Will of Susan Grant, 1682 (proved 1684)

Herts RO 120AW13

In the name of god Amen the third day of May in the yeare of the Lord god 1682
I Susana Grant of Winslow in the county of Buckes widdow being weeake in bodey but of good and Perfect
memory thankes be to Almightty god for therefor the same doe make and ordaine this my last will
and Testament in manner and forme following first and principally I commend my soule into the hand[s]
of god my Creator and mearcifull Redeemer trusting and verily beliveing through the merrets and
pretious blood sheding of his sonn my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to be made partaker of life
everlasting and my bodey I commit to the earth from whence it was taken to be buried by my loving
husband deseased in the Church or Church yard of Winslow aforesaid  Now Concerning that small
substance which god of his infinit goodness hath blessed mee withal I give and bequeath as followeth
First I give and bequeath to the Poore of Winslow the sum of fiftey shillings to be paid by my executors the
same day that I am buried or the next day after Item I give and bequeth to the Minester that Preached
my funeral sarment the sum of tenn shillings Item I give and bequeth to Philip Bayley the sum
of Twenty shillings Item I give and bequeath to Marey Thomlins the sume of Twentey shillings and  to
my Goddafter Joane Wessely the sume of Twenty Shillings and my Bibell Item I give and bequeath to my
Goddafter Elizebeth Jarvice the sume of Twenty Shillings and to pay the money the same day that I am
buried or the next day after Item I give and bequeath to Edward Russell the sume of fortey shillings and
to Abramham Teagel wife the sum of fortey shilling to be paid by my executors tow mounth after my dece[ase]
Item I give and bequeath to Marget Sheldon all the wood in my wood house being of the north side of the
kichin excepting tow beames but if it should please god that shee should die then it is to Remaine to hir dafter
Jone Shelden. Item I give and bequeath to Susana Fennell my Beedstead and curtins and valints and
All things belonging to the [deletion] Bead in the Lowe Roome and my screene and great keitell which I give to the
said Susana Fennell for the five pounds which I owed her Item I doe Ordaine and Apoynt Peeter
Lownes of Winsslow and John Russell of Fringford to be my whole executors to see my will parformed
and what remaines more of my goods or money to be equally devided betwene the [deletion] Peeter Lownes
and John Russell  Item my will is that Peeter Lownes and John Ambrow and John Russell
and Edward Russell shall carrey mee to the Church when it shall please god to Call for mee and my will
is that every one of these a payre of gloves shall have

Item my will is that Peeter Lownes is wife and John Russell wife and Robert Fennel wife
shall have All my wareing Apariell both linnen and woollen to be equally devided between these
three parties only my best est petticote which I give to mistres Dix Item I give my chest
over the oven to Grant Hughet In witness whereof I make this my last will and
Testament the day and yeare above written  As witnesseth my hand and seale

the marke of Susana Grant

sealed and delivered
in the presence of us
Richard Ginger
William Right
his marke

[Latin] 18 June 1684 Executors sworn through Edm(und) Browne NP

[verso] The Last Will and Teastament of Widdow Grant.

Inventory of Susan Grant, 1684

Herts RO A25/4144

May the 5 1684

A true and parfect inventary of all \the/ goods of Sussana Grant Widdow of Winslow lately deceased and praysed by John Ambrow and William Spooner

Imprimis wee prayse hir pur(se) and hir waring apparell at
Item the goods and the Lumber that is over the kiching Chamber and the Roume joyning to it
Item the Lumber that is in the low Roume and a Leantoo is praysed
Item in the hall house a cubard and table and sum old lumber
Item the Chamber over the hall a bedstead and sum old lumber
Item all the goods brass and Pewter in the kiching wee valley at
Item we valley the wood in the mall house and stable and in the yard
Item five bushels of malt at [ - - - ]
Item the \monyy/ that is due upon band is
the totall sum

John Ambrow
William Spooner

[Presented 18 June 1684 by the executors]


The 50s bequeathed to the poor was treated (and presumably intended) as a fine for not being buried in wool: see the distribution list.

Susan (d. 4 May 1684) was probably the last person to bear the long-established Grant surname in Winslow. She was the widow of Thomas Grant, who made very complicated arrangements about his house for the benefit of his nieces and nephews. Grant Hughet or Hewet was his great-nephew; see the case brought against him by Silvester Grant in 1698. The house (on the west side of what is now Burleys Road) later came into the possession of William Lowndes.

In 1676, Susan Grant alias Miller surrendered a close of pasture called Albans Close adjoining the Parsonage Close, and a piece of meadow called Blackthorne plott in Demoram feild, the Berry land west, the land of William Gyles east, containing 5 ares in all. To the use of Thomas Arnett of Buckingham and Ann his wife. Rent 15d, fine 10s. [This must actually have been a mortgage.]

In 1670, Thomas and Susan Grant alias Miller mortgaged to Anthony Godwyn Albans Close and a piece of meadow called Blackthorne Flatt in Demoram Feild containing 5 acres (Centre for Bucks Studies, BAS 376/22 no.20).

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