Inventory of Thomas Miller of Shipton, 1661

Herts RO A25/3602

Please note: the original document uses Arabic numerals.

Aprill the 17th 1661
A true and p(er)fect Inventory of All the goods and chattells of Thomas Miller of Shipton in the parish of Winslow late deceased made and appraised by us hereunder written

Inp(rimi)s in the hall one table and frame,one forme, three
Ioyned stoolles one cubberd two chaires three cushings
It(em) in the parlour one Ioyned bedsteed, one fetherbed
one fether bolster two fether pillows one coverlet two
blanketts, the curtaines and valians, one chaire one courte table one cubberd three Ioyned stooles one chest, one cofer one cushing one box one forme
It(em) eight paire of sheetes and one diaper sheete eight
pillowbeers, two bordcloths twellve table napkins
It(em) in the chamber over the kiching one bedsteed one
flockbolster one rugg, one blankett, two curtains threecofers with other lumber
It(em) in the chamber over the parlour one frame for a table one cheese rack with other lumber
It(em) in the chamber over the hall two Ioyned bedsteeds one trundlebed two flockbeds two flockbolsters foure blanketts, one cubberd five curtains and valians
It(em) in the kiching two brase pots one furnas foure kettles two skillets, one brase chafing dish two hangers one spitt one fire shovell one paire of Andirons one paire of tongues one warming pan one frying pan nineteen peeces of pewter one salting trough
It(em) in the buttery five barrells, foure tubs, two buckets one dough kiver one churne with other lumber
It(em) in the yard two carts and one paire of wheeles one stone costerne one lader one fan, hay and pease in the barne one hovell of firz with other wood one cow two hogs the dunge in the yard with other lumber
It(em) sheepe in the feild
It(em) foure Ridges of wheate and six Ridges and a half of barly. Eleven Ridges and half of pease
It(em) his wearing Apparell
The whole some

John Henly Sen
John Hogson
John Jud
Andrew Stutsbery

Presented 16th July 1661 before John Pownall by Dorothy Miller widow.

[Administration granted]

Obligation of Dorothy Miller

Herts RO 97AW63

[Latin - English words in italics]
May everyone know through the present (documents) that we Dorothy Miller of Shipton in Winslowe in the county of Bucks and Henry Wyatt of [Winslow] aforesaid in the aforesaid county Butcher of the archdeaconry of St Albans are bound and firmly obliged to Thomas Goad, doctor of laws, official of the archdeacon of St Albans in the diocese of London, for a hundred pounds of lawful money of England, to be paid to the same Thomas Goad or his certain attorney, executors, adminstrators or assigns.  To the full and faithful making of which payment indeed we oblige ourselves and each of us, for the whole and in full, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally by the present (documents) signed with our seals, given the sixteenth day of July in the thirteenth year of the reign of our lord Charles the second, by grace of God king of England, [deletion] Scotland France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc. 

The condicon of this obligacon is such that whereas ye Ad(ministra)tion  of all & singular the goods debts chattells rights & creditts of Thomas Miller of Shipton in Winslow abovesaide within the Archdeaconrie of St Albans and diocese of London deceased Intestate is comitted  & granted to Dorothy Miller the Relict & widowe of the saide deceased & therefore the saide Dorothy Miller doth & shall well & truly administer of & in the goods & chattells of the said deceased (That is to saie) pay or cause to be payde the true & lawfull debts of ye said deceased (that is to saie) pay or cause to bepayde the true & and lawfull debts of the said deceased soe far th forth as the goods debts & chattells of the saide deceased will extend & the law chardge her & likewise exhibite into the Registrie kepte for the saide Archdeaconrie of St Albans a true and p(er)fect full Inventory of all & singular the goods debts & chattels of the s(ai)d deceased & likewise give a true & just accounte upon her saide Ad(ministra)tion  when as shee shall  bee thereto lawfullie required by the authority of the abovesaide officiall or any other judge competent in that behalf & likewise give a true & just accounte upon her saide Ad(ministra)tion  when as shee shall bee thereto lawfullie required  & such p(ar)te & porcon of the saide goods debts & chattells of the saide deceased as shall bee founde to remayne in her hands upon her saide Accounte shee doth distribute & pay in such manner & sorte to such p(er)son & p(er)sons use & uses as to the saide officiall or any other Judge competent in that behalfe shall bee assigned that then this obligacon to bee voyde or else to stand in full force & virtue 


Thomas Miller is probably the Thomas Graunt alias Miller, son of Walter, bap. 2 May 1607. He mortgaged some of his land in 1660. His widow Dorothy (nee Wyatt, married in 1641) died in 1688. He didn't need to make a will because he had already made a deathbed surrender in favour of Dorothy, with legacies to his daughters.