The Stag Inn (166 High Street)

The Stag was first licensed as a beerhouse in 1852. It could be the New Inn which was kept in 1852-3 by John Grace (not the schoolmaster) and his wife according to a County Court case reported in the Oxford Chronicle, 1 Oct 1853. By 1854 it was called The Reindeer, but that name didn't last - perhaps it had a sign depicting a reindeer but people didn't know what it was. It was apparently a purpose-built pub like The Swan and the Station Inn which were built at the same time. The BAS Buildings Group described it in 2009 as:

19th century yellow stock brick with red brick dressings and slate roof. 4 bays with cart access in left hand bay, 3 right hand bays with central doorway and ground floor bay windows. Chimneys in gable ends. Lantern bracket on right-hand corner.

Front view of the Stag
Early 20th-century view of The Stag. One of the men is presumably G.H. Hall, who was landlord 1898-1931.

1854: Petty Sessions, 24 Aug
Charles Keys, of the Reindeer beer house, at Winslow, was charged with having had an illegal pint measure in his possession.  No defence was offered, and the accused, who broke the measure in the face of the officers on their visiting the house, was ordered to pay £1 fine, and 12s. costs. 

1851/4-63: Church rate book: Charles Keys             

1857: Bicester Herald, 27 Nov
   BEERHOUSE INFORMATION.- Charles Keyes, of the Reindeer beerhouse, was summoned by Inspector Carruthers for refusing to admit him into his house on the 7th inst.  It appears that the officer called at the house about a quarter before eleven on the night in question, he having heard persons talking, and rapped at the door, the same being locked, for the purpose of seeing what was going forward; but upon the landlady inquiring who was knocking at the door, on receiving a reply that it was a policeman, said that she should not let him in.  The defendant said he was in bed, and had locked the door of the house and the cellar, and that when he heard who it was he gave the key to his wife on purpose to open it, and was very sorry that anything of the kind had happened.  The bench, thinking that a light fine would meet the case, fined the defendant 10s. and 10s. 6d. costs.

1861: Census
Buckingham Road, The Stag

Charles Keys Head mar 49 Cordwainer & farmer b. Mursley
Eliza do Wife mar 53   b. Winslow
Charles do Son unm 21 Cordwainer b. Winslow
Harriott do Dau unm 19 Dressmaker do
Sarah A. do Dau unm 16 Shoe binder do
Eliza do Dau   10 Scholar do
Thomas do Son   8 do do
Charles Roads Lodger unm 21 Carpenter do

1871: Census
High Street

Charles Keys Head mar 58 Publican b. Mursley
Eliza do Wife mar 62   b. Winslow
Eliza do Dau unm 21 Dressmaker do
Thomas do Son unm 18 Tailor do
Mary M. Keys Granddau unm 10 wks   do

1872: Return of Public Houses
Stag: licensed 1852; owner & occupier Charles Keys

1876: Harrods Directory
Keys, Charles sen., "Stag Inn", High street

1881: Census
Buckingham Road

Charles Keys Head mar 68 Publican b. Mursley
Eliza do Wife mar 72   b. Winslow
Thomas do Son unm 29 Tailor do

1891: Census
Buckingham Road, The Swan

Thomas Keys Head mar 39 Licensed victualler b. Winslow
Ruth do Wife mar 35   b. Winslow
Henrietta do Dau   5 Scholar b. Winslow
Charles do Father wid 78 Living on own means b. Mursley
Joanna Herbert Mother-in-law wid 72   b. Little Horwood

1892: probate of will of Charles Keys, farmer and beer retailer and sale of household furniture
Real estate to be sold by his executors. This is probably when The Stag was bought by Phipps Brewery.

1892: Petty Sessions, 22 June
Licence transferred to Mr G. Hitchcock.

1895: Kelly's Directory
Hitchcock George, beer retailer, Buckingham road

1895: death of Thomas Keys

1898: valuation by George Wigley (Centre for Bucks Studies, D/WIG/2/1/32)
Valuation of the Household Furniture, Fixtures & Effects at the Stag Inn Winslow between Mr G Hitchcock the outgoing tenant & Mr George Hall. May 21st 1898 [individual valuations were given in Mr Wigley's code and haven't been reproduced here]
Tap Room
3 wire blinds & iron guard
3 roller blinds & fittings
tap room table with mahogany top
Cupboards as fixed
Blower in grate
Clock on bracket
Gas bracket & piping
Gas reflector
8 Spitoons                                                           
[total] £3 10s 6d
[f.78] Parlour
Gas pendant & piping
Table with 2 drawers
small bar table
3 wire window blinds
3 roller blinds & fittings
6 Spitoons
4-pull Beer Engine & lead piping to cellar
3-pull D(itt)o with D(itt)o
Gas bracket & piping
Shelves and drawers as fitted
4 standard pewter measures
10 pewter stamped pints
5, ½ pint D(itt)o
3 stamped ½ pint glasses
32 beer glasses
23 stamped pints
8 quarts & 6, ½ pints
Licence board over front door
3 quart jugs
Middle Room
Roller blind
2 hat pegs
Back Kitchen
16 gallon Copper. grate lid & brickwork
Deal table
Deal p(ain)t(e)d Dresser with 3 drawers & cupboard & shelves
Saucepan cupboard at side of sink
Shelf over door
brass meat jack crane
3 roller blinds & fittings
[total] £17 17s 6d     
[f.79] Closet
3 shelves & 12 iron pegs
Gas bracket & fireboard
2 boarded pig styes with corrugated iron roof & brick floor
4 line posts & galv. wire line
boarded & slated tool house
iron angle hay rack
iron furnace as fixed, brickwork &c.
2 long deal forms
Pooley’s weighing machine
rain water butt
small Wheelbarrow

p(ain)t(e)d deal meat safe with perforated
zinc sides & door & zinc top
16 rd. ladder
10 trusses Wheat Straw
oak skittle bagatelle board with 1 cue, 2 balls & 9 skittles
A ring board & rings
Dart board with bell & 3 darts
[total] £9 9s 6d

[sum total] £30 17s  6d

1901: Census
Union Street, The Stag Inn

George H. Hall Head mar 50 Licensed victualler & groom (domestic) b. Barby, Northants
Mary do Wife mar 51   b. Elton, Hunts
Elizabeth L. do Dau unm 25   b. Ashby St Leger, Northants

1902: Buckingham Advertiser, 27 Dec
  PRESENTATION.- On Thursday, December 18th, an interesting event took place at the Stag Inn, Winslow, when Mr. C. Osborn, jeweller, was presented with a handsome cabinet ink stand, with polished platform and ebony handle and two cut glass inks.  Several concerts have been held in the house, at which Mr. Osborn has been chairman on each occasion, and in recognition of his genial services, this presentation was made to him by the working men who attended the smoking concerts.  In accepting the present, Mr. Osborn said it came as somewhat of a surprise.  He should always value it most highly, and when using it he should ever be reminded of the many pleasant hours he had spent amongst them.  His health was then drunk most cordially, and the remainder of the evening was spent in toast and song, the latter being accompanied by the piano, piccolo and bones.  Thanks were also extended to the Host and Hostess for the attention given to the comfort of the company.

1903: Kelly's Directory
Hall George Henry, beer retailer, Union street

Postcard labelled Buckingham Road, with The Stag on the left
This postcard was posted in 1903, although the photo could be earlier. The Stag is on the left.

1905: Petty Sessions, 27 Dec
Plan for alterations submitted by Phipps & Co. and approved

1906: Winslow RDC, 5 Jan
Plans of alterations to the Stag Inn, Winslow, were produced and passed.

1910 Survey:
The Stag: owner Phipps & Co., Northampton; occupier G.H. Hall

1911: Census
Stag Inn (8 rooms)

George H. Hall Head wid 62 Innkeeper for Phipps Brewery Co. b. Barby, Northants
Elizabeth L. Clark Dau mar 35 married 9 years, 3 children b. Ashby St Leger, Northants
Emmeline do Granddau   8   b. Winslow
Elfreda do do   7   do
Frederick do Grandson   4   do
Walter Chamberlain Boarder unm 24 Groom b. Leighton Buzzard

1914: Assessment (TNA, IR58/2347 no.122)
Situation              Buckingham Road “The Stag”
Gross Value: Buildings   £25
Rateable Value: Buildings             £20
Occupier              G.H. Hall
Owner                  Phipps & Co  Northampton
Site Value deductions Claimed  
Copy to Dleck  1/12/14
[stamp] 30 NOV 1914
Particulars, description and note made on inspection     
Brick and Slate Public House
3 Bedrooms & sitting room, smokeroom, taproom, bar & kitchen & hall
WC & barn
Brick and Slate Coach House & stable (2)
Passage at side
31 poles 5 yards                                                                                    
Valuation – Market Value of Fee Simple in possession of whole property in its present condition
[red] L 29408                                     £1400
Deduct Market Value of Site under similar circumstances, but if divested of structures, timber, fruit trees, and other things growing on the land
40’ front         8400 [sq.ft]                                                                                                      £  62
Difference Balance, being portion of market value attributable to structures, timber &c.            £1338

1931: Petty Sessions, Aug
Licence transferred from G.H. Hall to Ewart Vernon Carter

1936: death of George Hall, aged 86, at Bletchley

1939: Hillier's Almanack
166 High Street, Stag Inn - Price, A. [Alfred, son of Jabez Price]

1940: death of Mrs Elizabeth Louisa Clarke, 26 Aug; died at Bletchley, buried at Winslow

1941-42: Farm Survey
Mr Price was also a smallholder with cattle, sheep and pigs on an 18-acre farm.

1946: the full licence of the Chandos Arms was transferred to The Stag

The Stag closed in 1967, when the premises were bought by the last landlord and landlady, Mr and Mrs Nicholas.

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