Protestation Return, 1642

House of Lords Record Office

In 1641 Parliament required the swearing of an oath to defend the Church of England against "popery and Popish Innovations" (i.e. the changes made by Archbishop Laud), and to defend the king's person, the powers of Parliament and the rights and liberties of subjects. The Speaker issued a letter on 19 Jan 1642, ordering sheriffs and JPs to arrange for the Protestation to be taken in every parish by all inhabitants aged 18 or more. The returns are well preserved in Bucks for Cottesloe Hundred, including Winslow, and where women are included amount to a list of nearly all the adult population. The Winslow return is mainly in the writing of the vicar, Robert Manwaring. It must date before the end of March 1642, when one of those named, Samuel Tomlin, died. In most places it was administered in late February or early March.

The Winslow return does not name anyone who refused to sign. Two people who paid the Poll Tax in 1641 are not listed: Robert Devine, who is not otherwise known, and Richard Edmunds. It is possible that Richard no longer lived in Winslow, although he held property until at least 1649; it is also possible that as he was Robert Manwaring's first wife's nephew his non-protestation was allowed to go without comment. In 1649 Richard was heavily fined for disruptive behaviour at the manor court: was he an unreformed Royalist?

The names of all the inhabitants of the parish of Winslow which have made this protestation are in number 396 where of there are of men 180

Robert Manwaring & his wife Samuell Tomlin & his wife
Roger Fyles school-master Rich(ard) Allen and his wife
Robert Carter
servants Edward & Dorothy Allen
Elizabeth Grassop
Peter Fidge sen' Robert Holton and his wife
Marie Egerton widdow Richard Brown & his wife
Anne Illing John Parker and his wife
Robart Shelton & his wife Peter Fyge iunior & his wife
Richard Shelton Robert Gibbes
John Clisbie Francis Bull
Richard Wilson and his wife Martha Robinson
Anne Wilson widdow John Pickax and his wife
Robart Bendbow William Norman & his wife
Henry Norma(n) and his wife Marie Emmerton
Joan Clarke Thomas Norman and his wife
Thomas Miller Hugh Seton sen' and his wife
Robert Cooke & his wife Robert Hatton and his wife
Richard Aston & his wife Thomas Hogson and his wife
Elizabeth Aston John Hogson and his wife
Elizabeth Clark widow Humfrey Bunts
Widow Allen John Robinson and his wife
Isabell & Franc(e)s Cooke Thomas Robinson
William Glenister sen' and his wife Widow Steevens
William Glenister iunior and his wife Marie and Joan Steevens
John Kirbie Widow Snow
Thomas Greene John Snow and his wife
Sara Snow Alice Snow
Margaret Jeffrey Raphe Phipps senior
Agnes Glenister Raph Phipps and his wife
George Gardener John Watts & Elizabeth Gardener
Rich: Glenister & his wife Widow Miller & Eliz: Miller
George Cowper Willia(m) Paladie & his wife
Widow Tomlin John Sheffield & his wife
Widow Janes Agnes Sheffield
Felix Bents and his wife Widow Kent
Tho: Chaundler & his wife Ellene Tomlin widow
Willia(m) Ley and his wife Robert Steevens & his wife
Willia(m) Miller & his wife Hanna Wootton
Martha Miller Rich: Lutman and his wife
Tho: Glenister & his wife John Beagle and his wife
Thomas Glenister Edmund Tomlin & his wife
Rich: Evans and his wife Raph Porter
Marie Gilbert widow Widow Elliot
Benedict Glenister & his wife Robert & Elizabeth Elliot
Willia(m) Brown & his wife Richard Thruston
Henry Pym Junior Anne Miller widow
Edward Thame Elizabeth Hughes
Thomas Timberlake Tho: Harrop & his wife
Jane Austen Alphe Jones and his wife
Sara Stutsburie Walter Glenister
Margaret Stutsburie Tho: Kirbie and his wife
Rich: Jones and his wife Thomas Illing and his wife
  Christopher Willins & his wife
  Robert Hale and his wife
  Edward Ping
  John Miller and his wife
  Edward Rowles
  William Hughes and his wife
  Anthonie Coxe & William Tring
  Winifride Evans
  Richard Grace and his wife
Richard Hodskin and his wife Samuell Rawlins and his wife
Will(i)am Pease and his wife Willia(m) Ethersey and his wife
Walter Kirbie Willia(m) Worsley and his wife
Will(i)am Warner and his wife Nicholas Miller and his wife
Thomas Edmons and his wife Rob: Illing and his wife
Thomas Warner William Power and his wife
Will(i)am Borrowes and his wife Widow Linkcorne
Robarte Steevens and his wife Elizabeth Udden
Nicholas Sponer Elizabeth Foster
Rowland Fell and his wife Dorothie Whitburne
John Stutsburie and his wife Jerome Gilberd and his wife
Andrew Stuchburie Agnes & Elizabeth Gilberd
John Seaton and his wife John Burrell and his wife
Elling Jarvice Elizabeth Burrell
Thomas Toms and his wife Willia(m) Tapping & his wife
Richarde Greene and his wife Robert Hughes and his wife
Margreat Hale Willia(m) Daniell and his wife
William Hogsone and his wife Thomas Daniell and his wife
Venturus Cible John Turvie
Christver Biges and his wife Joan Daniell & Anne Cherrie[?]
Edwarde Pleasted and his wife Robert Hughes Junior
Thomas Thornton and his wife Richard Rogers and his wife
Mickill Walker and his wife William Day iunior
Thomas Pidkin Tho: Tomlin and his wife
Edwarde Budd and his wife Widow Judge & Marie Yates
Robat Snakston and his wife Willia(m) Lownds & his wife
Gorge Elyott Robert Lownds
Beniamin Leach and his wife Willia(m) Webbe
Rob Illing sen' George Kirby and his wife
John Crose and his wife Esay Grassop
Alse Tomlin George Shaw and his wife
Daniell Seaire and his wife John Birde and his wife
Margeret Holiman sen' Henrie Grante
Margeret Holiman iunior Hugh Seaton Ju' and his wife
Humphrey Butcher and his wife John Man and his wife
Margaret Hall & Joan Mountague John Baylie and his wife
Thomas Law Phillip Baylie
Michaell Norma(n) and his wife Widdow Norkett
Tho: Shilburne and his wife Thomas Norkett and his wife
Raph Udden and his wife John Bransford and his wife
John Yates and his wife Thomas Bransford
Robert Lownds & his wife Anne Oxlee
Laurence Shelton & his wife Jhitie[?] Linie and his wife [-Giles]
Edmund Chaundler Agnes Linie
John & Katherine Shilburne Thomas Prentice and his wife
Elizabeth Thornton John Shelton and his wife
Widow Thornton Abraham Prentise and his wife
Widow Tilley Robert Udden
Widow Heyward Christopher King and his wife
Katherine Hughes John Hall and his wife
Alice Yates Thomas Kirbie & Joan Clisbie
Thomas Franklin & his wife Richard Udden
Frauncis Fell Elizabeth Tomlin
Christopher Moore & his wife Nicholas Overing & his wife
John Man Henry Pym sen' and his wife
Abell Seeire and his wife John King & Richard Goulder
Walter Grante Christian Driver
Will(i)am Uding John Rawlins & his wife
Thomas Rogers and his wife Henry Wyat and his wife
  Richard Grace and his wife
[f.2 col.3] William King
?Augustine Seton sen and his wife  
Nicholas Michill \sen'/ and his wife  
Alse Michill  
Nicholas Michill Ju'  
Jonne Miller  
John Glenister and his wife  
Thomas Grante and his wife  
John Kirbie  
Roberte Weles and his wife  
Marie Daye[?]  
Edwarde Keniston and his wife  
Thomas Benbow and his wife  
Richarde Prentice and his wife  
William Turner  
Nicholas Brinsall and his wife  
Henry Pym Churche wardens
Wyllm Hogson
Thomas Glenester
Hewe Seaton Constables
John Hogson
John Myller
William Lownds Overseer
William Manwaringe minister ibide sicke & not able to appear

The number of them (tha)t have taken it 180

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