Church inventory, 1757

This inventory was written in the parish registers after the 1745 baptisms.

An Inventory of the Goods of all kinds belonging to the Parish Church of Winslow in the County of Bucks AD 1757

A Communion Table, a Table for the Vestry a Bier for the Burial of the Dead; Six Bells and a Saints Bell. A Coffer for the Vestments, a Clock & chime


A Parchment Register Book for Christenings & Burials
& another \of Pages for Marriages/ box Foxs Martyrs 2 volumes
Pole Synopsis Criticorum vol. 4 pars 1 & 2
Textus Biblie cum Glossa Ordinariâ de 6 Volumes
Reportorium Alphabeticum in Glossa one Vol
Jewels Exposition of St Pauls Epistle with his Sermons
A Defence of the Apologyes in 1 Vol
A book of Homilies
Two Prayer Books for the Communion Service
One Church Bible now in use
One old Church Bible
One old Com(mon) Prayer Book now in use
Three Old Prayer Books


One Brass Sconce in the middle[?] of the Church bought at Doyb[??]
One Brass Sconce over the Gallery
One silver Plate date 1686
One silver Cup with a Cover the gift of Joan Foorde date 1647
One silver Cup with a Cover
One silver Paten the Gift of Joseph Rogers
One other silver Paten the Gift of Sarah Fyge Egerton
Two silver spoons washed with gold
One Small Silver Cup used at private Houses


Two Surplices
One Hood
One Herse Cloth
One Black Cushion
One green Carpet the gift of Thomas Lowndes Esq.
One Linen Cloth
One Napkin
A Pulpit Cloth )
A Desk Cloth ) Purple
A Cushion )


Two Church Houses situate by the South Gate of the Church Yard one of them in the Occupation of William Dudley, of the yearly Rent of four Pound the other in the occupation of William Firth of the yearly value of two Pounds, the Church Wardens Paying all manner of Taxes

The Above Inventory was taken by us this 9th Day of Aug 1757
                John Rawbone Curate
                John Budd        )
                Robert Gibbs   )  Church Wardens

Examined by James Archer
D Register of Saint Albans


Sconce: a type of light fixture affixed to a wall in such a way that it uses only the wall for support, and the light is usually directed upwards.

Paten: a small plate, usually made of silver or gold, used to hold Eucharistic bread which is to be consecrated.

There is a later inventory from 1810.