Sale of the property of Benjamin Ingram, 1813

Benjamin Ingram (d.1778) received 21 acres of land under the Winslow Enclosure of 1767, and bought up more later (he also owned property outside Winslow). By his will he left most of his land in Winslow to his eldest son Benjamin Ingram (1725-94), a dairyman of East Claydon (his widow Ann was still alive in 1806).

At the manor court of 1795, the copyhold property of Benjamin jr was listed as:

It was reported that he had bequeathed it all to his brother John Ingram for his life, then to John's son Benjamin Ingram. John was represented at the court by his son John Ingram the younger of Houghton, Leics.

John Ingram of Houghton, Leics, grazier (born at Winslow in 1732), made his will on 6 May 1799 (National Archives, PROB 11/1330/15; probate 5 Sep 1799). The land was already entailed so isn't mentioned. These are the provisions of the will:

At the manor court of 1799, Benjamin Ingram of Husband's Bosworth, grazier, was admitted to the property which his father had held for life. When he made his will in 1813 (National Archives, PROB 11/1553/36, probate 2 March 1814) he was described as farmer and grazier of Great Wigston, Leics. He left all his property to trustees, Thomas Cave of Husbands Bosworth farmer and grazier and Isaac Lovell of Leicester draper. They were to sell all his property in Winslow for the benefit of his wife Mary and chldren Benjamin, Mary Ann, Eliza and Charlotte. Hence the sales below. Most of the property was still on the market in 1820.

Northampton Mercury, Sat 4 Sep 1813

To be SOLD (in lots) by AUCTION,
by Mr. FARMER,

At the Bell Inn, in Winslow, on Monday, the 13th Day of September next, between the Hours of Four and Six o’Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions as will then be produced;

Lot 1.   A Copyhold MESSUAGE or TENEMENT, with Yard, Stables, and other Out-buildings, very conveniently situate in the Town of WINSLOW, for several years past used as a Public House, and known by the Sign of the Sow and Pigs, now in the Occupation of William Ingram.

2.   A FREEHOLD CLOSE, called The Angel Close, situate near to the Town of  Winslow, containing two Roods and 30 Perches, more or less, now occupied with the Public House.  This Close is desirable either for Building or for Occupation.

3.   A FREEHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Lower Bell, containing 1A, 1R, 4P, more or less, also in the Occupation of William Ingram, situate close to the Town of Winslow, and adjoining the Turnpike Road to Buckingham, on the right Hand Side, and is adapted either for Building or for Occupation.

4.  A FREEHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Upper Bell, and Rick Yard, containing 1A, 2R, 10P, more or less, also in the Occupation of Wm. Ingram, adjoining the last Lot, and equally desirable for either Purpose.

5.   HALF of a FREEHOLD CLOSE, called Gubblesgore, containing in the Whole 9A, 2R, 24P, more or less (to be divided into two Parts), which will contain about five Acres, being that Part of the Close which is situate nearest to the Town  of  Winslow, on the left Hand Side of the Turnpike-Road to Buckingham, in the Occupation of Mr. Hawley.

This Lot is desirable for building upon, and as Clay is now getting  in the adjoining Close, there is every Reason to expect that in this Close there is also a very good Vein of Clay.

6.  The other HALF of the said CLOSE, called Gubblesgore, which will contain about four Acres, more or less, and which is situate the furthest from the Town of Winslow but equally desirable in every Point of View as the last Lot.

7.  A COPYHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Upper Harwood, situate on the right Hand Side of the Road leading from Winslow to Harwood, and is within a convenient Distance from the Town of Winslow, containing 1A, 2R, 25P, more or less, in the occupation of William Ingram.

8.  A COPYHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Middle Harwood, containing 3A, 0R, 7P, more or less, adjoining  the last Lot, also in the occupation of William Ingram.

9.  A COPYHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Bottom Harwood, and adjoining to Harwood Field and the last Lot, containing 4A, 1R, 37P, more or less, also in the occupation of William Ingram.

The last three Lots are desirable for Persons who keep Cows.

10.   THREE CLOSES of LAND, called            
the Meadow (Freehold)  5A 0R 27P   
Green Brook Meadow 9A 3R 21P     
Little Close and Ferze (Freehold) 8A 2R 35P
         Total (more or less) 23A  3R  3P
These Closes are situate almost opposite to Lots 7, 8, and 9, and are also within a convenient Distance of the Town of Winslow, and in the latter Close there is a Barn and other convenient Out-buildings, with a Farm-Yard.

11.  TWO CLOSES of LAND, called
Upper Smalley Down  6A 2R 3P
Lower Smalley Down  7A 3R 6P
          Total (more or less) 14A 1R 9P
These Closes are in the Occupation of Mr. Hawley;  the Upper Smalley Down adjoins the Turnpike-Road from Winslow to Buckingham, and is also within a convenient Distance of Winslow.

12. A FREEHOLD CLOSE of LAND, called the Dog Kennel, containing 6A, 1R, 24P, more or less, also in the Occupation of the said Mr. Hawley, also adjoining the Turnpike-Road to Buckingham and the road to Harwood.

This Situation of the several Lots here offered is truly desirable, being near to the Town of Winslow, and an opportunity of purchasing such Spots will not, in all Probability, occur again.

  The Copyhold is of Inheritance, and Fine certain; Land-Tax redeemed and Tithe-free.

Possession of the several Lots may be had at Lady-Day next; and for further Particulars, apply at the Office of DECIMUS COOKE, Solicitor, in Leicester, where a Plan of the Estate may be seen.

The Tenants will shew the respective Lots.


Angel Close: Approximately where the road called Angel Close is now. It was also known as Cross Lane Close.

Lower Bell: Bell Closes are now the Recreation Ground. No.34 in the Enclosure Award. They were part of the Winslow Hall Estate in 1897.

Upper, Middle and Lower Harwood are no.35 in the enclosure award. They were eventually sold to William Selby Lowndes in 1842. They were part of Roddimore Farm in the Winslow Hall Estate in 1897, but were not named in the sale brochure (numbered 113, 112, 14).

the Meadow, etc.: This land and lots 11 and 12 to the west of Great Horwood Road were allotted to William Aldridge in 1767 (part of 54 & 55 in the Enclosure Award). It was bought by the Selby-Lowndes estate, became Heighton's Farm, and later part of Redfield.

Upper Smalley Down was acquired by the Selby-Lowndes estate, as it was part of their 1865 sale. They also bought Gubblesgore (lots 5 and 6).

Northampton Mercury, 15 Jan 1814 

Freehold Estate at Winslow, Bucks.
Either together or in Lots, for the Convenience of Purchasers,

SEVERAL CLOSES of MEADOW and PASTURE LAND (upwards of 40 Acres of which are within a Ring Fence) near the Town of WINSLOW, and containing in the Whole about 50 Acres, now in the several Occupations of George Hawley, and William Ingram.

The above Estate is Land Tax and Tithe free, situated in a fine sporting Country, abounding with Game, close to the Turnpike Road leading from Winslow to Buckingham.   Any Gentleman wishing to invest his Money in Land may have an Opportunity of doing it to Advantage, as these Closes are contiguous to the Town of Winslow, and highly desirable to lett in small Plots, for the Accommodation of the Inhabitants.  There is a Barn, Stable and Cowhouse in one of the Closes, convenient for the Occupation of the Whole, or Part of the Land.

Possession may be had at Lady Day. - To view the same apply to Mr. William Ingram, one of the Tenants, at Winslow, and for further Particulars and to treat for Purchase, to Mr. STONE, Knighton, near Leicester, or DECIMUS COOKE, Solicitor, in Leicester.

Northampton Mercury, 20 March 1819 [repeated 24 April, and in less detail on 15 Feb 1820]

Freehold and Copyhold Estates, Winslow, Bucks.
To be S O L D   by  A U C T I O N ,

In the Month of April, 1819, in suitable Lots, for the Accommodation of Purchasers, unless the Whole shall be previously disposed of by Private Contract.

An old-established PUBLIC HOUSE, known by the Sign of the SOW and PIGS, with large Yard and Garden, Brewhouse, Stables, and other suitable out Buildings, desirably situate in the Town of WINSLOW, now in the Occupation of Mr. Francis Viccars. - Also, several Closes or Parcels of rich arable, meadow, and pasture Ground, containing 65A, 3R, 32P or thereabouts, Part adjoining to, and the other situate within convenient Distances of the Town of Winslow, known by the several Names of Lower Bell, Upper Bell, and Rick Yard, Gubblesgore, Upper Harwood, Middle Harwood, Bottom Harwood, The Meadow, Great Brook Meadow, Little Close and Furze, Upper Smalley Down, Lower Smalley Down, and The Dog Kennel, with a farm Yard, and large Barns, Stables, and other necessary Buildings, standing on the Premises, now in the several Occupations of Messrs. Hawley and Viccars, respectable yearly Tenants, at Rents amounting to £198 per Annum.

The Whole of the Premises are exonerated from Land Tax and Tithe: the greatest Part Freehold and the Remainder Copyhold of Inheritance, and nearly equal in Value to Freehold, the Fines being certain, and very low.

Further Particulars will appear in due Time (if not sold by private Contract);  and for further Particulars, and to treat for the Purchase, Application may be made either to Mr. THOMAS CAVES, Grazier, Husband’s Bosworth, Leicestershire; Mr. ISAAC LOVELL, Linen Draper, or Mr. D. COOKE, Solicitor, both of Leicester; or Mr. CHARLES WILLIS, Solicitor, or the AUCTIONEER, both of Winslow.

Morning Post, 24 Oct 1820

Freehold and Copyhold Estate, Winslow, Buckinghamshire.

MR. PHILLIPS respectfully notifies, that on WEDNESDAY, the 8th of November next, at One o’Clock, he shall SUBMIT for SALE by AUCTION, at his Great Rooms, New Bond-street, in One or more Lots, a FREEHOLD and COPYHOLD ESTATE, comprising several Closes of Land, most eligibly situate for building and residence, in and near the town of Winslow, Buckinghamshire, containing nearly Seventy Acres, and in which brick earth may be found.   Also a Public House, of good repute and custom, at Winslow.   The Copyhold part is of Inheritance, and fine certain.  The whole is tythe free, and the land tax redeemed.

Particulars may be had of Charles Willis, Esq. Winslow; Crown, Uxbridge; George, Aylesbury; S. Robinson, Esq. No. 41, Jermyn Street; and at Mr. Phillips’s, 73 New Bond-street.

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