 5s, heriot by composition [blank].

Richard Seaton sr and Elizabeth his wife and Richard Seaton jr and Ann his wife surrendered a messuage in Winslow in which Richard sr now lives and all arable lands, pasture and meadow in Winslow, containing 10 acres:

To the use of Thomas Gibbs, who sought admission.
[f.4v] Procedure of common recovery: William Shelton complained against Thomas Gibbs, who called to warranty Richard sr and Elizabeth, Richard jr and Ann. They called John Hearn. Robert Gibbs, minister of the court, delivered seisin to William Shelton. He then surrendered to Richard sr and Elizabeth for their lives, then Richard jr and Ann for their lives, then the heirs of Richard jr. Rent [blank], fine 20s.

Richard and Elizabeth and Richard and Ann then surrendered 7 acres of arable land in Newmill Feild adjoining Reeveham, the land of William Lowndes esq. south. To the use of William Lowndes of Princes Court, Westminster, who sought admission through Richard Phipps his attorney. Rent 1s 9d, fine 14s.
[William Lowndes recorded this as 6 acres for which he paid £70. The Seatons seem to have acquired the land from Peter Jackson in 1637, when it was described as at Naunditch.]


Cicely Anstee, widow, sought admission to a messuage with close and 1½ acres of meadow on the surrender of Benjamin Anstee presented at the last court, held on 19 June 1690. Rent 6d, fine 5s.
[There is a copy of this admission: CBS, D97/104/1/8]

Thomas Showler sought admission to 2 acres of arable land to which he was found heir of his father Thomas Showler at the last court. Rent 6d, fine 4s.

Anthony Deeley on 17 Dec last surrendered through Thomas Deeley and Richard Phipps a messuage in Winslow in which William East then lived with all barns, stables, yards, pig-sties, etc., now in the occupation of William East, and for "the Eaves Droppings" as much ground on the outer side of the backyards which stands in the palings of Thomas Wright and directly 18 inches in length from the pig-sties [translation uncertain]. To the use of Thomas Bett, who was called and did not come. First proclamation made.

End of this court

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