Administration of Thomas Elliott of Shipton, yeoman, 1633

Herts RO 75AW30

[Latin] May everyone know through the present (documents) that we, Jane Elliott of Shipton in the county of Bucks, widow, and Robert Chappell of Nash in the said county, yeoman, are held and firmly bound to the venerable Thomas Westfield, professor of theology, archdeacon of St Albans in the diocese of London, for £100 of legal money of England, to be paid to the same archdeacon or his certain attorney, executors, administrators or assigns.  For the making of which payment well and faithfully we bind ourselves and each of us separately fully and wholly, our heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by the present (documents) sealed with our seal.  Dated 17 October in the 9th year of the reign of our lord Charles, by the grace of God king of England, Scotland France and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc.

The Condicon of this obligac(i)on is such that whereas th'ad(ministra)tion of all & singular the goodes debts & Chattells of Thomas Elliott deceased intestate is com(m)itted & graunted to Jane Elliott his Relicte widdowe If therefore the said Jane shall well and truly Administer the goodes debts and Chattells of the s(ai)d deceased that is to say shall pay or cause to be paid the lawfull debts of the said deceased soe farre forth as the goodes &c will extend and the lawe Chardge her and shall exhi<bi>te into this Courte a true & p(er)fecte Inventary of all & singular the goodes debts & Chattells of the said deceased and shall give a true and Just Accompte of her Ad(ministra)tion when she shall be thereunto lawfully called by authority of this courte  And such p(ar)te & porc(i)on as shall be found to remaine in her handes upon her Accompte soe made and allowed she doth distribute and pay in such manner & forme to such p(er)son & p(er)sons to such use & uses as by the Archdeacon or any other Judge Competent in that behalfe shall be assigned that then this p(re)sent obligac(i)on to be void or ells to stand in full force & virtue.

[Latin] Sealed and delivered into the hands of me Robert Maynwaring for the use of the said Archdeacon

Jane Elliott
hir marke

Robert Chappell

Inventory of Thomas Elliott of Shipton, husbandman, 1633

Herts RO A25/3159

A true and p(er)fect Inventorie of all the goods and Chattells of Thomas Elliot of Shipton in the County of Bucks husbandman made & praysed the sixth day of Maie 1633. by us whose names are under written

Inprimis in the hall a table & frame and two formes
xvj s
Ite(m) a Cubboard, a cradle and two chaires
xx s
Item in the kitchin five kettles, a brasse pott, a pan with some other small pieces of brasse
xxx s
Item ix platters with other small pewter
x s
It(em) Two tubbes, a salting trough, three Civers w(i)th other lumber
xv s
Ite(m) two pot hangers a pair of Andyrons, a gridyron a fier shovell two spitts, and a byrding peece
xv s
Ite(m) a malt mill five small barrells with other lumber
xv s
Ite(m) in the loft two bedsteeds, a trocle bed and a table w(i)th frame fowr coffers, and two stooles, and a box
xxx s
Item one fetherbed, a wooll bed iij bolsters & iiij pillows
iij s
Ite(m) two Coverletts and five blanketts
xxx s
Ite(m) xj paire of sheets, vij pillow beeres, iij table cloaths a cubbord cloth, and six napkins
iij li x
Ite(m) two carts, a plough, and other implements of husbandrie
iij li
Ite(m) one hovell with some wood and timber
xxx s
Ite(m) wheat pease, and malt
v  li
Ite(m) xxvij ridges of graine growing
ix li
Item one mare and a colt
iij li
Ite(m) three kine and three hoggs, with the powltrie
vj li
Item xij sheepe
xxx s
Item his own apparrell
Ite(m) owing by Margerie Elliot widow
v li

Sum(m)a totall        53 li    11s

[signed] Peter Fyge 
Will(ia)m Glenister
Thomas Miller his mark

The Administration was graunted unto Jane the widow of the above named Thomas Elliot the xth day of Maye, 1633. by me Rob(er)t Maynwaring

There be three childre(n) verie young, George, Thomas and Jane of whome we have thought fit to give unto the heire onely v s and to the other two ten pownds a piece, the daught(er) to be payd at the age of xviij years,  of and the sone at one & twenty.

Robert Chappell of Nash in the County of Bucks yeoma(n) is to be bownd with the Administrating.

Accounts of Jane Elliott, 1633

Herts RO A25/4892

The true and perfecte Accompte of Jane Elliott the widdowe, Relicte & Administratrix of Thomas all and singular the goodes, debtes, Rightes & Creditts of Thomas Elliott while he live[d] of the p(ar)ish of Winslowe in the County of Buck within the Archde[aconry] of St. Albans & diocese of London deceased intestate made and de[clared] of aswell of and upon all and singular such goodes, debtes Ch[arges] rights and Creditts of the said deceased w(hi)ch since his death [have] come to the handes and possession of this Accomptant as allso of & upon all & singular such pay(me)nts expenses and sum(m)es of mony which this said Accomptant hath expended & laid forth in & aboute the paym(en)t of the debts & other duties owinge & belonginge by and to the s(ai)d deceased and to the Ad(ministr)ation of his goodes, Chardges of his buriall & other necesary expenses  heereunto incident and app(er)teyninge \with other charges & necessary expenses/ as heereafter is plainely specifyed & declared viz

The Chardge

Inprimis this Accomptant chardgeth herselfe with the sum(m)e of Fifty & three poundes & eleaven shillings of lawfull mony of England for the true price and value of all & singular the goodes debts, and chattells of the s(ai)d deceased menc(i)oned & conteyned in an Inventary hereof made & exhibited in to this Courte  A true Coppy whereof was shewed unto the Judge att the passinge of this Accompt liij li xj s
Sum(m)a oneris vizt  
The Chardge dischardge whereof this Accomptetant desireth to be allowed theise summes by her laid forth as followethe  
Inprimis this Accomptant desireth to be alloweth the sum(m)e of thirty shillings of lawfull mony of England which she hath paid for the Funerall Chardges of the said deceased xxx s
It(e)m she prayeth to be allowed tenne shillings w(hi)ch she paid to the Minister for a mortuary  x s
It(e)m she prayeth to be allowed the summe of twenty fower shillings w(hi)ch she hath p(ai)d for letters of Ad(ministra)tion bond entringe Inven(to)ries ingrossinge Apparitors Fee & other chardges of travell in & aboute the same xxiiij s
It(e)m she prayeth to Claime the sum(m)e of three poundes w(hi)ch she paid for Fynes  
Fee of the Courte  
[Item] to call her to passe this [Accompte] xij d
It(e)m for the Apparitors Fee iij s viij d
It(em) for drawinge this Accompte into parchment to remaine for the Record of the Courte  iij s iiij d
It(e)m to the Judge for vewinge examininge and allowinge of this Accompte iij s iiij d
It(e)m for engrossinge this Accompte into partchm(en)t whereto the Queitus [sic] est with the seale of the Office is annexed iiij s
It(e)m for the Fee of the said Quietus est   xiij s iiij d
It(e)m for the seale & wax 6d
Item for the Allocac(i)on of xxxs ijd there portions underwritten to the Judge & Register xxx s
Sum(m)a totall expo(s)itor(um) 4vj li 13s 2d
Soe remaineth in the handes of this Accomptetant the sum(m)e of  46 li   17s   10d
  48 li 17s  10d

\Out of which 46li 17s 10d/ Whereof the Judge hath and by theise p(re)sents doeth Assigne and allott by and with the Consent of Jane Elliott this Accomptant unto George Elliott the eldest sonne of the said deceased the summe of Five shillings of lawfull mony of England for his p(ar)te & porcon;  And to Thomas Elliott the second sonne of the said deceased the sum(m)e of tenne poundes of like mony and to Jane Elliott the dawghter of the said deceased the sum(m)e of tenne shil poundes of like mony for theire severall p(ar)tes & porcons to be paid unto them att their severall ages of one and twenty yeares; If therefore it shall happen that itt shall please God that any of the s(ai)d Children And in Case they or any of them happen to dye before they shall accomplish the s(ai)d ages of one and twenty yeares then the s(ai)d p(ar)te or porc(i)on of him her or them soe dyinge shall be and remaine unto Jane Elliott this Accomptant

The Residue of the said goodes the Judge hath and by theise p(re)sents doeth allott and Assigne unto Jane Elliott this Accomptant for her [......] porc(i)on in the goodes of the said deceased & for and towards the better educacon and maintenance of the s(ai)d Children

quarto Novemb(ris) 1633
Iurata fuit de  veritate
huius compoti cora(m) me Joanne Wester[....] surr’
p(re)sente Nich: Rolfe no(ta)rio pub(li)co Regi(str)ar’


Thomas Elliot was buried on 5 May 1633. He was the grandson of Thomas Elliot of Shipton d.1624 and son of George Elliot (bur 24 Aug 1631). He married Jane Chappell at Winslow on 31 Jan 1624/5. The children were:

Jane the widow married William Norman in 1634.

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