Will of Walter Palmer, 1521

Herts RO 2AR180

In dei nomine amen  anno domini mo dxxjo I Walter Palmer w(i)t(h) a hole & a stedfast mynde make my testament in this man(er) & forme folowyng  First I bequethe my soule to almyghty god to o(ur) blessid lady saint Mary & to all the holy co(m)pany of heven And my body to be buryed before o(ur) lady in the south yle of the church of saint Laurence of Wynslowe.  Also I bequethe to the mother church of saint Alban iiij d  Also to the hye awter of the church of saint Laurence aforesaid xij d  Also to ev(er)y awter in the same church iiij d  Also to the bells xij d  Also to the torches viij d  Also to the sepulcur lyghte xij d  Also to the Roode lyghte viij d  Also I will to have a sufficient & an honest preest to syng for me & my wyff my father & my mother & all cristen soules by the space of twellve monethes w(i)t(h)in the church of saint Laurence aforesaid  Also to the new brygge called Addyngton brygge vj s viij d  The residue of all my goods my detts & legacies payde I will & bequethe to John Palm(er) my son Whom I make my sole Executor to have & dispose as he thynkyth best for my soule helth my frends & all cristen soules  Witnes to the same S(i)r Richard Stratton vicar of the same Ric(hard) Willows Bayle Tho(ma)s Miller & Thomas Sponer

[Probate 16 Nov 1521 to John Palmer]


Walter Palmer was the father of John Palmer (d.1558) and Thomas Palmer (d.1518), and grandfather of Thomas Palmer of Tring (d.1559); q.v. for details of the litigation about his estate. He was probably the son of Hugh and Agnes Palmer who are mentioned in the Court Books up to 1459.

Bayle = bailiff

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