Arundel House (35 High Street, Grace's School, Electricity Showroom)

Arundel House frontArundel House stood on the corner of Vicarage Road and the High Street. In its final form it was a Victorian 4-bay brick house with a large shop window, but it can be traced back to the 1660s and went through a number of rebuildings and changes of use before its final demolition in the 1970s. In 300 years it only belonged to three families.

1669: manor court
John Glenister surrendered the messuage in Winslowe in which he now lives. To the use of John Ball of London potter, on condition that the surrender will be void if John Glenister pays him £30 at his house in Golden Lane on 2 Oct 1670.

1684: death of John Glenister
It's not known how his property passed to Philip and Elizabeth Budd; perhaps one of them was his heir.

1685: manor court
Philip Budd and Elizabeth his wife surrendered a messuage in Winslow, lately the messuage of John Glenister deceased (except the garden before the door on the south). To the use of themselves for their lives, then the heirs of their bodies, or their heirs.

1718: death of Philip Budd senior, butcher

1718: manor court       
John Budd died since the last court seised of the reversion expectant on the decease of Elizabeth Budd widow his mother of a messuage late in the occupation of Philip Budd sr deceased. John Budd infant aged 3 is his son and heir.

1733: manor court
Elizabeth Budd widdowe dyed since the last Court seized in Tayle of a Mesuage in Winslowe and seized in Fee of a Garden before the south door of the said Mesuage. John Budd is her Grandson & next heir.

1742: manor court
John Budd (son and heir of John Budd deceased, who was the eldest son and heir of Phillip Budd and Elizabeth his wife deceased) and Elizabeth his wife surrendered a messuage in Cowestreet now in his own occupation, the house and ground of Richard Hurst west, the common streets east and south, with all outhouses, buildings, shops, barns, stables, yards, backsides, gardens, etc. …  To the use of John and Elizabeth for their lives, then to John's heirs.

1742: Sun Fire Insurance policy 91506, 8 June (LMA)

John Budd of Winslow in the County of Bucks Butcher on his now Dwelling house only Thatchd in Winslow aforesaid not exceeding One Hundred Pounds 100
A Barn & a Leantoo only in the Yard / Thatchd/ not exceeding Fifty Pounds 50
A Stable Slaughter House Cowhouse & two Hogsties adjoyning each other only near the House Thatchd not exceeding Fifty Pounds 50
[Total] £200

1773: will of John Budd, butcher, proved 1778
I give and devise unto my eldest son John Budd all that my Messuage or Tenement situate and being in Winslow aforesaid wherein I now dwell …

OS maps of site 1898 and 1978
These maps show the site in 1898 (left - Arundel House is the square building) and 1978 when 45-51 High Street had been built

1781: Land Tax
John Budd owner: Francis Budd occupier, 11s 7d

1781: manor court
Conditional surrender for £120 by John Budd of Winslow butcher and Elizabeth his wife to Philip Budd of Winslow Maltster: A messuage late in the occupation of John Budd deceased, now of Francis Budd and two closes in the occupation of Francis Budd containing 4a 1r 36p.

1781: manor court
John Budd of Winslow butcher surrendered a messuage then in the occupation of Francis Budd and two closes of arable and pasture. To hold to himself for his life, then to the use of Elizabeth his wife for her life subject to the payment of an annuity to Philip Budd his brother. Then to the use of the children of John & Elizabeth, and for default of such issue to the use of the said Philip Budd of Winslow maltster brother of John. 

1786-1805: Land Tax
John Budd owner: Francis Budd occupier, 12s 1d

1792: Sun fire insurance policy, Michaelmas (LMA, 11936/379/5863270 

Francis Budd of Winslow in the County of Bucks, Butcher  
On his household Goods in his now dwelling House & Offices adjoining situate as aforesaid not exceeding one hundred & Thirty P(oun)ds 130
Wearing Apparel thein only not exceeding ten Pounds 10
China & Glass thein only not exceeding five Pounds  5
Utensils & Stock in his Barn Stables Slaughterhouse & Fastinghouse adjoining near not exceeding fifty five Pounds 55
Two Cottages adjoining in Winslow aforesaid in tenure of Prentice & Sharp not exceeding forty Pounds 40
Barn only separate not exceeding ten Pounds  10
All the above Buildings thatch’d -----

1810: death of John Budd (b.1746)

1810: manor court
John Budd died since the last court without leaving any issue by Elizabeth who is long since dead.  Philip Budd is also long since dead.  Now comes Ann wife of Richard Ridgway of Buckingham Ironmonger one of the two only daughters and heirs of Philip and desires to be admitted Tenant to one undivided moiety.  Elizabeth wife of Edward Cleaver of Newport Pagnell Draper, daughter of Philip Budd, desires to be admitted to the other moiety. 

1814: Land Tax
Ridgway & Cleaver owners: Francis Budd occupier, 12s 1d

1818: Will of Thomas Ridgway of Thornborough Grounds proved.  He purchased “Budds” from his son Richard Ridgway and Ann his wife.

1823 & 1832: Land Tax
Ridgway & Cleaver owners: John Arnott occupier, house & land, 12s 1d

1840: manor court
Daniel Grace of Winslow, schoolmaster, purchased "All that Messuage or Tenement situate in Winslow some time since in the tenure of Francis Budd and now of John Arnott" from (1) Edward Cleaver late of Newport Pagnell Draper and now of Laurence Lane Cheapside Clothier and Elizabeth his wife and (2) William Richardson of Buckingham Gentleman and Thomas Ridgway of Bourton in the parish of Buckingham Dairyman, surviving Devisees of Thomas Ridgway deceased.

1841: mortgaged by Daniel Grace & Jemima his wife to David Thomas Willis for £670.

The house doesn't seem to be in the 1841 Census, so Daniel Grace was probably rebuilding it at the time. He subsequently handed over the school to his son John. Read about the school.

1851: Census
Buckingham Road [There were also 16 scholars aged 8-16]

John Grace Head married 31 Master of a private commercial school b. Winslow
Sarah Grace Wife married 28   b. Winslow
Sarah Grace Dau   8m   b. Winslow
Ann Lee Servant unm 22 House servant b. Whaddon
Ann Odell Servant unm 16 Nurse girl b. Winslow
William Ellis Teacher unm 25 English teacher b. Scotland
David Dance Teacher unm 15 Junior English teacher b. Granborough

1868: Will of Daniel Grace
I hereby bequeath to my Son John Grace, the House, yard, garden, and premises now in his occupation, situate in the High Street, Winslow, subject to the payment of the incumbrances thereon.

1871: manor court
John Grace & Sarah his wife mortgaged to David Thomas Willis for £670 + 4.5% interest.

1885: Will of John Grace
All his real estate was to be sold by his trustees.

1885: John Grace's inventory
Refers to Dining Room, Drawing Room, Hall, Kitchen, Breakfast / Mess Room, Nursery, Cloakroom, Pantry, Cellar, Dairy, Washhouse, Laundry, Schoolroom, Study, 5 Bedrooms, Dressing Room, Servants' Bedroom.

1885: Sale advertisement:
An Excellent and very substantially-built BRICK AND SLATED HOUSE, With capital Accommodation, walled Garden, large School-room, roomy Play Ground & Sheds, Coach-house, Stabling & other Out-buildings.
It contained:
Drawing Room, Dining Hall, Breakfast Room, Cloakroom, Kitchen fitted with Flavel’s patent cooking range and copper, large pantry, capital cellarage including dairy, wine and beer cellars, six bedrooms, attics and closets, enclosed walled garden in front of house, and a capital walled garden in the rear, having also a most valuable frontage in the High Street of 64 feet and very valuable for Building Purposes. A large play-ground with two shelter sheds. A capital and lofty School-room with study adjoining. A range of brick and slated buildings comprising chaise house and stable with loft over, wash-house with copper, boot house with laundry over, coal and wood house.

It was bought for £670 in 1886 by Rev. J. Riordan, the Congregational pastor, and continued as a school until about 1897. It was named Arundel House by the new proprietor of the school, William Warne.

Arundel House and outbuildings viewed from the church tower
Arundel House seen from the church tower

1891: Census
Arundel House, High Street [There were also 14 scholars aged 11-15]

William Warne Head married 41 Schoolmaster b. Camelford, Cornwall
Katherine Warne Wife married 39   b. St Clay, Cornwall
Edith Emily Warne Dau   13 Scholar b. Barton-le-Clay
Katherine Mary Warne Dau   11 do do
Emily Cox Visitor widow 35   b. St Clay, Cornwall
Alfred Beer Boarder single 16 Schoolmaster assistant b. Staffs
Annie Foster Servant single 19 Cook b. Harlington, Middx
Mary Ann French Servant single 19 Housemaid b. Winslow

In 1897 the property was acquired for £750 by Matthews Brothers, Winslow's biggest builders who were based in Horn Street. They also worked as undertakers. They converted part of the ground floor to a showroom which can be seen in all subsequent photos.

1901: Bucks Herald, 2 March
  A DESIRABLE IMPROVEMENT.- Messrs. Matthew Bros., of Winslow, wrote to the Council [Winslow RDC] stating that they were about to make an alteration to their property in High-street, Winslow, by moving a 6ft. wall and giving up a corner of the property which would enable persons driving in opposite directions to see each other approaching the corner.  In consideration for that concession, the County Council had agreed to contribute 40ft. of granite kerbing and channelling.  As they considered the improvement at that dangerous corner was a benefit to both the County and District Council, they now ventured to ask the Council if they would continue the kerbing and channelling to the end of the pitching on the Verney Junction-road, a distance of about 30ft.- The Council considered the improvement was a desirable one, and accordingly agreed to Messrs. Matthews’ suggestion.

The wall isn't visible in any photos but must have run between the property and the road, right up to the junction of Vicarage Road and the High Street.

1901: Census
High Street

Richard James Matthews Head married 43 Builder b. Winslow
Ruth Matthews Wife married 46   b. Winslow
Agnes Ellen Matthews Dau single 19   b. Winslow

1903: Kelly's Directory
Matthews Brothers, builders, contractors, carpenters & joiners, sanitary engineers, house decorators & undertakers, Horn street & High street

1911: Census
High Street, 7 rooms

Richard James Matthews Head married 53 Builder b. Winslow
Ruth Matthews Wife married 56 married 31 years, 2 children b. Winslow
Agnes Ellen Matthews Dau single 29   b. Winslow

1914: Assessment (TNA, IR 58/2347 no.190)
Situation              High Street
Description         House, shop, garden, yard & outhouse
Gross Value: Buildings   £50         Rateable Value: Buildings             £40
Occupier              R.J. Matthews
Owner                  William Thomas & Richard James Matthews
Interest of Owner            Freehold having been enfranchised in July 1897 at a cost of £53 – 14 – 9 (including two other properties enfranchised at the same time)
Estimated Rent                 £50
Outgoings – Land Tax    £1 - 8 – 1              Paid by                 Owners
Who pays (a) Rates and Taxes (b) Insurance }Owners
Who is liable for repairs                                  }
Former Sales  Dates                        August 1898
Consideration                                    £750
Subsequent Expenditure                    £300
Owner’s Estimate Gross Value   Geo Wigley & Sons, Winslow
Site Value Deductions Claimed   Yes
[stamp] SEP 30 1914
Includes 35         Particulars, description and note made on inspection     
Brick & Slate house & shop
Hall, dining room, kitchen, shop store room
Sitting room & 3 bedrooms upstairs
Cellar, bathroom & W.C.
28 pols abt
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition   £900
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land                                                                                      
 2 frontages                                        17000 sq ft                                                                   £285
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.               £615
GROSS VALUE                                                                                                                           £900
Description of Buildings
Brick & Slate barn
                Stable (1) Coach house & wash house
Brick & Slate Workshop
Wood & Slate Waggon shed
Wood & Slate Store shed Loft over 

1921: Census
High Street, 9 rooms

Richard James Matthews Head married 64y 2m Builder & sanitary engineer (employer, at home) b. Winslow
Ruth Matthews Wife married 66y 3m \Home duties/ b. Winslow
Agnes Ellen Matthews Dau single 39y 3m Home duties b. Winslow
Helen Rolfe Servant single 42y - m Companion help (employment: private) b. Waltham Abbey

Showroom window1929: death of Mrs Richard Matthews of Arundel House, daughter of J.H. Lomath and sister of Mrs William Turnham.

1932: Town Guide
W. Brooks & Sons, Undertakers, Swanbourne and High Street, Winslow (R.J. Matthews).

1939: Hillier's Almanack: 35 High Street
R.J. Matthews
Northampton Electric Light Company
They took over the showroom in the 1930s after the retirement of R.J. Matthews and the end of the undertakers' business; Gibbard & Ingram took over the builder's premises after their fire in 1933. The photo on the right shows part of the showroom window and how the building made the road narrow (it came right to the edge of or beyond the present pavement).

1942: death of Richard James Matthews on 25 Jan aged 84. According to his obituary (Buckingham Advertiser, 31 Jan): "The Winslow building firm with which he had been associated with his brother the late Mr. Wm. Matthews had family associations going back over a period of more than one hundred years." His only son died some years ago. Will proved 15 May; effects £10,367.

1951: death of Miss Agnes Ellen (Cissie) Matthews of Arundel House, 18 April. Will proved 25 Sep, effects £16,891. Property left in trust for her companion Helen Rolfe. Remainder to the children of her first cousins: Leslie, Harold & John Hemley; John H.S. & Robert W. Turnham; William G. & Reginald J. Chowles; Joan Carson (Buckingham Advertiser, 10 Nov 1951). She was the only daughter of Richard Matthews. Thanks to her the former schoolroom became the Women's Institute headquarters until the whole property was demolished.

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