Inventory of Henry Graunt, 1664/5

Herts RO A25/3763

An Inventorie of the goodes & Chattells of Henry Graunt of Winslow in the County of Bucks deceased taken and apraised the eight Day of February on thousand six hundreth sixty foure by Daniel Sayer Richard Phipps Thomas Graunt John Henly Junior of Winslow.

  Li s d
Imprimis his wearing aparell
02 10 0
Monys in the house
26 00 00
17 15 0
Item in the Chamber ov(er) the hall bedsteed bedinge & Linen w(i)th all other things[?]
Item in the parlour toe bedsteeds & bedinge table & other things
Item in the hall tables and formes cupboards w(i)th other materialls
1 10  
Item for pewter brase & jorn w(i)th all materialls
6 2  
Item for beare in the seller & other brewing vesells to the value of
8 13 4
Item for mangers over Layers & other things in the stable w(i)th hay
2 0 0
Item for hovell wood w(i)th hoges & other things in the yard
3 10  
Item for i table w(i)th other Lumber over the entry
1 0  
Item for mault w(i)th other Smale materialls 31    
114 0 4

By the oath of 3 witnesses, John Henly
the younger, Thomas Grant & Richard
Shelton, Henry Grant deceased made
a will Parole or by nuncupation & hereby
made his wife Elizabeth Grant his sole
executrix who hath likewise taken
her oath duely & truely to perform and
execute the same
                                                Robert Hitchcock
May 24 1665

Receaved due to the office for her
Probat of his \will/         24s  x d

[Latin]  Presented 24 May 1665 by Elizabeth Grant executrix


Henry Grant was buried on 4 Feb 1664/5. He married Elizabeth Gilbert on 7 Jan 1655/6. She was the daughter of Jerome Gilbert, bap. 27 Nov 1624. Henry was the son of Walter Grant, bap. 4 Oct 1617, although that makes his age at marriage unusually high. He was the brother of Thomas Grant who in 1676 made a deathbed surrender in favour of his nieces Bridget Hewet and Anne Grant, daughters of Henry. Henry's daughter Bridget was bap. 23 Dec 1656, and her son Grant Hewet was bap. 23 Apr 1676. Anne was probably Henry's daughter bap. 11 April 1664, although her name has been transcribed as Jane. For more on the family, see Grant v Hewitt 1698. According to this, Henry had four daughters: Bridget, Elizabeth, Susan and Anne. The last three died without issue.

jorn = iron

over Layers: pieces of wood lying over something else (OED)

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