Will of Peter Jackson of London, 1644

London Metropolitan Archives, Archdeaconry Court of London, Register 29 f.355v. Also National Archives, PROB 11/194/494.

In the name of God Amen I Peter Jackson of the Parish of St. Michaell Cornehill in London Skynner being sicke in body but of perfect mind and memory praised therefore bee Almighty God Doe make and declare my last will and testament in manner and forme Following vizt  First I bequeath my soule into the hands of Almighty God that gave it mee assuredly beleiving by and through the merritts of Jesus Christ my savio(ur) to obteyne full and free pardon and forgivenes of all my sinnes  And through him to bee made pertaker of Eternall happines in his heavenly Kingdome  And my body I com(m)end to the earth to bee buried in decent and seemely manner at the discretion of my Executrix hereafter named  And my worldly goodes w(i)th w(hi)ch it hath pleased God to blesse mee in this life I order give and dispose the same as Followeth  Impr(im)is I give and bequeath unto my deare and loving wife Mary Jackson the som(m)e of One thowsand Pounds of lawfull money of England  Item I give and bequeath unto my Sonne Peter Jackson the som(m)e of one thowsand Pounds of lawfull mony of England  Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Jackson the som(me) of Five hundred Pounds of lawfull mony of England  Item I give and bequeath unto my wives Fower children Richard George Frances and Mary the sum(m)e of Twenty pounds of lawfull mony of England equally to bee devided between them part and part alike  Item I give to my Sisters daughters Child in Christs Hospitall the Summe of tenne pounds lawfull English mony  Item I give to my Cossen Stonell Tenne pounds lawfull English mony  Item I give to my sister Allen Five pounds  And to her sonne Five pounds  And to her daughter Five pounds  I meane her daughter Dorothy  Item I give to my Cosen Allen Cooke and his wife Tenn pounds  Item I give to buy my sonne Peter my wives two sonnes Richard and George and my servant John Carver mourning to weare at my Funerall Twenty pounds  And to my daughter and my wives two daughters to buy them mourning eighteene pounds  And to my loving wife Twelve Poundes to buy her mourning to weare for mee  Item I give and bequeath to my said Wife One hundred Poundes more of lawfull mony of England  Item I give and bequeath to three honest godly ministers of Gods word to preach three sermons on those three dayes or times yearely for Five yeares at the discretion of my Executrix to begin & com(m)ence vizt  One the An(n)iversary dayes of the Com(m)emeracon of the deliverance of Eighty Eight the Powder Treason and the day of the Coronac(i)on of o(ur) late Queene Elizabeth of blessed and famous memory thirteene shillings and Fower pence a sermon to each of them  The Rest and residue of my estate my debts and legacies paid and my Funerall charges defrayed I give and dispose the same to my said wife and my two children equally to bee devided betweene them part and part alike  And my intent will and meaning is That if it shall happen either of my said children to die or depart out of this mortall life before his or her age of One and Twenty yeares or her day of marriage w(hi)ch God forbidd  Then the legacy to him or her soe given to remaine and come to the survivo(r) of them  And in case both my said children shall dye or depart out of this life before their said sev(er)all ages or her day of marriage as aforesaid Then I will and dispose of their said severall legacies or porc(i)ons as Followeth viz  To my said wife three hundred pounds thereof  To my said wife One hundred pounds more thereof to dispose amongst such of her said fower Children to such as shall carry his her selfe or themselves most dutifull to her according to her discretion  To my said wifes said Fower children Richard George Mary and Frances One hundred pounds more thereof equally to bee devided betweene  them  To my Uncle Fage and his wife Thirty pounds thereof  To my Cossen Valentine Fage and his wife Thirty pounds thereof  To my Cossen Peter Fage and his wife Thirty Pounds thereof  To my Cossen Allen Bucher and his wife One hundred Pounds thereof  To my Cossen Joane Allen and her husband One hundred pounds thereof  To my Cossen Allen the Gardiner and his wife Twenty Pounds  To my Sister Allens sonne Edward  Twenty pounds  And to her daughter Dorothy Twenty Pounds thereof  To my Cossen Stonell One hundred pounds  To my Cossen John Carver his wife and his sonne Tenn pounds a peece  To my Cossen Pell

[f.2] Widowe Fifty pounds there of  To my Cossen Edgerton Tenn pounds  And to her sonne in law my Cossen Carter and his Child Tenn pounds a peece  To my Cossen Thomas Jackson Tenn Pounds  And to my wifes Kinsman John Clerke Tenn pounds thereof  To my wifes Ant Clerke wife to her Uncle John Clerke dec(ease)d and to her children by him Thirty pounds thereof  To my brother Bury and his wife One hundred Pounds thereof  To my brother John Babington and his wife One hundred pounds thereof  To my sister Allen if she survive both my said children Twenty pounds p(er) Annu(m) during her life  And to the Inhabitants of the Towne of Winslowe in the County of Bucks Five pounds p(er) Annu(m) for ever to Com(m)ence imediately after both my said Childrens deceases to bee paid To the uses following viz  To some Godly minister or ministers to p(re)ach Three sermons on the Anniversary daies or times aforesaid at the Parish church of Winslow aforesaid Tenn shillings a peice  And to bee bestowed in bread to bee distributed amongst the Poore of the said Parish of Winslowe at the same Parish church on the same Anniversary dayes by the discretion of the minister and Churchwardens of the same p(ar)ish upon each of the said dayes One pound Three shillings and Fower pence  The rest of my said Childrens porc(i)ons being One hundred Fower score and tenn pounds I give to my said wife to dispose of Paying the said legacy of Five pounds yeerely to the poore of Winslow and Annuall legacy of Tenn Pounds to my said sister (if shee survive) as shee shall please  And it is my will and mind lastly That in case my said estate shall fall short and not make good the severall legacies hereby before bequeathed  That then every legatee shall beare his her and their p(roper) porc(i)on (according to their legacies hereby bequeathed) of what shall by badd debts or otherwaies whatsoever soe fall short and not good as aforesaid  And I doe make and ordaine my said Wife full and whole Executrix of this my p(re)sent last will and testam(en)t  And I make and appoint my loving Father in law Mr John Babington my wifes brother in lawes Joseph Greave and Nicholas Hayward and my Cosen Valentine Fage Overseers of this my last will And I give unto my said Father in law John Babington the sum(m)e of Fifty shillings  And to my other three Overseers Thirty shillings a peece to buy them Ringes to  weare in remembrance of mee desiring my said Executrix and Overseers to see this my last will in all things carefully performed according to my trust reposed in them  In witnes whereof to this my p(re)sent will being written in close lines in Fower sheets of paper and fastened together at the topp with a labell of Parchm(en)t wherein in redd wax I have fixed my seale and to the bottome of every of w(hi)ch sheets I have subscribed my name  yeoven the day and yeere first above written                                                                                                 Pieter Jackson

Signed sealed and d(eclared) and for the last will and Testam(en)t of the said Pieter Jackson published and declared in the p(re)sence of us John Babington Tho(mas) Jackson John Clerke

Agreed with the original by us:                     
Tho(mas) Jackson  notary public
Hen[ry] Smyth                                                               

Probate granted 2 October 1644 before us Henry Smyth clerk, surrogate, on the oath of Mary Jackson, widow and executrix etc.
5 October 1644
[English] Receaved the originall of my said husband deceased
sign.    Marie  [mark]  Jackson

The will was also proved at the PCC, 18 Dec 1645, by Mary Jackson.


Peter Jackson was buried at St Michael Cornhill on 3 Sep 1644, when he was described as "upholster" not skinner. His son Peter was baptised there on 30 Nov 1634 and his daughter Mary on 2 Feb 1636/7. With an estate of over £2,500 he was far richer than anyone in Winslow at the time.

In 1637 Peter sold substantial property in Winslow, probably including The Bell. He seems to have been the son of Anthony Jackson (d.1591) and Molde, half-sister of Peter Fyge (see The Fige/Fyge family). There was a legal dispute about the inheritance of The Bell, from which Peter must have emerged successful.

He still owned a cottage in Winslow, which passed to his son Peter at the 1646 manor court.

Christ's Hospital, located in Newgate, London, at this date, was an institution for the education of poor boys and girls, known as the Bluecoat School. Peter Jackson had at least four sisters so it is unclear which one he means here.

Cossen Stonell: Thomas Stonell married Elizabeth Broadhurst in 1617. She was probably the daughter of Alice Broadhurst, sister of Peter Jackson. "Cossen" therefore means niece here.

Cosen Allen: the three people described as Cosen Allen the cook, butcher and gardener were probably the sons of Peter Jackson's sister Elizabeth who married Thomas Allen in 1594. After the baptism of their son Thomas in 1597 these Allens appear to have left Winslow. Joan Allen was presumably their daughter.

Edward and Dorothy Allen both signed the Protestation Return in Winslow in 1642. They were the children of Richard Allen and Jane Jackson, baptised in 1609 and 1611 respectively. Richard died in 1643 and Jane in 1648. She appears to have been Peter Jackson's only surviving sibling in 1644.

Eighty Eight the Powder Treason: the Spanish Armada and the Gunpowder Plot.

Uncle Fage: Peter Fyge the elder. His son Valentine, Peter Jackson's cousin, was an apothecary in London and friend of Samuel Pepys.

Cossen Edgerton: Mary, daughter of Peter Fyge the elder, married Thomas Egerton.

Cossen Carter: Richard Carter, haberdasher of London, married Jane Egerton, daughter of Thomas and Mary. See the will of Thomas Fyge.

Cossen Thomas Jackson: probably a cousin in the modern sense, but not one of the Thomas Jacksons of Winslow.