Will of Juliana Thomelyn, 1438

Herts RO 1AR31

[translated from Latin]

In (the name) of God, etc. I Juliana Thomelyn, of healthy mind, etc., on the day of St Paul AD 1437. Item to the monastery of St Albans 6d. Item to the vicar there 6s 8d. Item to St Laurence 2d. Item to the Blessed Mary 2d. Item to the Blessed Mary in the church 2d. Item to the Blessed Mary in the same church 2d. Item to each of the 4 altars 2d. Item to the Trinity 2d. Item to the high altar[?] 2d. Item to the clerk 2d. Item to John Childe my grandson [illegible]. The residue of my goods I give to William Thomelyn my son whom I ordain my executor.


The date would be 25 Jan 1438/9 if it means the Conversion of St Paul, or 30 June 1438 for the Beheading. The original will was summarised very briefly in the register, and "the vicar there" probably means the vicar of Winslow, who at this date was probably Henry Tomlyn. "In the church" means in the body of the church rather than the chancel. There were separate altars of Mary and Mary in Purification.

Juliana was the widow of John Thomlyn, d.1429. He was also known as John Peers alias Thommes. When he died, a messuage and virgate, with other land in Winslow and Shipton, was inherited by his eldest son William Peers alias Thomlyn. He also made a deathbed surrender to his son Stephen Peers alias Thomlyn of a shop and 10 acres of land in Winslow and Shipton (WMCB pp.516-18).

high altar: the Latin reads sum(m)o qua', which makes no sense.


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