Lease of the manor and rectory, 29 April 1661

Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 377/22(1)

Summary (original in English)

Articles of agreement 29 April 13 Charles II between
1. George Duke of Buckingham
2. Charles Tyrrill of Whaddon esq.

Tyrrill shall have and enjoy:

during one whole yeare to be accompted from the last day of March last past. Tyrrill will pay £220 at Michaelmas and Lady Day by even porcions. The articles shall not give anny power to Tyrrill to hauke hunt Fish or Foule. All courts shall bee held and kept in the name and stile of the Duke of Buckingham.

Court baron and view of frankpledge, 8 October 1661

Centre for Bucks Studies D175/9

Originals in Latin apart from words shown in "...". Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors and defaulters which also include Little Horwood and Granborough.

[f.1r] Manor of Winslow with members. View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of the most noble George, Duke, Marquis and Earl of Buckingham, Earl of Coventry, Viscount Villiers, Baron Whaddon of Whaddon, master of horse of the most serene lord king, Knight of the Garter, Privy Councillor, lord of the manor, 8 October 13 Charles II 1661 before William Lane esq. chief steward.

Essoins as set out in the charter of tenants and residents.

Homage for the lord king and lord of the manor:
Edward Tomlin, Daniel Sayer, Thomas Goodwin, Thomas Kirby, Francis Glenister, William Spooner, Thomas Grant, Thomas Dandridge, George Rutland, Thomas Mountague, Thomas Holland
Benedict Holland at the Elme, Roger Worrall, John Henly sr, William Townsend, Richard Phillips, William Illing, John Barton, John Illing, Thomas Oakely

Default by inhabitants: Nicholas Wyat amerced 6d, Robert Thorp 6d, Robert Wyat 4d, John Fynch 6d.

Winslow Constables: John Tanner & John Robson chosen and sworn
Tithingmen: Richard Worsley & Benjamin Keach [sic, but it probably should be Leach] chosen and sworn
Herdsman [custos pecorum] and Hayward: William East
Shipton Constable: William Wyat

The Steward imposed a fine of 20s on Robert Elliot because in contempt of court he refused to be sworn in the office of tithingman of Shipton.

Orders for Granborough [not transcribed here]. Overseers: John Stevens sr, Robert Stevens jr, Thomas Mountague.
[f.1v] Orders for Little Horwood [not transcribed here]. Overseers: John Barton, Thomas Okely.

Common fine for Winslow [blank], Greenborough 12s 4d, Little Horwood 12s 8d.

Assessors: Thomas Kirby, William Spooner, William Townsend, Thomas Godwyn.

Court Baron

John Miller on 9 Aug 1661 surrendered by John Henly sr and Benjamin Leach sr a messuage with orchard in Winslow and separate parcels of arable land scattered in the fields of Shipton:

To the use of Thomas Bunce of Padbury Yeoman, on condition that the surrender wil be void if John pays him £3 on 29 Sep next in consideration of £100 "borrowed" at Lady Day last, £3 on 25 March and 29 Sep 1662 and 1663, and £103 on 25 March 1664. Rent 9d, fine 6s.

Wendover Lownds, customary tenant, and Susanna his wife surrendered 3 butts in Demorum Feild abutting on a place called Berry Leyes hedge, William Spooner south. To the use of Edward Tomline. Rent 3d, fine 2s.

Hugh Seaton of Winslow surrendered:

and the pieces of arable land in the fields of Winslow:

To the use of Richard Seaton and Elizabeth his wife and Richard's heirs. Rent 5s 6d, fine £2, heriot nothing.
[Hugh Seaton acquired the property from Peter Jackson in 1637. Richard entailed the messuage and 10 acres of this property to his own son in 1684.]

Wendover Lownds on 7 Nov 1660 surrendered his messuage in Winslow with barns, stables and other buildings, and a close adjoining containing 2 acres. To the use of John Parnham of Thornton husbandman, on condition that the surrender will be void if Wendover pays him £106 on 25 March next at John Henly's dwelling house commonly called "the Bell" in Winslow. Wendover did not make the payment so forfeited the premisses. John Parnham sought admission. Rent 2s 6d, fine 5s.
[This was probably the house which later belonged to William Gyles next to The Bell]

Robert Lownds of Winslow Inholder surrendered the following lands:

Containing 15 acres. To the use of John Godwin of Newport Pagnell Yeoman, on condition that the surrender will be void if Robert pays him £4 4a on 25 March and 29 Sep 1662 and 1662 and 25 March 1664, and £144 4s on 29 Sep 1664. Rent 3s 9d, fine £1 10s.

[f.2v] Robert Lownds and Elizabeth his wife surrendered a cottage with orchard. To the use of John Glanister and Frances his wife. Rent 2d, fine 5s.

Wendover Lownds surrendered a piece of land in Mill feild called The Pickels, Robert Lownds east, and 4 selions in the same field, the land of Thomas Kirby east, the Mill Lane west, containing 7 acres. To the use of William Wood, on condition that the surrender will be void if Wendover pays him £53 on 9 Oct 1662 at the dwelling house of Benjamin Leach in Winslow. Rent 1s 9d, fine 14s.

John Shelton surrendered a messuage in Winslow and 3 acres of arable land in the fields of Winslow:

To the use of William Wood, on condition that the surrender will be void if John pays him £56 on 9 Oct 1662 at the dwelling house of Benjamin Leach in Winslow. Rent 3s 9d, fine 6s.
[William Wood returned the property to John Shelton at the 1662 court. He then sold the land to Benjamin Leach. The messuage was probably on the site of 12 Horn Street.]

Peter Fige gent. surrendered "a yard" and part of a barn, 14 feet long and 35 feet wide, Peter's land south. To the use of Francis Glenister. Rent 1d, fine 6d.
[See Lowndes notebook for more on this.]

Thomas Godwyn of Winslow Draper and Mary his wife and John Godwyn of Newport Pagnell Yeoman and Mary his wife surrendered all title, interest and reversion in a messuage in which John Underwood and Henry Norman now live, with barns, stables, "Malthouses", gardens and orchards belonging to the part of the messuage in the possession of John Underwood or Henry Norman. To the use of John Underwood and Elizabeth his wife for their lives, then to John's heirs. Rent 4s, fine 5s, heriot by composition 2s 6d.
[This was a brick house on the future site of Winslow Hall. The entry was repeated in another hand at the end of the roll.]

Thomas Miller on 5 April 1661 surrendered by Henry Wyat and Andrew Stutsbury 5 "Butts" in Winslow feild in Mur Acre with a hedge, Edmund Paxon south, and all his copyhold land in the fields and Cowpasture of Shipton containing 29 acres.
[f.3r] To the use of Dorothy Miller his wife and her heirs, on condition that she pays Thomas' debts: to Thomas Grassome £20, William Grassome £5, Thomas Kirby £5, Thomas Dandridge £5, Edward Tomlins £6, Nicolas Wiat £4 10s, Henry Wyat 45s. And these legacies: £40 to his daughter Agnes Miller, £30 to his daughter Hester, £20 each to his daughters Martha and Joan, all at the age of 21. Rent 7s 3d, fine £2 18s, heriot by composition £2 1s.
[This was a deathbed surrender; Thomas' inventory was taken on 17 April.]

John Sheffeild died since the last court seised of a messuage in Shipton and 11 acres of arable land in the fields of Shipton. Thomas Sheffeild is his son and nearest heir, and sought admission. Rent 2s 9d, fine £1 2s, heriot by composition £2 5s.

John King and Ann his wife surrendered:

To the use of John Dingly Infant, who sought admission by Thomas Sheffeild his uncle and guardian. Rent 1s 7d, fine 3s.
[Ann King, nee Sheffeild, was John Dingley's mother]

John Sheffeild surrendered by Robert Elliot and Thomas Deely part of a messuage or cottage in Shipton in which he then lived, lying near the common road, containing 2 "Bayes of Building". To the use of Joan his wife for her life, then to John's heirs. Rent 6d, fine 5s.

Thomas Anstey surrendered:

To the use of Bennet Glenister. Rent 1s ½d, fine 7s, heriot by composition 6s.
[Thomas acquired the land from his brother Benjamin Anstey in 1659 (CBS BAS 576/22 no 6)]

William Glenister and Abigail his wife surrendered certain arable land in the fields of Shipton:

In total 4½ acres. To the use of Francis Glenister. Rent 1s 1½d, fine 9s.

Christopher Biggs, customary tenant, and Jane his wife surrendered 4 pieces of land called the Butts in Coslow Furlong containing 1 acre, John Townsend south, for the lord to regrant to Christopher during his life, with remainder to Stephen Biggs. Fine 2s, rent 2d.

Hugh Seaton surrendered the messuage in which he now lives in Winslow and a close in Longnant ditch "shooting" into a place called Sownd breach containing 6 acres. To the use of Elizabeth Mitchel of Quainton widow, on condition that the surrender will be void if Hugh pays her £106[?] on 10 Oct 1662. Rent 2s, fine 12s.

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