Will of Ann Read of Whaddon, widow, 1821 (proved 1834)

Centre for Bucks Studies D/A/Wf/118/96

The provisions of the will are summarised below; most are not relevant to Winslow

To Thomas Bennett (son of my Nephew Thomas Bennett): my inclosed Close of Copyhold Land in the Parish of Winslow now or late in the tenure of Francis Budd, his undertenants or assigns. To hold for his life subject to the payment of the legacy of £100 to John Bennett (son of my late nephew John Bennett deceased) in yearly instalments of £10. After Thomas' decease, to the heirs of his body, and in default of such issue to his right heirs.

[added in a different hand, presumably Ann's own]: I give to Ann Bennett the daughter of William Bennett by Frances his wife £50

[p.2] Also to Thomas: my copyhold messuage in the parish of Whaddon now in the occupation of James Capell, with the orchard adjoining now in my own occupation, and the garden adjoining, part in my own occupation and part in James Capell's, and the parts of the barns there now in the occupations of James Capell and my nephew William Bennett.

To my niece Ann wife of Benjamin Willis: my inclosed close of copyhold pasture or meadow in the parish of Winslow now in the tenure of Richard Barton, his undertenants or assigns.  And my copyhold messuage in the parish of Whaddon now in the tenure of John Carter, with the barn near the garden situate below the barn, and the piece of garden ground extending half over the well, with the use of the well jointly with the owners of the other premises adjoining.

To my nephew William Bennett: my inclosed piece of freehold ground in the parish of Swanbourn
[p.3] in the tenure of John Brise or his undertenants adjoining the turnpike road leading from Aylesbury to Winslow with the barn and other buildings standing thereon, subject to the payment of a moiety of the annuity of £15 and the right of way hereinafter mentioned.

To my nephew Benjamin Bennett: my lower inclosed piece of freehold land in Swanbourne adjoining the last piece, also in the occupation of John Brise, with liberty of ingress etc. for William Bennett by a road or track commencing from a gate adjoining the turnpike road and continuing in a straight line to a gate separating the several pieces of land.
Subject to the payment of a moiety of the annuity of £15.

[p.4] To my brother John Bennett for his life: an annuity of £15.
To my nephew William Bennett: my copyhold messuage in the parish of Whaddon with the small garden adjoining now in his own occupation and the barn standing thereon in the occupation of John Carter.
To my said nephew Thomas Bennett (son of my brother John Bennett): the rest of my freehold and copyhold messuages, lands etc. in the parish of Whaddon and Nash including the farm and premises now in my own occupation.
[p.5] To hold for his life subject to the payment of an annuity of £12 to my brother John Bennett for his life.
In case Mary the wife of John should survive him, I give her for her life as long as she remains a widow the annuity of £12.
After the decease of Thomas, to his son Thomas.
[p.6]  Charged also with an annuity of £12 to Ann wife of my nephew Thomas Bennett if she survives her husband.
To my brother John Bennett, John Bennett son of my late nephew Thomas, and to my nephews Benjamin and William Bennett the legacy of £20 each.

To Ann Bennett daughter of my nephew Thomas Bennett £50 to be paid when she is 21
[p.7] with 5% interest until then.

To my niece Ann the wife of Benjamin Willis all my wearing apparel and ornaments of my person, Chest of Drawers best feather Bed Bedstead Bolster Pillows and White Counterpane thereunto belonging.

To Thomas Bennett son of my nephew Thomas Bennett all the stock of sheep (if any) which belong to me at my decease.

The residue to my nephew Thomas Bennett, who is appointed sole executor.

Signed 21 April 1821
Witnesses: Thomas Strange
Martha Strange
Dav(id) Norris

[cover] Testatrix died 1st July 1834
Sent to Chas Willis & Son Solrs Winslow by Wheeler 7[?] July 1835

1834 8th October The Executor within named was sworn as usual and that the personal Estate of the deceased is under the value of three hundred pounds before me - C Kipling Surrogate

Proved the 8th day of October 1834 Before The Reverend Charles Kipling Clerk Surrogate by the Oath of Thomas Bennett the Nephew and sole Executor to whom Administration was committed he being first sworn duly to administer.


Ann Bennett aged 21 married Thomas Reade, dairyman, aged 25, at East Claydon in 1770. He was probably Thomas Read of Bottle Claydon, dairyman, d.1774.

In 1790 Ann Read of Bottle Claydon, widow, acquired from John Bennett the elder of East Claydon, dairyman (who bought it in 1775), enclosure lot 52 containing 11a 2r 4p (now the site of Lakers Nursery), in the occupation of George Carpenter. This was assessed for Land Tax at 18s 3¾d, and in 1832 it was occupied by George Carpenter.

Ann acquired the other piece of land, bequeathed to Ann Willis, before 1786 (Land Tax 9s 8d). In 1832 it was occupied by Alfred Barton.

She was living in Whaddon by 1791 when she made a surrender to will. She was also mortgagee of the Rose and Crown, 1777-9.

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