Will of Thomas Norman, butcher, 1587 (proved 1588)

Herts RO 7AR122

The xxiiijth day of November 1587 And in the xxxth yeare of the Reigne of  our
Sovereigne Lady Queen Elizabeth that now is

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Norman beinge sycke in body but whole
in Sowle thanks be to god do make this my last will and Testament in maner and
forme followinge First I bequeathe my Sowle into the hands of Almighty god my
maker, and my body to be buryed in the Churcheyarde of Wynslo. Item I geve and

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bequeathe unto Anne  my wyfe my house and my land lyinge and beinge w(i)thin the
manor of Wynslo for the terme of xxj yeares. And then after the terme of xxj yeares, I geve it unto my 
Chylde be it sonne or daughter to it and to their heires for ever after the manner and
Custome of the Lordship of Wynslo. And if it fortunes that my Chylde shoulde dye before
it comes to the age of xxj Then I will that my wyfe Anne shall have the house and the
land for the terme of xxj yeares after the decease of my Chylde and ther after the terme
of the saide xxj years, Then the house and land shall go unto my brother Michael and to
his heires for ever Item I give and bequeathe unto my Chylde Two tables standing upon
frames, and a ioyned form and a ioyned Coffer and they to be as standards to the house
and my heire to  have them Item I geve unto my Chylde in money the Sum of vj li xiij s iiij d
at the term of xxj years and if it fortune my Chylde to dye before it comes to the age
of xxj years, Then I will my wyfe to have the said vj li xiij s iiij d. Item I geve unto my
Chylde my great Clever, but  if it fortune that it dye, That then I will my brother
Michael shall have the said Clever. Item I geve my mother Hogson xx li. All the rest of
my goods unbequeathed my debts paid and my funeral kepte, I geve unto my wyfe Anne.
And I make my wyfe my full Executrix of this my last will . And I make my Overseers
Robert Norman and John Trapes, and they to have for their paynes xij d a pece
Debts that I Thomas Norman Do owe. Item I owe Robert Norman xvij s vj d

Wh(ereas) that there was a mortall surrender delivered into the handes of Nicholas Spooner al(ia)s
Lunt and Robert Norman for the behoofe of the Chylde of the said Thomas Norman and
for the behoofe of Anne his wyfe if the Chylde shall dye before, That then the said Anne
his wyfe to have it after the decease of the Chylde for the terme of xxj years. And after
said terme of xxj years that then his brother Michael to have it to him and his heires forever,

witness of this last will and Surrender, Nicholas Spooner al(ia)s Lunt John
Trapes gent Robert Norman Robert Daunce Cl(e)r(icus)

[Probate 3 Jan 1587/8 to Anne Norman widow and executrix in the person of William Davyes her proxy.]

Inventory of Thomas Norman, butcher, 1587

Herts RO A25/1205

An Inventorye of all the goods debtts and cattels of Thomas Norman of Wynslow deaseased made and praysed by John Shelton Robart Norman and Will(ia)m Davers the xxx of December 1587 And in the xxxth year of the Reigne of our Sov(er)aign Laydy Queen Elizabeth

In The Haule
In primis a Joyned cubbard
xiij s iiij d
It(e)m the pewter standing upon the cubbard
xiij s iiij d
It(e)m two Joyned tables \a forme/ a chest and an old bested iij stooles
xx s
In the kychen
It(e)m ij brasse potts iij kettells one Tube a kyver an Iron dripping panne w(i)th other lumber
x s
In the Chamber
It(e)m a Ioyned bedsted w(i)th a trucklebed a fetherbed a bolster ij pillows an old cov(er)lit a Littill chest a c(h)amber pott of pewter a Littill boxe
xx s
In the Loft
It(e)m a chesse rack
iiij d
It(e)m iiij paire of shetts iiij napkins iij table clothes ij pillowbares
xx s
It(e)m his apparel
xl s
It(e)m a Cov(er)lit and two blankits
xiij s iiij d
It(e)m iij Littill jogges
xv s
It(e)m a buchers staule
xvj d
It(e)m wood in the yard
iij s iiij d
In the Stables
It(e)m haye and peason
x s
It(e)m a mare
x s
It(e)m a cowe
xx s
In the Barne
It(e)m barley & a litttill Rye & a ladder
xxv s viij d
It(e)m in the fyld sowed ij yards of wheat
viij s
It(e)m ij clevers and a block
iij s
It(e)m a Querne & a littill rope
x s
It(e)m ij pare of potangers a pare of pothokes a pare of bellows a littill pare of Andirons a chere & ij littill stoles
v s
It(e)m vj hens & a cock
ij s iiij d
It(e)m in the chest in ready monye
xj li xiij s iiij d
Sum(m)a totalis xxiiij li xviij s iiij d

[Presented by William Davyes proxy of Anne Norman widow & executrix 3 Jan 1587/8]


Thomas Norman was the eldest son of Richard Norman alias Capper, butcher, d.1571. He was probably the Thomas Norman bap. 22 April 1566 although this means he married unusually young. He married Ann Spooner alias Lunt on 9 Jan 1586/7. He was buried at Winslow on 12 Feb 1587/8 (was the funeral delayed until the child was born?). His son Thomas was baptised on 21 Feb 1587/8.

Ann (bap. 1562) was the daughter of Nicholas Lunt alias Spooner, smith, d.1591, and therefore the sister-in-law of William Davies/Davers who acted as her proxy. However, she was not mentioned in her father's will.

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