Court baron and view of frankpledge, 24 April 1699

Some of this court can be reconstructed from individual copies of court rolls.

View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of Charles Twittey and Samuel Brewster gent., trustees of William Lowndes esq., 24 April 11 William III 1699 and by adjournment 31 May, by James Hayes esq. deputy steward

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM 376/22/106 (written in faulty Latin)
Henry Honnor, John Stutsbury and Elizabeth his wife and Robert Wyatt and Diana his wife, customary tenants, surrendered two "leyes" containing 1 acre on which a "Brickilne" now stands, common ways north, east and west, and a parcel of land called Westerne Nobb containing 1 acre, there being a road lying there on the north side, now in the occupation of John and belonging to Henry, John and Elizabeth. And two "leyes" containing 1 acre now in the occupation of Robert and belonging to Robert and Diana, the common way south and east, the way between Richard's orchard or land and the said "leyes" west. To the use of Richard Martyn of Southwarke clerk, Charles Shales of London silversmith, William Gyles jr of Winslowe draper and Peter Lowndes jr of Winslowe yeoman, on special trust that they "should stand and be seized" for such "Provisoes Limitacion and Appunctuation" as are mentioned and declared in an indenture of 26 Nov 1698 between them and William Lowndes of Westminster esq. and Rebecca his wife. Martyn and Shales by Peter Lowndes sr and John Wyatt their attorneys, Gyles and Peter Lowndes jr in person sought admission to hold "in trust". Rent [blank], fine [blank].
This was also recorded by William Lowndes. The land with the kiln, which was used for making bricks for Winslow Hall, was "next ye way which leads behind my new garden towards Little Horwood". The land bought from Robert Wyatt was "between ye said way & Coldram Close".

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM 376/22/107
Thomas Blake, customary tenant, and Elizabeth his wife surrendered 6 acres of arable land in Shipton in Blackgrove Feild:

To the use of Richard Martyn etc. [as above] for "raiseing of Porcions". Rent [blank], fine [blank].
William Lowndes paid £55 1s 6d.

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM 376/22/109
Thomas Arnett died a long time ago [olim]. Ann, late wife of John Smalbones and before of Thomas Arnett, died since the last court seised of 5 acres of meadow or pasture. Heriot [blank]. Thomas Arnett is her son and heir but under 21. Rent 1s 3d, fine 10s.
[The land was sold to the Lowndes trustees in 1701]

Court baron, 9 June 1699

Centre for Bucks Studies D175/37

Originals in Latin unless stated (individual words are sometimes in English). Records have not been found for the main courts in 1699. The property concerned in these transactions seems to be 12-14 High Street.

Manor of Winslowe with members. Court Baron of Charles Twittey and Samuel Brewster gent., trustees of William Lowndes esq., 9 June 11 William III 1699, by Nicholas Merwin gent.

Essoins: none
Complainants: none

Homage: William Gyles sr, Thomas Henley, William Hunt, John Greene
John Stutsbury, William Edmonds, William Bigg, Richard Bigg
Benjamin Bigg, Thomas Bett, Thomas Wright & William Gyles jr

Christopher Coates surrendered his right and title and equity of redemption to the messuage now in the occupation of Thomas Paxton in which Christopher lately lived, with all outhouses etc., with "the Entry" belonging to it (except the "Greate Roome" over the entry), the messuage of Nicholas Merwin gent. north. And all the "Plott of Ground" between the barn or outhouse in the occupation of John Hearne and the stable adjoining the tenement in the occupation of Joseph Ayres and lately John Greene, the barn or outhouse aforesaid east. To the use of Thomas Langley of Kingston on Thames Maulster and Hannah Merwin of Kingston on Thames Spinster, who were called and did not come. 1st proclamation made.

Christopher Coates, Thomas Edmonds and Mary his wife, and Thomas Dadford and Ann his wife surrendered the messuage now in the occupation of Joseph Ayres with the great Chamber belonging to it, part of which is over "the Entry" in the occupation of Thomas Paxton, with all fronts, privileges, outhouses and appurtenances to the watercourse there, with freedom of ingress etc. and passage for horses with carts and carriages at all "seasonable tymes" to the premisses by the usual cart ways. To the use of Robert Gibbs sr of Winslow Yeoman for his life, then to Robert Gibbs jr his son in perpetuity. Rent [blank], fine 5s. Christopher paid [blank] for heriot by composition.

End of this court
Signed: Nicho: Merwin

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