Will of Grant Hewiet of Great Horwood, yeoman, 1719

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/A/We/56/155

Although he lived in Great Horwood, Grant Hewi(e)tt was a descendant of the very long-established Grant alias Miller family, and probably the ancestor of various other Winslow people with the first name Grant. The provisions of the will are summarised below.

Will dated 12 Jan 1718/19

To my children Elizabeth, John, Anne and Mary Hewiet: £60 apiece, to be paid when they are 21.

To Henry Hewiet my son ("In case William Harrup my father in law doth not give him Lands or Money to the value of £100"): £60 to be paid within 12 months of the decease of William Harrup or when Henry is 21, which shall last happen. If he does have the inheritance from William Harrup, the £60 is for John my son.

All freehold and copyhold property in Great Horwood to Grant Hewiet my son, paying to John Hewiet my father an annuity of £9 in lieu of £8 p.a. which I was to pay him by a former agreement.

Grant, until he is 21, shall suffer Elizabeth my wife to receive towards the maintenance of my younger children half of the rents and profits remaining after the annuity is paid.

When he is 21, Grant shall pay Elizabeth an annuity of £6 during my father's life, and £8 after his decease.

Elizabeth and Grant are the executors and residuary legatees of all personal estate.

Witnesses: George Varney, John Cooper, Peter Goldsworth.

Probate 13 July 1719 before Edward Gataker, for the Archdeacon of Buckingham, to Elizabeth, reserving power to Grant when he comes.


Grant Hewiet or Hewitt was baptised at Winslow in 1676, the son of John and Bridget, and the grandson of Henry Grant (d.1665). He was involved in a legal case in 1698 with one of his relatives (q.v. for more about the family) and sold his land in Winslow to William Lowndes in 1716. In 1706, by which time he lived in Great Horwood, he sold a messuage called the King and Queen's Head (probably 17 Market Square) to Matthew Hobbs.

The children mentioned in the will (baptised at Great Horwood) were:

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