Lists of tenants and residents, 1726

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM/84/6

This list of tenants dated 20 April 1726 comes from the papers of the manor court on that date, and lists all tenants of the manor of Winslow who should have attended. Below are separate lists of residents for each part of the manor. Various annotations were added to the original list, which is largely in alphabetical order. "Ess" after the name means essoined, i.e. excused. "a" before the name appears to mean present (adest?) and "p" pardoned. "ritu uxoris" is an attempt to put "by his wife's right" into Latin. The list begins with the Winslow tenants.

Joane Allin widdow Heir of Jno Seaton Carrier John Holland sen Joseph Weston
a Thos Blake Thos Smith Thos Heath John Woodward
Thomas Bates Infant Jno Seaton Butcher Thos Holland Mr Woodhouse
Alice Bence a John Shelton Robt Manwareing Joseph White
Moses Burnham Robt Shelton Ess p Wm Mountague Thomas Wilks
Richd Benboe Ess Sarah Shaw Ess a Thos Mountague Ann Ward
Phillipp Bayley Robt Smith Hered' Will(elm)i Morecraft John Coay
John Bayley Wm Smith p Ann Morcraft James Woodward ess
Richard Bigg Gent John Seaton Junr Daniel Norton  
Stephen Bigg gent a Wm Shelton Junr a Ralph Henry Pitkin  
Jos: Bigg ess Augustine Seaton Hered(es) Rob(er)ti Pitkin  
Eliz: Budd widd ess Benj: Sanders ess Thomas Rutland  
John Burrall ess John Spratley Thos Rutland junr  
a Charles Bowler junr Wm Shelton senr ess John Rutland  
a George Barrett John Stevens Robt Stevens senr  
Zach: Cooley Henry Stutsbury ess a Robt Stevens junr  
Deborah Crosse Wm Scott a Wm Stevens Tyled House
Thos Church Mrs Townesend Wm Stevens senr  
Mr Charles Challoner Robt Tims a George Stevens  
a Robt Dorsett Joseph Turner a Wm Stevens Butcher  
a Thos Deely John Turner ess John Stevens Newhouse ess
Wm Drudge Mary Turnham Richard Styrman  
Robt Eden Infant Eliz Udden widd Wm Seer  
Ann Eden widd Thos Urlwin John Thorpe  
Phillipp Egerton Thos Ward Hugh Thorpe  
Thos Foster Roger West George Thorpe  
a Wm Franklin Hugh Willis John Tharpe Junr ess  
Henry Firth ess Heires of Thos Watts Thos Thorpe  
Mrs Barbara Gataker Eliz Judge & Reb: Sharpe Wm Thorpe  
Alice Guesse Thomas Whiteaves ess Mary Urlwin Infant  
Thos Gibbs John Wright ess a Jos Worrall  
Thos Grimes Ann Wright widd ess hered' Joh(annis) Wheatly  
Wm Glenester Thos Worrall Nicho Wyatt ess  
Richd Gibbs ess Wm West John Mountague  
Jno Goldsworth Infant a John Worsley Little Horwood  
a Danl Gyles Robt Gibbs jun ess a Thos Barton Senr  
Wm Gibbs Senr Wm Goodman ritu ux(oris) Thos Barton Junr  
Jos: Gurney a Wm Gibbs John Cox  
Wm Hobbs ess Ralp Worsley ritu ux(oris) Thomas Curtice Senr  
Mary ux(or) [blank] Hales Shipton Thomas Curtice Junr  
Jane Harding Wm Ashby Thomas Collins  
a Simon Hogson Charles Bowler Senr ess Edwd Ditum ritu ux(oris)  
Wm Hogg Frances Elliott ess Buttler Evans  
Mathew Hobbs ess Wm Elliott Dorothy Emerton Widd  
Dinah ux(or) Thomas Keys Wm Evans Eliz: Footman widd  
Sarah Gyles a John Henly a John Falkner  
Peter Lowndes John Henly Junr Robt Grainge Esqr  
John Longbridge ess Thos Miller John Gascoyne  
Robt Miller ritu ux(oris) Wm Perkins ess Robt Gascoyne  
Nicholas Merwin Gent ess a Francis Spooner Wm Heady  
Mark Morris Wm Townesend John Hodgeskins  
Mary Morris Jon: Townesend George Illing  
John Morris ess Henry Townesend Alice ux(or) Rob(er)ti Inwood
Joseph Meaks Ann Wyatt a Wm Illing  
Oliver Mayne Jno Deverell ess \Wm Miller/  
John Mayne Grandborough John Meade  
Sam: Norman ess John Bowden ess Francis Meade  
Wm Norman ess John Bond Sam: Missenden  
John Norman ess John Brome Edwd Pitkin  
John Paradine Joane Bowden Widd Thomas Pitkin  
Hum: Reddall a Henry Emerton a Charles Coay  
Edwd Reddall Robt Bowden John Richardson  
John Robinson a Stephen Gilks a Wm Smith  
  John Holland Christopher Smith  
  a Ben: Holland at Elme Thos Tatham  
  Thomas Henly Wm Vicars  
  Ben: Holland Shepard ess Numan Willieat  
  Ben: Holland at Pound    

Resiants of Winslow

Jno Alderman Francis Robinson
Richd Bendbow senr Tho: Butcher
Jno Harison senr Jno Baldwin
a Matthew Deely Andrew Shelton
Michaell Ginger a Jno King
Jno Harison junr Wm Bunce
Tho: Rice Richd Bull
Jos: Ayres Wm Welch
Richd Norriss Michael Goodman
Wm Newcom Wm Windmill
Hen: Marh Benj: Plot[?]
a Tho: Spratley Tho: Sparks
Tho: Hazard Wm Bull
Daniel Deely Jno Day
a Jos: Brookes Jno Small
Wm Norman Jos: Bigg
Tho: Ives James Young
Jno Baily a Jno Coles
Wm East Robert Burrell
Jno Toms Jos: Toms
Richd Pitkin Rowland Middleton
Wm Redall Robt Brinklow
Jno Gibbs Nat: Emerton
Benj: Ingram Jos: Norman
Will: Deblois Hugh Williss
Wm Marlow Jno Toe
Fran: Woodcock Tho: Tatham
Wm Stockley Steph: Gibbs
Matt: Clarke a Robt Evans
Jno Seaton Junr Wm Heritage
Hugh Burrall Saml Norman
  Emor Firth
  Jno Bull
  Jno Thompson
  a George Blake junr

Listed on a separate sheet:
Jno Ayres, Wal' Herbert, Jos: Tofield, Chris: Bigg, Jno Granger, James Britton, Jno Britton, Tho: Hogson, Jno Daniel, Matt King, George Blake senr, Jno Bly, Nic: Higgins, Saml Pitkin, Wm Tattham, Jos: Ray, Wm Worsley, Jno Worsley, Richd Worsley, Peter Sutchbury

Separate note:
The Regens of Shipton: a John Cox, William Capp, a Richard Tegel, Thomas Googe

Separate note in a different hand, apparently referring to Granborough:
Mr Key, Tho Hill, Benedict Fuller, Robt Hill, a George Stevens, John Hagood, Richard Goodwin, Will Reddal, Will Ayrs, Tho Smith, Sameuel Golding

Separate note in another hand:
An Account of ye Dasners in Horwood Par
Richard Clark, John Pitkin, John Cox, Edward Showler, Henry Kemp, John Ward, Tho Rand, Ralph Coker, John Faulkner ju, Robert White, William Coy, John Howse

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