Will of Richard Snowe of Shipton, yeoman, 1636

Herts RO 78AW22

In the name of god Amen. The sixth day of Maye anno D(omi)ni 1636
I Richard Snowe of Shipton in the county of Bucks yeoman beeing
sicke in bodie, but in p(er)fect memorie (god be praysed for it) do make this
my last will and testament in maner and forme following: First I bequeth
my soule unto Allmightie god, who created me and redeemed me by his
sone Jesus Christ, by whose merites onely I trust to obtaine remission
of my sinnes, and consequently eternal life in the kingdom of heaven,
And my bodie to be decently buried in the Churchyard of Winslowe
As touching such worldly goods as god hath lent me I give unto Sara
my wife one table and froome in the parlour, two bedsteeds in the chamber
over the hall, two fetherbedds, two bolsters, two coverletts, two paire
of blankets, two pillows, one chaire, one woollbedd in the p(ar)lour halfe
of all my brasse and pewter, and all my linen, two barrells and two
tubbs. Item I give to my daughter Katherine one table & frame in the
hall, one hoggshead  and a fatt and a chest. Item I give unto my brother
Edward Snow the su(m)me of fortie shillings and a shute of my apparell
Item I give to the rest of my brothers & sisters ten shillings a peece and to my
kinsman & godson Richard Snow twentie shillings. Item I give to the poore
of the parish fortie shillings. Item I give to my three servants ten shillings
a peece. Item I give unto Sara my wife twentie pownds in money, three
kine, and half of my wood and timber, and ten sheepe. Item I give to my
two grandchildren Richard Phipps and Richard Glenister twentie
shillings a peece, and to the other three children of Raph Phippes
twentie shillings among them. The rest of my goods and chattels unbe-
queathed I give unto my sone in law William Glenister, whom I ordaine
to be my sole Executor, and my beloved brother John Snow, and my
loving friend William Glenister the elder Overseers of this my last
will and testament, that the same may be p(er)formed \and to either of them I give ten shillings for their paines/  in witnesse whereof
I have hereunto set my hand and seale the day and year above written.

                                                                Richard Snow
                                                                    his marke

Witnesses hereunto
Rob(er)t Maynwaring &
John Snowe [mark]

[Probate at St Albans on 27 May 1636 to William Glenister, executor]

Inventory of Richard Snow, 1636

Herts RO A25/3292

[The original document uses Roman numerals]

A true and p(er)fect Inventorie of all the goods and chattells of Richard Snow late of Shipton in the County of Bucks yeoman, made the xiijth day of May, 1636 by Peter Fyge, Thomas Steevens, and John Snow

Inprimis in the hall a table & frame a fourme, two chaires, two stooles, and a litle square table with a frame
Item two pothangers, a fire shovell & toongs, and a paire of bellowes
Ite(m) in the p(ar)lour two fetherbedds, one bolster, three pillowes, two coverletts, three blanketts, and five curtains
Ite(m) one table & frame, two stooles, a cubboard table & a chaire and two coffers
Ite(m) in the sellor one hogshead four barrells, a cherne, a fatt, a tubb, a kiver, with fourmes and some other lumber
Ite(m) in the chamber over the hall, two bedsteeds a truckle bed a square table & frame and a chest
Ite(m) a fetherbed, a woollbed, two bolsters, three blanketts, and a coverlet
Ite(m) an other woollbed, a flockbed, a bolster, a coverlet & a blanket
Ite(m) a chaire, two wheeles, a flasket, with some other lumber
Ite(m) in the inner chamber, a cubbord, two coffers, cheeses and cheese-boards with certain other implements
Ite(m) xiiij paire of sheets, four paire of pillowbeers
Ite(m) five table cloathes, a dozen & halfe of napkins & towells
Ite(m) two peices of new wollen cloth
Ite(m) in the kitchin three brasse potts, five kettles, four brass pans, a chafing dish three candlesticks, a mortar, and two scimmers
Ite(m) a dozen of pewter platters w(i)th other small peices of pewter
Ite(m) spitts, dripping pan, a pair of andyrons, and potthangers
Ite(m) a cheese presse, four tubbes, four bucketts with some other lumber
Ite(m) the bacon
Ite(m) in the bolting house, a malt mill, two hutches, w(i)th other lumber
Ite(m) corne & graine threshed & unthreshed, with malt
Item hay in the barne
Ite(m) a hovell with timber and wood
Item boards, hirdles, ladders, and troughes
Ite(m) two long carts, two dung carts, three paire of wheeles, with plow, harrowes, and other implements of husbandrie
Ite(m) five carte mares with their furniture, and two colts
Ite(m) ten kine and five swine
Ite(m) four score & seven sheepe
Ite(m) the croppe on the ground
Ite(m) the powltrie about the house
Item money in the house and owing by bands
Item his own apparrell
Item a fat a haire cloth a winow shete, a bushell, sacks & shep racks

Peter Fyge Sen
William Lowndes
Thomas Stevens
John Snow [mark]

[Presented 27 May 1636 by William Glenister, executor]


The total of the inventory was not given but comes to £316 6s.

flasket: long shallow basket or washing tub (OED)

Richard Snow, bap. 1573, was one of the sons of John Snow, d.1592. He was buried on 11 May 1636. His daughter Katherine was baptised on 4 June 1609, and married Ralph Phipps on 29 Jan 1628/9. In 1633, Richard entailed his land to Katherine and her heirs, listing his holdings in the document: Snow entail.

Richard's other daughters were Agnes (bap. 4 June 1609, bur. 24 Feb 1612/13) and Joan (bap. 29 Feb 1613/14, m. William Glenister 20 Nov 1631). His widow Sarah was buried on 21 March 1650/1.

There was a dispute about the will in the court of the Archdeacon of St Albans. On 2 April 1636 it was recorded that nothing should be done to Richard Snowe's goods without notifying Ralph Phips the husband of Katherine Snowe (Herts RO ASA7/31, f.9). On 14 May William Glenister presented the original will at St Albans (f.10v). On 27 May the will was proved and administration granted to William Glenister (f.11v). On 11 June witnesses were examined and Phipps did not appear (f.12v). On 9 July William Glenister's request for the Phipps case to be dismissed was granted (f.14v).