Will of John Thomelyn, 1429

Winslow Manor Court Books, pp.520-1

The will of John Thomelyn was proved before Br. William Alnewyke, Cellarer and Commissary in this office, whose tenor follows in these words:

In the name of God amen. I, John Thomlyn, being of sound mind, make my will in this way. First I bequeath my soul to almighty God, etc., and my body to be buried in the Graveyard of St. Laurence of Wynslow. Likewise I bequeath to the church 6s 8d. And to the light of the Holy Cross 12d. Likewise to each light of the church 1 bushel of barley. Likewise to the Convent of St Albans 2s. Likewise to each one lifted by my hands from the holy font 1 bushel of barley. Likewise to the Friars of Dunstaple 12d. Likewise to the Friars of Aylesbury 12d. Likewise to the Augustinian Friars of Oxford 12d. Likewise to the Carmelites of Oxford 12d. Likewise to the sons of my son Thomas 2 bushels of dredge. Likewise to John Coton and his wife 12d. Likewise to John Hosteler and Emma his wife 8d. Likewise for repairing a lane 12d. Likewise for repairing the northern road 12d. Likewise for repairing the road next to the Cross 12d. Likewise to Alice my daughter 6s 8d. Likewise to John the son of my daughter, my grandson, 1 bushel of corn. Likewise to John Hogges a half-acre to sow with barley. Likewise to the same John a half-acre of land to sow with beans. Likewise to Agnes my daughter for her marriage 40s. Likewise I wish that William the elder son will give her 20s. I ordain and appoint Juliana my wife and William, Thomas and Stephen my sons as executors, that they may dispose in the best way they think most pleasing to God for my soul. The residue of my goods I leave to my wife.

And administration of this will was granted to them and the oath was taken, etc.


The wills of John's wife Juliana and three sons William, Thomas (Peers) and Stephen are also preserved.




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