View of frankpledge and court baron, 20 October 1729

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM/84/7

These are notes from the court, not the official record. They are in Latin unless otherwise noted, and written on sheets of paper which have sometimes been damaged or cut at the edges. The papers were threaded together and the chronological order is not always certain. They include various financial charges which did not form part of the court rolls: usually 3s 6d "Entr'", 2s 6d "duty", and some other abbreviations of uncertain reading; only the total has been given here. See 1726 tenants for abbreviations etc.

Manor of Winslowe with members.

[English] To the Bayliffe of the said Mannor Greeting.
These are on the part & behalfe of Richard Lowndes Esq Lord of the sd Mannor to will & require You to give publick notice of a Court Leet & Court Baron to be holden for this sd Mannor on Munday the twentyeth day of this instant October att the Bell Inn in Winslowe by tenn of the Clock in the Forenoon And that You sumon & warne All the Tenants and Resiants and also All Constables Headboroughs Heywards & all other persons who do owe any suite or service to the said Courts or either of them to be then & there personally prsent to do their suite & service And Also that You Sumon & Warne the severall persons hereunder named to serve on the Juryes att the said Courts And that You then & there make retorne to me of the due execution of this Precept Given under my hand & seal this ninth day of October 1729 [signed] John Markham

Leet Jury [some names in Latin]
Winslowe: p Francis Woodcock, William Stockly, a John Coles, Mathew Deely, a William Marlowe, a John King, Emor Firth, a Joseph Tofeild, John Briten, a William Goodman, Thomas Hazard, p Thomas Ives, a Thomas Butcher
Shipton: John Cox, Francis Spooner
Grandborough: p Robert Hill, p Thomas Smith, p Benedict Fuller
Little Horwood: p Robert White, Thomas Rand, p John Wilks, a Robert Inwood, p Joseph Weston

Homage [names in English]
Winslowe: a Thomas Blake, Daniel Gyles, John Norman, p George Barrett, a Henry Stutchbury, a Peter Stutchbury, Richard Bigg gent, a Thomas Gibbs, p Samuel Norman, Robert Shelton, p Roger West, a Thomas Whiteaves, a Andrew Budd, a Christopher Bigg, a Robert Eden sen, \a Wm Humphryes/, a Joseph Bull
Shipton: Charles Bowler sen, William Elliott
Granborough: Benedict Holland at pound, Robert Stephens sen, a Wm Stevens Butcher, a John Holland jun, a George Thorpe, a George Stevens, a Thomas Mountegue, a George Thorpe sonn of Thomas
Little Horwood: a John Gascoyne jun, a William Heady, a John Hodgskinns, p George Illing, Thomas Willmore, James Woodward, Timothy Cox, a Thomas Cox

Court of View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of Richard Lowndes esq., held there on 20 October 1729 by John Markham gent, steward there.

Jurors: William Goodman, John Hodgskinns, John Coles, William Marlowe, John King, Robert Eden sr, Thomas Gibbs, Joseph Tofeild, Thomas Butcher, William Heady, George Stevens, Henry Stutsbury, William Stevens butcher
Thomas Blake, Peter Stutchbury, Thomas Whiteaves, Andrew Budd, Christopher Bigg, William Humphreys, Joseph Bull, John Holland jr, George Thorpe, Thomas Mountague, George Thorpe jr, John Gascoyne jr, William Heady, Thomas Cox, Joseph Turner

[separate note] William Goodman for man nothing too persent obeney [sic]

Constables of Winslowe: Robert Stevens, John Worsley
Tithingmen of the same: Joseph Brooks, Thomas Day
Constables of Grandborough: William Stevens, George Stevens
Tithingmen of the same: William Mountague, John Stevens
Constables of Little Horwood: Edward Ditum, William Miller
Tithingman of the same: John Mead
Constable of Shipton: John Elliott
Tithingman of the same: Richard Teagle
Heyward of Little Horwood: Robert Inwood

Elizabeth & Margaret Chaloner sought to be admitted to 3 acres of land on the death of Charles Chaloner their father, presented at the court held for the manor [blank]. Charges 12s, fine 6s, admitted.

Robert Grainge esq. surrendered a messuage in Little Horwood in the occupation of William Miller with close adjoining and 2 acres of land belonging with commons belonging. To the use of William Miller. Fine 6s, charges 8s 6d, admitted.

Thomas Harding Rowland clerk, son and heir of George Rowland, sought to be admitted to a messuage which came into the lord's hands on the surrender of Thomas Foster deceased presented at the court on 21 Oct 1706, under the conditions in the surrender. Fine 5s, charges £3 1s 2d, admitted.
[This refers to part of The Angel]

John Thorpe sought to be admitted to [3] acres of arable land on the surrender of [John?] Thorpe his father deceased presented at the court held on 23 [Oct?] 1728. Charges 9s, fine 6s, heriot £2 10s, admitted.

Joseph Bowden, heir of Robert Bowden, sought to be admitted to a messuage in Winslow on the surrender of John Allen and the death of Joan Allen presented at the court held on 14 Oct 1713 under condition(s). Fine 5s, charges 7s, admitted.
[The Bowdens were the mortgagees. Joseph surrendered to John Allen jr in 1730.]

Mary wife of James Budd sought to be admitted to a messuage in Winslow in the occupation of Robert Warr & Robert Shelton on the death of Mary Shelton her mother presented at the last court. Charges 8s, fine 5s, heriot £1 1s.

John Allen sought to be admitted to a messuage on the death of John his [father] formerly presented at the court held [blank]. Charges 6s.
The said John Allen & Robert Bowden surrendered the premisses to Benjamin Ingram. Charges 8s 6d.

[English] Wee present the Death of Mrs Hannah Merwin that she dyed seized of a mesuage in Winslowe called the Kings head & that Nicholas Merwin gent is her brother and next heir.
Wee present the Death of John Smith that he dyed seized of a Cottage in Little Horwood & that William Smith his sonn is his heir and that there hapned to the lord a herriot. [Latin] 1st proclamation
[signed] Thomas Blake, Jos: Turner, Peter Stutchbury, John Holland, Thomas Mountague, Thomas Cox, the Marke of George Thorpe, the Marke of Joseph Bull

Nicholas Merwin gent. sought to be admitted to a messuage called The Kings Head which came into the lord's hands on the death of Hannah Merwin his sister presented at this court. Fine 5s, charges 6s.
[This refers to 10 High Street but the admission actually took place in 1726]

On 23 May 1729 [English] Robert Gibbs the Elder did surrender by the hands of the Steward All that parcell of Arrable Land Ley & Meadow Ground lyeing in the Parish of Winslowe near Grandborough bridge lyeing next the Kings highway leading from Winslow to Grandborough on the West part & Grandborough Brook lyeing on the south part conteyning 9 Acres And All that parcell of Arrable land & Meadow Ground lyeing next East Cleydon Brook cont' 3 acres the high way leading from Winslowe to East Cleydon lying on the South part thereof and the Land of William Hobbs & Ann his Wife North with all Trees Hedges Comons To the Use & Behoofe of William Gibbs of Winslowe Yeoman one of the sonns of Robert Gibbs
[signed] John Markham, Thomas Blake

William Gibbs sought to be admitted to 12 acres of land on the surrender of Robert Gibbs sr deceased presented at this court. Charges 6s.

On 14 Aug 1729 [English] Isaac Judge of Walton in the Parish of Aylesbury Malster & Elizabeth his wife did surrender by the hands of the steward all that Mesuage in Winslowe in the occupation of Thomas Ives and all those severall Peeces of Arrable Land Meadowe or Ley Ground in the Common Feildes of Winslowe containing 16½ acres late the Estate of Robert Wyatt decd and all that half acre of Land in Blackgrove Feild in the precincts of Shipton in Long Blackgrove Furlong together with all houses outhouses barns stables yards backsides. To the use and behoofe of Susanna Bunce of Padbury Spinster Provided that if they pay her the full summe of £205 on 14 Feb next Then this surrender to be void.
[signed] John Markham, Isaac Judge, Eliz Judge
[endorsed] 24 Oct 1730 Received of Isaac Judge £211 15s for the use of Susanna Bunce in full satisfaccion of all principall money & Interest.
[signed] John Bunce. Witnesse Thomas Blake foreman of Jury 23 Oct 1730, John Markham
[This refers to 32 High Street]

On 27 Sep 1729 [English] Henry Tomms & Elizabeth his wife, customary tenants, did surrender by the Steward All that Cottage in Winslowe now in the occupation of the said Henry Tomms \& by him lately built/ with all Outhouses Yards Backsides To the Use & Behoofe of John Bull of Shipton husbandman Provided that if they pay the full summe of £6 3s on 26 March next Then this surrender to be void
The marke of Henry Tomms The Marke of Eliz: Toms [signed] John Markham
Charges 13s 6d
[This was on the west side of the High Street]

2(nd proclamation) for Joseph Holloway
9 for William Heady
2 for Francis Woodcock
7 for Henry Willmore
5 for the heirs of Peter Lowndes
5 for the heirs of Joseph Gurney
5 for Thomas Aldridge
5 for John Watts
3 for the heirs of Thomas Mountague
2 for John Bull
2 for George Barratt
1 for John Bull
1 for Susan Bunce
[blank] for William Smith

Court Baron held on 22 Oct 1729 by John Markham gent. steward

Jurors: John Wright, William Hobbs, William Whiteaves, John Turner

Thomas Mountague & Ann his wife surrendered 1 acre of arable land in Blackwell Feild in Blackwell Furlong in Grandborough, the land of William Stevens Tyled House north, excepting common of pasture. To the use of Benjamin Ingram. Fine 2s, charges £1 11s 6d, admitted.
[signed] John Wright

Winslow Tenants Names 20th October 1729

Thomas Aldridge Heires of Peter Lowndes John Henley Shade lane Wm Thorpe
Joane Allen widd Jno Longbridge John Henley jun Tho Thorpe
a Thos Blake Robert Miller ritu ux(oris) Thos Miller Mary Urlwin
Thos Bates Infant Nich: Merwin gent Wm Perkins Joseph Worrall
Thos Bull Ess Mark Morris Francis Spooner Heires of John Wheatley
a Joseph Bull Joseph Meakes Wm Townesend Nich: Wyatt
+ Alice & Ann Bence Ann Mayne widd a Jonathan Townesend  
Moses Burnham John Mayne Ann Wyatt  
Richd Bendboo Samuel Norman ess John Wyatt gent
Little Horwood
Richd Bigg Gent Wm Norman   Thos Barton sen ess
Stephen Bigg sen John Norman
Thos Barton jun
Joseph Bigg John Paradine John Bowden ess John Cox
Philipp Bailey Humphry Reddall John Bond Timothy Cox
John Bailey Edwd Reddall Jno Broome a Thos Cox
Eliz: Budd widd ess Robert Seaton Jane Franklin ux(or) Thomas Curtice sen
John Burrall Thos Smith Henry Emerton a Thomas Curtice jun
Charles Bowler junr ess Jno Seaton Robert Bowden Thos Collins
George Barrett Jno Shelton ess Stephen Gilks Edwd Ditum ritu ux(oris)
a Andrew Budd Robert Shelton Jno Holland sen [blank] Evans
Tho: Budd Sarah Shaw ess a Jno Holland jun Dorothy Emerton
a Christ' Bigg Robert Smith Benedict Holland At Elme Eliz: Falkner
a Robert Eden sen Wm Smith Benedict Holland At Pound Robert Grainge Esq
Zachary Cooley Jno Seaton jun Benedict Holland Shepperd heires of Robt Gascoyne
Deborah Crosse uxor Will(elm)i Shelton jun Thos Henley John Gascoyne
Thos Church Aug' Seaton Thos Heath a Wm Heady
Eliz & Margaret Chaloner Benj' Sanders ess Thos Holland a Jno Hodgskinns
Robert Dorsett Jno Spratley Robert Manwaireing p George Illing
Thos Deely heires of Wm Richd Shelton ess a Wm Montegue Alice wife of Robt Inwood
Wm Drudge Wm Stevens a Thos Montegue Wm Illing ess
Robert Eden infant a Robert Stevens Jno Mountegue Wm Miller ess
Ann Eden widd a Henry Stutchbury Heires of Tho: Mountegue a John Meade
Philipp Egerton a Peter Stutchbury Heires of Wm Morecraft Francis Meade ess
Tho: Foster Wm Scott Ann Morecraft Saml Missenden ess
Wm Franklin Mrs Townsend Daniel Norton Edmd Pitkin
Henry Firth Robert Tims Henry Pitkin Thos Pitkin
Mrs Barbarah Gataker a Thos Tatham heres Robt Pitkin Charles Coay
a Thos Gibbs a Joseph Turner Thos Rutland sen Thos Wilmore ess
Robert Gibbs a John Turner Thos Rutland jun Wm Smith
Richd Gibbs Eliz: Udden widd Thos Rutland youngest John Smith
a Wm Gibbs sen Thos Urlwin John Rutland Thos Tatham
Thos Glenester Thos Ward Robert Stevens sen ess Numan Willeatt
Jno Goldsworth infant Roger West Robert Stevens jun ess Jos: Weston
Daniel Gyles Isaac Judge Wm Stevens Tyled House Jno Woodward
Wm Gibbs jun a Thos Whiteaves a Wm Stevens sen James Woodward
Joseph Gurney Jno Wright a George Stevens Mr Woodhouse
a Wm Goodman ritu ux(oris) Ann Wright Widd a Wm Stevens Butcher Jos: White
Wm Hobbs ess Tho: Worrall ess a Jno Stevens Newhouse Thos Wilks
Mary ux(or) [blank] Hales Wm West Wm Stevens jun Infant Ann Ward
Jane ux(or) [blank] Morley a Jno Worsley Richd Styrman John Coay
Simon Hogson ess Ralph Worsley ritu ux(oris) Hugh Thorpe Infant Henry Willmore
Wm Hogg Stephen Bigg jun Gent a George Thorpe  
Matthew Hobbs ess Mary Morris Widd a George Thorpe sonn of Thos  
a Wm Humphryes Richd West John Thorpe sen  
Dinah Key widd      
Benj Ingram
  the heires of Wm Ashby    
  Charles Bowler sen ess    
  John Deverell    
  Frances Elliott    
  Wm Elliott    
  John Henley    

The list below has no heading but must be the residents of Winslow

Frances Robenson Mr Tockey
Tom Bucher Frances Tomkins
John Baldin Steaven Gibbs
Andrew Shelton Thomas Steavens
Nicklos Higgins John Ayrs
Wm Bunc Wm Stockley
Walter Baldwing Mr Clark
Wm Welch Mr Woodcok
John Day a John Tomson
a John King a Joseph Tofild
Wm Windmil a Joseph Bigg
a Tom Day John Graing
John Worsley John Britin
Joseph Sponer Tom Spratley
Wm Ivens Mat King
Joseph Norman John Danil
a Wm Walker Tom Hogson
Tom Sparkes John Blak
Wm Worsley Wm Morris
Wm Hodg John Alderman
John Glenester John Morris
James Britin Wm Tatam
Tom Benc Robert Shelton \Hogman/
Tom Edlen Robert Wor
John Bly Mat Dealy
a John Coles Mile [=Michael] Ginger
Joseph Bliss John Harris
Joseph Toms Wm Ivans
Richard Humpris Joseph Ayers
James Young Richard Noris
Richard Redel Henery Mash
Hugh Willis Mile Goodman
Wm Gudge Thomas Hasord
John To Robert Tims
Wm Heretage Danil Dely
Henery Harbot Joseph Brooks
  Wm Norman
  John Baily
  Richard Pickin

A separate list in the same writing:
Joseph Boros, Ben Ingram, John Gibbs,Wm Bailey[?], Wm Pery, John Seaton, Tho Ives[?]

An Account of the Dusners in Horwood Parva
Richard Clark, John Wilks, Edward Pitkin, John Clark, Tho Rand, Will Glenister, Edward Scot, Robert White, Henry Curtis, Mr Tho Footman, Edward Showler, George Fosket, Robert Inwood, John Ward

Regions of Grandborough
Samuel Golding, John Hawgood, Willm Redding, Ritchd Gooding, Bent Fuller, Robt Incell[?], Willm Ayres, John Huttson

The regnes of Shipton
John Cox, William Parkins J, Thomas Goorge, Robert Blakman, John Booll

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