Sale of the property of Bridget Yeates, August 1846

See Bridget Yeates' will for more information about her and her property. This sale only included the lots which were unsold after the first sale by her executors earlier in 1846. The land in the sale was the holding allotted to Samuel Norman of Henley-on-Thames at Enclosure, on either side of what is now Verney Road. In his will proved in 1792 (National Archives, PROB 11/1222/94), Samuel Norman left his property in Winslow and Steeple Claydon which was not part of his marriage settlement, in the occupation of John Goodman and William Hicks, to his wife for her life, then to trustees (Benjamin Bond Hopkins and William Smith) for the benefit of his daughter Elizabeth Pawlett and her children, with power to sell - which is presumably what they did. It was bought by James Burnham sr, and sold by the trustees of James Burnham jr in 1833.

Bucks Herald, 8 Aug 1846

Winslow, Bucks.

Valuable FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD LAND a genteel RESIDENCE, situate in the MARKET SQUARE; also, a Mortgage for £200 from the Trustees of the Buckingham and Wendover Turnpike Road:

To be sold by Auction by

On Thursday, 20th August 1846, at the Bell Inn in Winslow, at Four o’Clock in the Afternoon, under such conditions as will be then produced, by Order of the Devisees in Trust under the will of the late Miss Bridget Yeates, deceased.


All that Freehold and Copyhold Arable and Pasture LAND, in the Parish of Winslow, containing 29A 1R 9P divided by the road leading to Addington, with a cowhouse standing thereon; 3A 2R 38P is Freehold and the remainder Copyhold, which is subject to a yearly quit rent of 8s 7d and a fine of £2. 11s. on death or alienation.

This lot is now in the occupation of Mr George Mayne, subject to the remainder of a lease dated Lady Day, 1843, at the rent of £55 per annum, payable half-yearly; and a further yearly rent, at the rate of £5 per cent on sums expended by the Lessor in providing tiles for draining – the amount so expended up to this time is £62. 8s 10d. Land tax £3. 2s 10d per annum.


That highly desirable Genteel RESIDENCE, containing an entrance hall and 3 parlours on the basement, with a convenient cellar and kitchen beneath, and drawing room and four chambers above, with water closet and other accommodations, situate in the Market Square, Winslow, and lately occupied by Miss Yeates.

This lot is held on lease for 200 years from Michaelmas, 1700, with some land in Winslow, at the gross yearly rent of £3, from which the Assignees (being Members of the Church of England) are entitled to deduct all assessments, taxes, and payments in respect of the said premises, (except the poor rates) after the rate of £2 per annum.

N.B The Piece of Ground at the back of the Messuage, adjoining the Churchyard, does not form part of this Lot. – Land tax 7s 4d. per annum.


Mortgage for £200. from the Trustees of the Buckingham and Wendover Turnpike Road, carrying interest at £5 per cent. per annum.

The Purchaser of this Lot will be required to pay the Vendors, on completing the Purchase, at the Amount of Interest which may be due up to that time from the last day of payment.

Further Particulars may be obtained at the Offices at Mr D.T. Willis, Solicitor, Winslow, or those of the Auctioneer, Buckingham.

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