Will of Alice Tomlyn, 1559/60

Herts RO 6AR183

In dei no(m)i(n)e Amen The xxvth Daye of Februarye in the yere of our Lorde god 1559 I Alice Tomlyn sycke in bodye & whole in mynde doo make (thi)s my laste will and Testam(en)t in man(ner) & forme Followinge Fyrste I bequethe my solle to Allmightye god & my bodye to be buryed in the churche porche of Wynslowe.  It(e)m to ye mother churche of St Albans ii d. It(e)m to my p(ar)ishe churche ij busshells of wheate & ij busshells of maulte. It(e)m to ye pov(er)tye of ye p(ar)ishe halfe a quarter wheate & halfe a quarter maulte. It(e)m to ev(er)ye of my godchildren  iiij d.  It(e)m to Margerye Fuller my Russat kyrtell & to Issabell Cowper my olde rede petye Cotte. It(e)m to Joane Lamle a petyecote. It(e)m to my Syster Dorotheye my blacke kyrtell and to her chyldren a hecfer. It(e)m to Agnes Glydwell my beste kyrtell a shette a kercheffe a pyllowe bere & a Redde Cowe Bullocke of ij yere olde. It(e)m to ye Reste of my Syster Glydewells chyldren a cowe & her calffe. It(e)m to Elizabethe Nasshe my Russett gowne my beste hatte & my beste cappe. It(e)m to Will(i)am Tomlyne my sonne in Lawe my beste felte hatte my husbands beste cotte & beste dublette & a cowpple of Oxen nether the beste nor the worste.  It(e)m to John Todde a shette.  It(e)m to Thomas Cowper a shette. It(e)m to John Fuller a shette. It(e)m I will that Joane my Dowghter shall have all that was her Fathers bequeste. It(e)m I wyll that Rob(er)te my sonne shall have x li whiche Will(i)am Lane dothe owe to me & yff Will(i)am Lane dothe not kepe hys days of payement I wyll (tha)t Rob(er)te my sonne shall paye to the sayd Wyll(ia)m x li more & ye sayde Will(ia)m to gyve uppe the surrender of hys howse & Londe as yt dothe appere in hys Oblygacyon.  The Resydewe of my goods not bequethyd my debts payde my wyll fulfilled & my bodye browght on Earthe I gyve & bequethe to Rob(er)te my sonne & to Joane my Dowghter whome I make my Executors. It(e)m I wyll my Brother Glydwell and Will(i)am Parras, Anthoneye Wendylborowe, & Wyll(i)am Flatter to be Ov(er)seers of this my laste wyll & they to have for theire paynes v s a pece. It(e)m I wyll (tha)t my Brother Glydwell shall have the custodye or kepeinge of Rob(er)te my sonne and Wyll(i)am Tomlyn ye Coustodye of Joane my dowghter yf he shall use her honestlye as a Chylde ought to be or ells my Ov(er)seers to use her as they shall thinke beste  Wyttnesse Rob(er)te Webbe Will(i)am Lane John Todde and Thomas Cowper wythe others

Probate  21 April 1559 to Thomas Glidwell of Sowthorne Oxon in the minority of the named executors. [Part of the text obscured on the microfilm]

Inventory of Alice Tomlyn, 1559/60

Herts RO A25/443

The Inventory of all ye goods & Cattell w(hi)c(h) Alyce Tomlyn had at ye tyme off her death w(ho) decessyd ye xiiij day off March anno dni M D lix praysed by George Bosten Rob(er)t Elyat Thomas Tomlyn & John Cowper

In primis xxiiij pecys of pewt(er) & one pewt(er) pott p(ri)ce
xiiij s viij d
It(em) in brasse a panne iij kettylls iiij potts & a posnet
xxvj s viij d
It(em) a spytt a payre of cobbards a payr(e) of pott hoks a gredyern a fyer forke a fryeng pan & a gosspan
v s
It(em) an olde pan
ij s iij d
It(em) a butt(er) cherne & iiij chesfatts
xx d
It(em) ij axys ij bylls ij hatchets ij chayrs vj stolys
ix s
It(em) ij olde cupbords & a table
v s
It(em) a featherbed a mattresse ij bolst(er)s ii pyllowys ii pyllow berys iiij coverletts & ij blancketts
xxvj s
It(em) x payr off shets iij table clothes & ij towells
xx s
It(em) viij kercheffs
iiij s
It(em) vj yards off new cloth and a redde pety cote
x s
It(em) xiiij li candell & x li tallow
v s ij d
It(em) in grese
xij d
It(em) xviij chesys
iiij s vij d
It(em) a chese rack & chese borde
xx d
It(em) a presse
xij d
It(em) iij bedsteds
iij s iiij d
It(em) iij cofers
iij s iiij d
It(em) ij winnow cloths & v sacks
vij s
It(em) iij stone & iij li off hempe
iij s vj d ob
It(em) iiij li yarn
viij d
It(em) \viij/ bords ij plancks, a joyned forme and a querne
xvij s
It(em) ii Iron raks x sponys
xij d
It(em) iii nawgars & a passer
vj d
It(em) a yelyng fatt & iij barrels
iiij s viij d
It(em) arke & iij kyvers
ij s viij d
It(em) stole a lyttel tubbe and a lyttell barrel
xij d
It(em) vj payted clothes
iiij s
It(em) a hangyng & curtens for a bedde
vj s viij d
It(em) a hammer a payr off pynsers a handsaw & olde Iron
xvj d
It(em) vij bacon flycches
xx s
It(em) a kowle a dray & a plancke
xvj d
It(em) ij planks a bord ij lytell pecys
x d
It(em) iiij fells
xxj d
[col. 2]
It(em) a saltyng trowgh a borde a chese presse ij carte bodyes a grete stole a kever ij erthen pans
v s
It(em) v payr off harnesse iij collers and ij cart saddells
v s
It(em) xj todde of wolle
viij li vij s iiijd
It(em) xv li off blacke wolle
v s
It(em) lookys & broken wolle
ij s iiij d
It(em) a olde fatt & a olde hutch
ij s
It(em) a heyr for a kyll
iij s
It(em) v oxen
viij li vj s viij d
It(em) a brynded cow & her calfe
xxx s
It(em) a olde vallow cow & her calfe
xx s
It(em) a whyght faced cow
xxv s
It(em) a olde cow
xviij s
It(em) a olde lame cow
vj s viij d
It(em) a red hecfor
xij s
It(em) ij bullocks off ij yere olde
xvj s
It(em) ij yerelyng calfes
iiij s
It(em) a blacke mare
xxvj s viij d
It(em) a olde dun[?] mare
xiij s iiij d
It(em) a hors colt off ij yere olde
xx s xl d
It(em) a hors colt off a yere olde
viij s
It(em) a dun[?] mare colt
xx s
It(em) a mare colt off a yere olde
iiij s
It(em) x hoggs & storys
xxix s iiij d
It(em) fyer wodde
xiij s
It(em) a hogge trowgh & other trasshe
ij s
It(em) x hens & a cocke & one capon vi dux and a drake
iiij s ix d
It(em) ii bottells
ij s
It(em) a berlepe
xij d
It(em) a fan syffs and scuttels
vj d
It(em) ii sholfes & a dongforke
ix d
It(em) a plowgh & ye yerns
iiij s
It(em) a shode cart
xxxiij s iiij d
It(em) ij dung carts
x s
It(em) iiij pyckforcks
xij d
It(em) a sylver spone & a kyng
iij s viij d
It(em) russell[?] apron
viij d
It(em) in whete a quart(er) & di(midium)
xviij s
It(em) in barley v quart(ers)
xlv s
It(em) in benys iij quart(ers)
xxiiij s
It(em) in otys x bosshells
vij s viij d
It(em) in old pesn x bosshells
x s
It(em) ye tymber off a hovell
ij s viij d
It(em) a scaffold w(i)t(h) hay upon yt
v s
It(em) a nother scaffold w(i)th hay
ij s viij d
It(em) in malte & barle vi quart(ers) di(midium)
lviij s vj d
It(em) vij acres & a di(midium) off benys
xxv s


Alice was the widow of Thomas Tomlyn, d.1558.

Lamle: Lambe?

sonne in Lawe: i.e. stepson

Sowthorne = Souldern

chesfatts: i.e. cheese vats

ob = halfpenny (obolus)

nawgars = augers

passer = nail-passer: an awl or gimlet (OED)

yelyng fatt = gyle-fat: the vat in which the wort is left to ferment, for brewing (OED)

kowle = cowl: a tub or large vessel for water (OED, cowl n.2)

dray: a sled or cart without wheels, for dragging wood, turf, etc. (OED, dray n.1, 1a)

todde: a tod was usually 2 stone of wool (OED, tod n.2, 1a)

lookys = locks, i.e. loose fragments of wool (OED, lock n.1, 2)

heyr for a kyll: hair-cloth for a kiln (for malting)

vallow = fallow: pale brown or reddish yellow (OED, fallow, adj.1)

dun: the letters are followed by an elaborate abbreviation mark, perhaps for dunne or dunnish

berlepe = bearleap: a carrying basket (OED)

scuttels: probably baskets for sifting or winnowing corn (OED, scuttle n.2.2a)

sholfes = shovels

kyng: unidentified. Perhaps a (foreign?) coin with a king's head?

russell: If this word is read as russell, it would probably mean russet; if it is ruffell, it would probably mean ruffled, i.e. with a lace ruffle, although the OED only has C17 occurrences of this usage.

di(midium) = half



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