Sale of part of Selby-Lowndes estate, 1865

This was the sale of a substantial part of the Winslow Hall estate to the north and west of Winslow. The Selby-Lowndes family now lived at Whaddon, and Winslow Hall had become a lunatic asylum.

Bucks Herald, 7 Oct 1865


Very Rich Closes of Pasture Land,
Presenting Beautiful Sites for Building, and very Valuable as Accommodation Land, all Freehold and Tithe Free, close to the improving Market Town of Winslow;
Containing about 35 ACRES, in the Parish of GRANDBOROUGH.

Messrs. DUDLEY & SON
Have received instructions TO SELL BY AUCTION, at the BELL INN, WINLOW,
On F R I D A Y,  O C T O B E R  13,
The following very Valuable Property, in 11 Lots.

LOT 1.
A HANDSOME SASH-FRONTED RESIDENCE, OR HUNTING BOX, known as “SELBY VILLA,” with Two Closes of Pasture Land of first quality, and handsomely timbered, containing about 14 Acres.

LOT 2.
THREE PASTURE GROUNDS, adjoining the Road to Great Horwood, and bounded by the Brook, containing 23a. 3r. 3p., in the occupation of Mr. Henry Brazier.

LOT 3.
A PIECE OF PRODUCTIVE ARABLE LAND, with an excellent frontage to the Turnpike, known as Upper Smalley Down, containing 6a. 2r. 3p., in the occupation of Mr. John Ingram.

LOT 4.
A PIECE OF FINE ARABLE LAND, particularly valuable for Building, opposite the Station Road, containing 9a. 0r. 33p., let to Mr. Charles Keys.

LOT 5.
A SMALL CLOSE OF PASTURE LAND, part of Mill Knob, containing 3a. 2r. 20p., facing the Turnpike, in the occupation of Mr. John Ingram.

LOT 6.
A FINE PIECE OF SOUND PASTURE LAND, with a valuable frontage to the Turnpike Road, facing Selby Villa, part of Mill Knob, containing 13a. 0r. 0p., in the occupation of Mr. John Ingram.

LOT 7.
TWO CLOSES OF SOUND PASTURE LAND, with a Small Paddock and Buildings, containing 23a. 1r. 22p., in the occupation of Mr. William Neal.

LOT 8.
A CLOSE OF PASTURE LAND, known as Rose Close, containing 4a. 1r. 19p., in the occupation of Mr. George Maydon and Mr. William Neal.

LOT 9.
A VALUABLE FIELD OF GRASS LAND, containing 5a. 2r., 22p., in the occupation of Mr. William Mathews.

LOT 10.
TWO FIELDS OF PASTURE AND ARABLE LAND, adjoining Addington Lane, containing 29a. 1r. 12p., in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Todd.

LOT 11.
BIGGEN FARM, consisting of 35a. 2r. 2p., of first-rate Pasture and Meadow Land, adjoining the Road to Grandborough, in the occupation of Mr. George Maydon.

LOT 12.
A LARGE HOUSE and PREMISES in Winslow, with capital stabling and loose boxes, fitted up for a complete Hunting Establishment with a Paddock, containing 2a. 1r 29p., in the occupation of Mrs. Villiers.

Particulars, with Plans and Condition of Sale, may be had in due time at the Bell Inn, Winslow;  of Charles Appleyard, Esq., Solicitor, No. 1, New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London, W.C.;  and of Messrs. Dudley and Son, Auctioneers and Land Agents, Winslow.

Notes (information in italics added from CBS, D/WIG/2/5/8)

Lot 1: read more about Selby Villa.
Homestead and Dog Kennel Close 6a 1r 24p
Lower Smalley Down 7a 3r 6p
Occupied by Mr William Keys at annual rent of £49

Lots 2 and 3 were part of the sale of Benjamin Ingram's estate in 1813 (probably sold to the Selby-Lowndes estate in 1820). They were later acquired by the Lambtons as part of the Redfield estate, but don't seem to have been sold until 1885.
Lot 2: Sand Close, with Brick and Tiled Cowhouse 8a 2r 32p with a valuable bed of sand
Great Brook Meadow 9a 3r 24p
Little Brook Meadow 5a 0r 27p
Occupied by Mr Henry Brazier, annual rent £84
Lot 3: Upper Smalley Down 6a 2r 3p
Occupied by Mr John Ingram, apportioned rent £24

Lot 4 was Gubblesgore, west of Buckingham Road, also bought from the estate of Benjamin Ingram. It wasn't used for building until the 1920s.

Lot 5 was the field between Furze Lane and Poors Piece (later known as The Slipe).
Part of Mill Knob. Apportioned rent £12 5s. Land Tax 2s.

Lot 6 was to the north of the railway, now the site of the Sir Thomas Fremantle School and new station (part of Enclosure allotment 8).
Part of Mill Knob. Apportioned rent £46. Land Tax 7s.

Lot 7, south of the railway, was also part of this Enclosure award. The farm buildings were on the former Windmill site.
Mill Knob 12a 0r 28p
Mill Ground 9a 1r 38p
Paddock 1a 2r 36p
Yearly rent £60. Land Tax 16s 6d.

Lots 8 and 9 were on the north side of Verney Road, including the later site of Oak Lodge.
Lot 8: Rose Close with a part of Cold Bath Spinney
Annual rent £11 10s. Land Tax 3s.
Lot 9: Valuable field of grass land with a cowhouse standing thereon, and a part of Cold Bath Spinney, now converted into valuable garden ground. Yearly rent £23. Land Tax 3s 6d.

Lot 10 was on both sides of Verney Road west of Winslow (Enclosure allotments 21-23).
Arable 19a 1r 20p
Pasture 9a 3r 32p
Annual rent £80. Land Tax £3 2s 9¾d.

Lot 11 was next to Granborough Brook; see Biggin. It was bought by Henry Monk of Tuckey Farm.

Lot 12 was the former Tithe Barn and Parsons Close.

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