Administration of Ann Bigg, 1724

Herts RO 161AW21

[summarised from Latin and English]

Jane Bigg of Winslow, single woman
Robert Gibbs of Winslow, gentleman
Joseph Turner of Winslow, surgeon
are bound to the Archdeacon for £300, 13 April 1724

Mrs Jane Bigg, daughter and administratrix of Mrs Ann Bigg, late of Winslow, deceased, is to present an inventory by 31 Oct and accounts by 31 Oct 1725.

sealed in the presence of
Will. Hunt
John Cole

Jane Bigg
Robert Gibbs
Joseph Turner

Second administration, 1749/50

Herts RO 186AW17

[summarised from Latin and English]

Administration of goods unadministered
Ann Bigg, 23 Feb 1749
first grant April 1724

Strudwick appeared as proxy for Mary Goldsworth, wife of Peter Goldsworth, and alleged that Ann Bigg of Winslow, widow, died intestate. In April 1724 letters of administration were granted to her daughter Jane Bigg, who died leaving goods etc. unadministered. Mary Goldsworth is granddaughter and next of kin of Ann Bigg and resides in parts remote [from St Albans]. She will take an oath and give security to Revs John Rawbone, Purchase Denchfield and [blank] Coxhead, clerks.

Let administration and commission pass.

Robt Chapman, surrogate


Ann Bigg was the widow of Benjamin Bigg (d.1707), q.v. for more information about the family. Their daughter Jane (b.1703) married John Turner. Mary was the daughter of Ann Bigg who married John Dudley. Mary Goldsworth was admitted to her grandparents' property by the manor court in 1749.