Will of Grant Hewiet or Hewiett of Great Horwood, maltster, 1759

National Archives PROB 11/844/393

Although he lived in Great Horwood, Grant Hewi(e)tt was a descendant of the very long-established Grant alias Miller family, and probably the ancestor of various other Winslow people with the first name Grant. The provisions of the will are summarised below.

To my son Grant Hewiet: the copyhold messuage wherein I now dwell; all household goods, after paying debts and expenses; to be executor.

To my son John Hewiet: £20; to go to his wife Martha if he dies before me, or to their surviving children if she dies.

To my daughter Elizabeth Bradbury [of Singleborough]: £20; or to her husband Richard, or to their surviving children.

To my daughter Ann Harris [of Great Horwood]: £20, or to her husband John, or to their surviving children.

To my kinswoman and housekeeper Elizabeth Verney: £5.

To my brother in law Mr George Verney Citizen of London: free liberty to use the messuage.

Will dated 2 Jan 1759/60, proved 15 March 1759/60.


Grant Hewitt was baptised at Great Horwood in 1702, the son of Grant and Elizabeth. His father Grant Hewiet (d.1719) was baptised at Winslow in 1676, the son of John and Bridget, and the grandson of Henry Grant (d.1665).

Grant Hewiett the son married Elizabeth Verney (daughter of William Verney of Winslow) at Great Horwood in 1726. The children mentioned in the will were:

George Verney the brother-in-law was a citizen and weaver of London in the parish of St Laurence Jewry. In his will proved in 1763 (National Archives, PROB 11/894/364) , he asked to be buried in a vault which he had built in Great Horwood churchyard. He left:

There were many other bequests to London people and charities. Grant Hewett the nephew and executor left the estate unadministered. In 1837 administration of property in Singleborough was granted to D.T. Willis the Winslow lawyer and Grant Harris of Great Horwood, farmer.


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