Will of Joanne Forde, 1644

Introductory notes by Shirley Knight

According to Arthur Clear, Joanne Forde was born a Lowndes.  This seems to be a misinterpretation of her will made in 1644 where she left £20 each to William Lownes and his wife Frances "my kinswoman".

Frances Wendover had married William Lownds at Winslow on 27 Oct 1615.

There had been an earlier Wendover/Lowndes marriage at Winslow on 5 Nov 1604 when Henry Wendover married Elizabeth Lownds.   She was the widow of Robert Lowndes, d.1602 (see will of Thomas Lowndes, 1622).

Clear has also said that the lid of a chalice given by Joanne Forde to Winslow Church is engraved with her date of birth as 25 Dec 1564.  According to the Winslow registers, Joanne Wendover was baptised 24 December 1564.  This error could have arisen from the fact that Joane was long-lived and was buried at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, 21 April 1647.

Jone Wyndober married Edward Nicholson at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, 10 July 1586. and Joane Nicholsone married Samuell Foarde at St Botolph, Bishopsgate, 14 November 1603.

The will makes other references to Wendover as kin and the Executor was Thomas Wendover.

The land for the poor was bought in 1648, and Winslow's leading inhabitants became trustees.

Sources: Winslow Parish Register transcript
                Ancestry London Parish Register

Will of Joane Forde

Items pertaining to Winslow. National Archive Reference: Prob/11/200.

The items relevant to Winslow commence on page 3 of the document from National Archives and continue on to page 4. The will has become badly smudged at one point and difficult to read properly.

1.  Item I give and bequeath unto the

2. Parson and Churchwardens of the Parrish and Towne of Winslowe in the County

3. of Bucks where I was borne for the use of the poore of the same Parrish the some

4. of one hundred pounds in lawful money of England to be payd unto them by my Executor

5. hereafter named when they shall finde out tender and present unto him a purchase of

6. some land of Inheritance to be bought in their sayd parrish of the value of five or

7. six poundes y[e] annum  [and--really?] contract  for buy and purchase the same for a year[?] - - - -    

8. for the poore of the sayd Towne and parrish with the sayd money The [which?] five

9. or six poundes y[e] annum  [some?]   to be bought and purchased with the sayd one hundred poundes

10. as aforesayd  I will shalbe yearly every year for ever distributed and given by

11. said Parson and Churchwardens and other substantiall inhabitants of the sayd

12. Towne and Parrish to the most pious impotent and needy persons of the sayd

13. towne and parrish  as in their distressions shall seem necessarace and convenient Item

14. I give and bequeath unto the say Parson and Churchwardens to their Successores

15. Parson and Churchwardens of the sayd Parrish and Towne of Winslowe for

16. the time being for the use and service of the Communion Table in the sayd Parish  Church

17. one Cupp or Challice of Silver Guilt of the value of Ten pounds of lawfull

18. money of England the same to be bought by my Executor with my name to be engraven

19. about ytt and p[re]sented and given to the sayd Parson and Churchwardens within three

20. monthes of my decease.    


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