Will of Andrew Veal, retired officer of excise, 1855 (proved 1857)

Herts RO 293AW5

This is the last Will and Testament of me Andrew Veal of Winslow in the County of Bucks retired Officer of Excise I bequeath unto my Wife Elizabeth all my household goods furniture plate linen china Books pictures wines liquors and other consumable stores and other my household effects for her own absolute use and benefit I give and devise all the freehold (if any) and all the Copyhold messuages cottages tenements and hereditaments with their appurtenances of which I may be seized at the time of my death unto and to the use of my friends George Cross of Winslow aforesaid Draper and Alfred Barton of the same Place Innholder their heirs and assigns for ever Upon the trusts following (namely)  Upon trust in the first place with or out of the rents and profits of the said devised estates or by mortgaging or charging the same or a competent part or parts thereof to raise in aid of my residuary personal estate if insufficient so much money as shall from time to time be requisite to satisfy my funeral and testamentary expenses the incumbrances if any affecting the said real estates or any part or parts thereof and my other just debts with the costs of the Admission of my said Trustees to the said Copyhold estates and the expenses of executing this trust and to apply the money to be raised accordingly And subject thereto I direct that my said Trustees shall at such time or times after the decease of my said Wife as they shall judge expedient or during her life with her written consent sell my said real estate by public or private sale together or in lots and shall in the mean time let \from year to year/ my said real estates or such part or parts thereof as shall from time to time remain unsold for the best rent that can be obtained for the same and receive the rents and profits thereof and after paying all taxes and outgoings in respect of the same estates and the charges of keeping the same in good and tenantable repair and insured against loss or damage by fire and also paying the interest of any incumbrances affecting the same estates or any part or parts thereof pay the clear surplus of such rents and profits to my said Wife during her life for her absolute use and benefit I direct that my said Trustees shall stand possessed of the monies to arise from the sale of my real estates In trust during the life of my said Wife to invest the same and keep them invested in their own names in the public stocks or funds or on government or real securities in England and not elsewhere with power to vary such investments at their discretion for any other investment of the kind prescribed and to pay the dividends interest and annual income thereof to my said Wife during her life At the decease of my said Wife I direct my said Trustees to pay share and divide the net monies to arise from the sale of my real estates whether previously invested or not together with all accumulations thereof unto and among my children Elizabeth Nisbett, Henry Veal, Margaret Veal, William Veal, Mary Mayne, Fanny Maria Monk and Alfred Thomas Veal in equal shares and proportions but if either of my said children shall die in the lifetime of my said Wife leaving a child or children him or her surviving I direct that the share of him or her so dying shall be paid to his or her child if only one or to and equally among his or her children if more than one

[signed] Andrew Veal

[f.2] or such of them as shall attain the age of twenty one years when and as they shall respectively attain that age But if any of my children shall die in the lifetime of my said Wife without leaving any issue living at his or her decease and who shall attain the age of twenty one years I direct that as well the share originally limited under the preceding trust as the shares eventually limited under this executory trust to any and every child so dying shall be paid to the others of my children in equal share Provided always that it shall be lawful for my said Trustees to apply in or towards the maintenance and education or otherwise for the benefit of each grandchild of mine entitled under the trusts aforesaid to a share not absolutely vested in the annual income of such share I direct that the share hereby given to my said Daughter Mary Mayne shall be paid into her own hands for her own absolute use and benefit independent of her present or any future husband and her receipt alone notwithstanding coverture shall be a sufficient discharge of the same I bequeath to my said Wife absolutely all the residue of my personal estate remaining after payment of my just debts my funeral and testamentary expenses devise to the said George Cross and Alfred Barton all estates if any which may at my decease be vested in me as {as} trustee or mortgagee subject to the trusts and equities affecting the same respectively I empower my said Trustees to give receipts for monies paid by Purchasers Mortgagees and others to the said Trustees which receipts shall discharge the persons taking the same from liability to see to the application of the money Provided further that when and so often as a vacancy shall occur in the Trusteeship of my Will by reason of either of my said Trustees or their successors dying or being unwilling or incompetent to act my said Wife during her life and after her decease the trustees or trustee for the time being competent to act whether intending to continue in the trust or not or if there shall be no such Trustee then my executors or administrators for the time being or either or any of them shall have power to nominate a trustee or trustees to supply the vacancy and thereupon my trust property shall be vested in the old jointly with the new Trustees or Trustee or in the new Trustees solely as the case may require Provided further that my Trustees for the time being their heirs executors and administrators shall be answerable for their own respective receipts and wilful defaults only and shall be at liberty to retain and allow to each other their respective reasonable disbursements and expenses And I appoint the said George Cross and Alfred Barton to be Executors of my Will and revoke all other Wills In witness whereof I the said Andrew Veal the Testator have to each sheet of this my last Will and Testament contained on two sheets of paper set my hand this sixteenth day of July in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty five.

[signed] Andrew Veal

This and the preceeding sheet of Paper hereto annexed were signed by the said Andrew Veal the testator as and for his last Will and testament in the joint presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses the words “from year to year” between the seventeenth and eighteenth lines from the top of the first sheet being first interlined.
Dav(id) Tho(mas) Willis Solicitor Winslow
Tho(mas) R. Brown his Clerk


Andrew Veal bought what is now 3 Market Square in 1835, paid the church rate in 1838-9, and was living there again from 1850. His daughter Margaret was running a school in 1853. Elizabeth the widow was still living there, alone, in 1861. It was sold by the surviving trustee Alfred Barton in 1869.

In the 1851 Census, Andrew Veal was said to be aged 69 and born at Tiverton, Somerset. His wife Elizabeth was born at Wendover according to the 1851 Census, or Islington (1861). His daughters Margaret and Mary, aged 26 and 24, were born at Wargrave, Oxon, but his son Alfred Thomas aged 14 was born at Winslow. In the 1841 Census, the family was recorded at Banbury. Andrew was aged 74 when he died in 1856. Elizabeth died aged 73 in 1869.

Mary Veal married Richard Mayne, gamekeeper from Winslow; they were living in Bletchington, Oxon., in 1861.

This was probably the last Winslow will to be proved by the Archdeaconry of St Albans before the probate system changed.

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