Will of Richard Edmondes, Rector of Shenley, 1605/6

National Archives: PROB 11/107

In the name of God Amen the xvjth daye of December in the yeare of our lord god 1605 and in the third yeare of the Reigne of our sovereigne and gratious lord kinge James by the greate goodnes of almightie God kinge of great Brittane France and Ireland defender of the faithe &c I Richarde Edmondes of the p(ar)ishe of Shenley in the Countie of Bucks Clarke make this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge Firste I give and bequeathe my soule into the hands of almightie God whoe gave it mee and created mee and to Jesus Christ his sonne that redemed me full derely and to the holy Ghost that sanctified me three p(er)sonns but one God Item I give my bodye to the earth frome whence it came to be buried in the Chauncell of the p(ar)ishe Churche of Shenley aforesaid Item I give to the poore p(ar)ishioners of Shenley fortie shillings and to the poore p(ar)ishioners of Winslowe other fortie shillings to be distributed amongest them w(i)thin one weeke after my departure out of this life and that to be donne at the discrec(i)on of the Overseers of this my will and testament Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Dorothie Manwaringe x li to the use of her sonne v li Item I give to Francis Wendover daughter to Anne my daughter deceased five pounds and a gilded spone of silver to be delivered unto her at the daye of her mariage or before when she comith to lawfull age Item I give unto my sister Glenister wiffe to Will(ia)m Glenister x s And I give to my Godsonne Samuell Lane xl s agaynst his procedinge in artibus m(agiste)r to the rest of my Godchildren I give xij d a peece I give alsoe to Robert Wallis x s and Calrings instituc(i)ons and Melanctons Com(m)on places Item I gve and bequeath to the rest of my Childrens children not before menc(i)oned ne considered as my sonne Peter Fige and my sonne William Edmonds Children I saye x s a peece The rest of my goods unbequeathed my debts legacies bequests and funeralls dischardged I give unto my sonne William Edmonds whome I make my full and sole executor of this my last will and testament In witnes whereof I have to the same will and testament sette my hand and seale the daye and yeare above named requesting my three sonnes in lawe Robert Manwearinge Peter Fige and Henry Wendover to be Overseers of the same effectually to be p(er)formed and there to have for there paines taken therin x s a peece p(er) me Richardum Edmonds clericum Witnesses to the above named will and testament called John Norman John Seddon Robert Harison Memorand(um) that Richard Edmonds after the sealinge and acknowledginge of his will beinge earnestlie requested by Peter Fige and Robert Manwearinge to manifeste his will said that hee had made his will But was willinge to give Elizabeth Fige his wife x li and the third parte of his linen and to her daughter Elizabeth a cow and to Dorothie Manneringe a cowe and the third p(ar)te of his lynen & xx li in mony in discharge of all payments and other demands wherby his executor thinketh his meaninge was that the 10 li given to the said Dorothie in his written will should be p(ar)te of this 10 li.

[Probate for will and codicil granted at London on 6 Feb 1605/6 to William Edmonds.]


Richard Edmondes was Rector of Shenley from 1574. He was probably the same person as the man recorded in the

list of Vicars of Winslow (but probably only the curate in reality). See Inventory of Richard Edmondes, 1556 (probably his father), and the Edmunds family. Of the three sons-in-law, Peter Fige was bailiff of Winslow, Robert Maynwaring was Vicar of Winslow 1597-1648, and Henry Wendover was a "gentleman" of Winslow. Anne Wendover the deceased daughter was buried at Winslow on 30 Aug 1604. Peter Fige, Henry Wendover and William Edmunds were three of the six leaders of the tenants of Winslow in their dispute with the Fortescue family, 1603-13. Richard's "sister Glenister" was probably Agnes Glenister, buried at Winslow 13 May 1615.

Calrings instituc(i)ons: presumably this means John Calvin, An abridgment of the institution of Christian religion.

Melanctons Com(m)on places: Philip Melanchthon, Common places in theology.

10 li: mistake for £20.

See also: The Fige family

This family tree comes from The Visitation of the County of Buckingham made in 1634, p.50:

Descendants of Richard Edmondes