Will of John Borne, vicar, 1493/4

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[the beginnings of the lines on the first page are lost]

[In the name of God amen. On ..] January 1493 I Syr John Borne vicare of
[ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - thi]s wise I make my testame(n)t Fyrst I bequeth my soule to almyghty gode
[and my body to be buried in the c]hirche of Saint Laurence in Wynslowe before the highe Autur. Also
I geve to my hed Chirche of Saint Albans iij s iiij d. Also I geve to the Chirche of Wynslowe the house next to the Chirch Stylle to be sold and to be done to the said Chirche of Wynslowe. Also the house w(i)t(h) the taveren and the Residue of the house next Robert Wever the litell house next the mell house and the iij schoppis w(i)t(h)in the market place and one Closse in the Cattesend w(i)t(h) all the lands and medes in the parysh of Wynslowe to be solde to the behove of the forsaid Chirche of Wynslowe Also I geve unto my syster the house next Thomas Symkyns and one of my gowyns Also I geve to Gelion[?] my s(er)vante the Schope before Roger Clerks house. Also I geve to a prest for to Synge in the forsaid Chirche of Saint Laurence ij yere and halffe xx mark Also I geve to the same chirche a bok called a Cowcher <worth?> x li Also I geve to the Crosse in the market place xl d It(e)m I geve to the newe {the} Brig j q(ua)rt(er) malt Also I geve to the Chirche of Swomburne one q(ua)rt(er) malte Also to my godchyldren ev(er)yche of them a shepe called an ewe Also I geve to Thomas my s(er)vante one of my old gowyns and I geve to every poure man one bushell malt in my parishe Also to the Chirche of Addenton one q(ua)rt(er) malt and I geve to my Cosyn Cleme(n)t halfe q(ua)rt(er) malt Also I make Doctor Bedford and Water Palmer myn executors they for to have the rewill and gydyng of all my goods and they to fulfyll my will Above writtyn and the residue so to dispose for me as they thynk best of ther conscience in witnis hereof his gostly fader Syr John Rosse vacarie of Lytilhorwod and the vicarie of Grenborowe and te(m)p(er)abl(e) men John Miller and John Davy and Robert Saybrok and Geffrey Cowper

[Proved before Master John Thornton archdeacon on 11 January 1494 by Master Doctor Bedford, executor. Discharge granted to the executors on 20 August 1494 by Master John Thornton, archdeacon.]


The lack of bequests to anywhere else suggests that John Borne was a native of Winslow as well as the vicar. His ownership of so much property would also be explained if he inherited it rather than holding it as vicar. The Survey of 1556 shows that he also held some demesne land which later passed to Walter Palmer. The only occurrence of the surname in the court books is as an alias of John Hykeman, smith, who was active from at least 1430 until he surrendered the forge to John Davy in 1440 (WMCB, p.606). John Borne may be the same person as John Browne who was vicar in 1467.

Two houses at the Church Stile bequeathed by John Borne were still in the possession of the churchwardens in 1556.

taveren: This seems to be the first reference to a tavern in Winslow.

litell house: A cottage between the horse mill and the vicarage is mentioned in the court books of 1448, when it was held by William Perkyn and Margaret his wife, who acquired it in 1432 (WMCB, pp.540, 639). They also acquired a toft containing an acre of land at Cattesende in 1455 (p.679).

Cowcher = coucher: a large breviary that lay permanently on a desk in a church (OED, coucher n.2, 4a).

Crosse: A cross in the market place is mentioned in the court books of 1432 (WMCB p.540).

Brig: In 1521 Walter Palmer the executor left a bequest to "the new bridge called Addington bridge", which could be the same one. It would have crossed the stream which forms the boundary between Winslow and Addington parishes near where it now runs beneath the railway line.

ev(er)yche i.e. every one

rewill i.e. rule


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