Court baron and view of frankpledge, 19 April 1664

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Originals in Latin apart from words shown in "...". Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors and defaulters which also include Little Horwood and Granborough. The sheets were sewn together in the wrong order.

[f.12r] Manor of Winslow with members. View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of the most noble George, Duke, Marquis and Earl of Buckingham, Earl of Coventry, Viscount Villiers, Baron Whaddon of Whaddon, master of horse of the most serene lord king, Knight of the Garter, Privy Councillor, lord of the manor, 19 April 16 Charles II 1664 before William Lane esq. chief steward.

Homage for the lord king and the lord of the manor:
John Hogson, Thomas Kirby, Wendover Lownds, Richard Seaton, Edward Hobcroft, William Spooner, Edward Tomlins
Thomas Smalbone, William Townsend, Richard Phips, John Henly sr, William Glenister, Benedict Holland at the Elme
Benedict Holland at the Pound, George Rutland, Robert Stevens at Townsend, Thomas Curtis, John Barton, William Illing, John Thorpe

Default by residents [amerced 2d each]: William Elliot, Richard Worseley, Thomas Knight, Richard Daniel, John
Snow, William Bayly, Ann Maynard, Judith Maynard

Affearers: Richard Phips, Benedict Holland at the Elme, William Illing, Richard Seaton

Orders [English]:
We order that every person that hath any Stall standing in the Market place shall remove them out of the way so soone as the Market is past or on the Morrow morning after upon paine for every time so offending to pay six shillings.

Also we order that every person shall carry his dung out of the Streets of Winslow at or before the Tenth day of May next upon the Penalty of three Shillings foure Pence.

Robert Benbo and Richard Shelton chosen as aletasters for Winslow.

Court Baron

William Bignel surrendered the messuage in which he now lives in Shipton
[f.12v] and the houses, buildings, structures, barns, stable, yards, orchards, gardens and all closes, lands, meadow, pasture and ley belonging to or used with the messuage or reputed part of it in Shipton containing 70 acres, now in the occupation of William or his assigns, and all other copyhold holdings in Shipton. To the use of Charles Bowler jr of Longwicke in the parish of Princes Risborough Yeoman. Rent [blank], fine £7, heriot £1 10s by composition.
[This was originally the holding of John Graunt alias Miller, and William Bignell was the mortgagee.]

Robert Lownds and Elizabeth his wife surrendered 1 rood of arable land in Bubbles Gore furlong, Thomas Smallbones north, and 1 rood in the same furlong, Thomas Kirby north, containing a half-acre. To the use of Thomas Smalbones. Rent 1½d, fine 1s.

Nicholas Michel surrendered:

To the use of Thomas Wilmot, on condition that the surrender will be void if Nicholas pays him £68 8s at the south porch of the parish church of Winslow: £4 4s on 25 March next and £64 4s on 25 March 1666. Rent 9d, fine 7s.
[The messuage referred to was The Bull; read more.]

William Tomlin surrendered a messuage and 1 acre of land and common for 2 cows in the Cowpasture in Shipton. To the use of Mary Hill for her life, then to himself. Rent 6d, fine 6s.
[William and Mary were about to get married.]

[f.13r] Michael Norman surrendered the south part of the messuage in Winslow in which he now lives from "the entry" towards the south containing "A Bay of building" next to the street, and 3 "Bayes of building" adjoining on "the yard side", with the south part of the yard as now divided, containing in width 13½ feet at the west side, 6½ feet at the east side, with free ingress etc. in and through "the entry" and in and through the "gatewaies" belonging to the east part of Michael's yard with horses, carts and carriages at all opportune times. To the use of John Blechly gent. and Emma his wife and the heirs of their bodies, and for want of such heirs to the use of the survivor's heirs in perpetuity. Rent 8d, fine 5s.
[This is what became 8 High Street.]

Thomas Miller died since the last court seised of 11 acres of land and ley in the fields of Winslow in his demesne as of fee. Thomas Miller infant is his son and heir and sought admission by Dorothy Miller widow, his guardian and mother. Rent 2s 9d, fine £1 2s.
[Thomas Miller of Shipton actually died in 1661. Thomas jr was born in 1649.]

John Shelton surrendered 4 acres in the fields of Winslow:

To the use of Silvester Claver. Rent 1s, fine 8s.

Robert Lownds and Elizabeth his wife, customary tenants, surrendered the messuage commonly called The Angel and the barns, stables, "Outhouses", buildings, structures, yards. To the use of Andrew Campion, gent., on condition that the surrender will be void if Robert pays him £106: £3 on 21 Oct next and £103 on 21 April 1665. Rent 3d, fine 5s.

William Hogson, customary tenant, and Katherine his wife surrendered a half-acre of arable land called "a hadland" in Old Mill Field on Deane hill, Robert Elliot west. To the use of William Giles. Rent 1½d, fine 1s.

Jane Claydon widow lately died seised of a messuage and half a bay adjoining in Winslow. William Claydon infant is her son and heir. He sought admission by Susanna Claydon his grandmother and guardian. Rent 4d, fine 5s.
[This was in Horn Street]

Leonard Thompson, customary tenant, and Sarah his wife surrendered a half-acre of pasture in Shipton in Blackgrove field adjoining a place called Shipton Ford near the king's highway west. To the use of William Townsend. The rent and fine appear below. Procedure of common recovery: Arthur Maynard complained against William on a plea of land; Leonard and Sarah called Robert Gibbs; John Janey minister of the court delivered seisin. All surrendered to William. Fine 1s, heriot by composition 1s 6d.

The records of the October 1664 court haven't been preserved with the others.

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