Will of Richard Norman alias Capper, butcher, 1571

Herts RO 6AR20

The text has been transcribed from a printout of a microfilm, and the ends of the lines are very hard to read because the book is tightly bound.

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In the name of god amen.  The xxth daye of Julye an(n)o d(om)in(i) 1571 I Rycharde
Norman al(ia)s Capper of the p(ar)ishe of Winslowe in the countye of Bucks butcher
doo make this my laste will & testament in man(ner) & forme following.  Fyrste I
bequethe my soule to almyghtye god & my bodye to be buried in the Churche
yarde of Winslowe.  Item I bequethe to the mother Churche of St. Albans [ij d?]
Item I geve to the Reparac(i)ons of the Churche of Winslowe iij s iiij d.   And I geve
the pore mens boxe there iij s iiij d.  Concerninge the dispo(si)cion of my howses &
londes in ye p(ar)ishe of Winslowe  Fyrste I geve myne howse I nowe dwell in
unto Thomas my eldest Sonne w(i)th all & singular the appurtenances thereto [belongyng?]
together w(i)th vj arable londs longe on the furlong com(m)only called [..]rst[ - - ]
& one acre lyinge in nether weste furlong & one other more of arable grounde
l(y)ing over short  Costemore  Item I geve unto Michaell my Sonne after[?] my wifes
deceasse my howse I purchased of Thomas Wenylboro[?] w(i)th the appurtenances
thereto belonging & an acre of arable grounde thereunto adioyning [ - - ]
lee lienge norweste[?] of werg[??] to Adyngton nexte unto the brige[?]

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 and one halfe acre lyenge in Hollowfurrowe.   And I will that my wife [shall have]
&  peaceably enjoye myne howse I nowe dwell in untyll my Sonne [Mychaell?]
shall accomplishe the agee of xxj yeres my wife payinge unto my ex[ecutors]
then living equallye betweene them the Sum(m)e of iij li of lawfull [englyshe]
monye  I geve also unto my wife that londe wh(i)ch I have layde unto [the said]
howse that my sonne Mychaell shall have during her lyfe.  Item I [geve]
& bequethe unto Alyes my dawghter xij li of lawfull englyshe mo[ney]
one dosen of pewter my greate brasse panne & my beste brasse pote [a  payre?]
of shetes a table clothe & the goverment of her & her porc(i)on shall rem[ayne]
w(i)th my wyffe untyll my dawghter come to the agee of xviij yeres.  And y[f my]
wyffe happen to dep(ar)t this worlde before my dawghter Alys come to ye ag[ee of]
xviij then her porc(i)on to remayne w(i)th my brother Roberte Norman he provy[ding]
sufycyent suertyes to myne overseares of this my will & testament for [the?]
same p(er)formance of the same stocke & porc(i)on.  Item I appoynte mr Mycha[ell]
Wendov(er) to gather uppe &  receave the Som(m)e of xxiij li vj s viij d of [lawfull?]
englyshe money w(hi)ch Anthonye Wendelbrow Anthonye Jacson  & William
Tomlyn of the p(ar)ishe of Winslow doo stande bounde to paye quarterlye as
playnelye apperethe by oon Obligacion made betwene me & them b[earing]
date the xijth daye of Februarye an(n)o nono Regine nostre Elyzabe[the]
the w(hi)ch  Oblygac(i)on  I will shalbe delyverede unto the sayde mr Wend[over]
im(m)edyatlye after my decease & the sayde Michaell Wendov(er) to paye [ - - ]
the same somme of xxiij li vj s viij d of lawefull englyshe monye
to my forsayde ij Sonnes Thomas & Michaell by even porcions [at?]
what tyme theye shall accompliyshe the agee of xxi yeres as my t[rust]
is in him  Also I geve to my sayde iij children Thomas Michaell & A[lys]
xx shepe a pece the w(hi)ch I will have remayne w(i)th the sayde mr Wend[over]
to halfes[?] untyll my sayde children come to lawefull agee & then
to paye them theyre porc(i)ons w(i)th the increase thereof & the sayde mr
Wendov(er) shall stand bounde in an Oblygac(i)on  of xl li of lawefull engly[she]
monye unto the reste of my oversears of this my laste will & testament
the true p(er)formance of the same stocke & porcion p(ro)vided yf any of my
Children dep(ar)te this worlde before theye come to lawfull agee as is [aforesaid?]
then his or her p(ar)te to remayne emonge the reste then lyvinge equally to [be]
devyded & yf my wyffe shall happen to dep(ar)te before my Children come
to lawfull agee then my will is they shalbe kepte[?] by  them that have t[heir]
porc(i)ons they haveinge[?] lawfull  & reasonable allowance after[?] [ - - - - ]
Item I geve & bequethe to Dorithe Forreste for her paynes tackinge  ij p(re)[ - - ]
The Resydewe of my goods I geve & bequethe  to Agnis my wife whome I [make]
my full & lawfull executrixe to se this my laste will & testament p(er)for[med]
my detts payde & my children honestly brought upp untyll the come to f[ull]
agee yf she shall so longe lyve  and I make myne ov(er)seres of this my will [&]
Testamente mr Michaell Wendov(er) Rycharde Edmonds & Walter Hawkins
In wittnes whearof I have to this my p(re)sente laste will & testament sett my [hande]
& seale in the p(re)sence of Thomas Norman   Robert Norman   Wal[ter]
Hawkins Rychard Edmonds & Michael Wendov(er)  w(i)t(h)  other  mo

[Probate granted 27 July 1571 to the executrix]

Inventory of Richard Norman alias Cappar

Herts RO A25/711

There are two copies of the inventory, in different hands

The Inventorie of all the goods & cattells of Richard Norman alias Cappar late of Winslowe in the cou(n)tie of Buck, Butcher disceased praysed the [blank] Daye of September a(nn)o 1571. by Will(ia)m Tomlyne Walter Hawkens Will(ia)m Lane & John Brickell

In the haule.

Imp(r)imis ix great pewter platters ix s
It(e)m xvj smale pewter platters x s
It(e)m iiij porringers xij d
It(e)m viij saucers ij s
It(e)m iiij smale pewter potts xviij d
It(e)m v pewter salts xv d
It(e)m x pewter spoones ij d
Item ij great brasse pannes & a great kettle xiiij s
It(e)m iiij smale kettells & a posnett ij s viij d
It(e)m one chaffinge dishe vj d
It(e)m iiij brasse potts vij s iiij d
It(e)m iij kettells v s
It(e)m vj candelsticks xviij d
It(e)m one little brasse morter viij d
It(e)m ij tablles w(i)th the frames, one forme & vij ioyned stooles x s viij d
It(e)m ij benches & one little ioyned stoole & a little chayer xij d
It(e)m one cupbord v s
It(e)m the paynted clothes & v quisshions ij s viij d
It(e)m one pene for hens, one spyning whele one payer of bellowes & a cradell ij s
It(e)m iij earthen dishes iij d
In the Chambre beneath.
It(e)m one treadell bede w(i)th one old bolster & an old coverlet iij s
It(e)m xij payre of sheets xxiiij s
It(e)m iij keverletts viij s
It(e)m iiij coffers iiij s
His Apparell
It(e)m iij coats ij clokes & ij dubletts xx s
It(e)m one freise gowne, one lether jorkyne & one payer of hose iiij s
It(e)m one hatt & ij shirts iiij s iiij d
It(e)m one bowe & vj Arrowes, one sword, one dagger , & one black byll iiij s
In the Chamber over the haule
It(e)m one Fetherbed, iij bolsters, one pillowe xviij s
It(e)m one old mattryse, iij old blancketts & a bedstead w(i)th a testerne x s
It(e)m one table w(i)th a Frame & a Forme iiij s
It(e)m one other longe framed table iiij s iiij d
It(e)m ij bedsteds more vj s
It(e)m vj tubbs a charne a payle & a buckett iiij s iiij d
It(e)m iiij meels & a cover ij s
It(e)m one boultinge hutche & a salting trough ij s
It(e)m one busshell & a cove(r) xij d
It(e)m one little taybill vj d
It(e)m ij little spits, a little payer of cobyrons, one gosse pane & a frying panne iij s iiij d
It(e)m ij lether bottells xij d
It(e)m one Dosene of trenchers vj treene Disshes and one treene platter iiij d
It(e)m iiij Dossen of trenchers iiij d
In the Chamber over the butterye
It(e)m one little Fate ij s viij d
It(e)m one old arck viij d
It(e)m ij coffers ij s viij d
It(e)m ij lynnen wheeles viij d
It(e)m xvj pound of lynnen yearne ij s viij d
It(e)m xij pound of woollen yearne vj s
In the shoppe
It(e)m ij cleavers ij s
It(e)m one payre of iron scalles xvj d
It(e)m xxxij li of leade wayghtes xvj d
It(e)m one cheese presse ij d
It(e)m ij loads of haye vj s viij d
It(e)m iij Joggs of barley xij [s]
It(e)m iij Joggs of pease x s
It(e)m viij loads of underwoode xvj s
It(e)m in tymber blockes xxvj s viij d
It(e)m iij todd & a halfe of woolle xlvj s viij d
It(e)m ij hoggs x s
It(e)m one sowe & iij shoots x s
It(e)m one cock & iiij hennes x d
It(e)m ij kyne xl s
It(e)m one nagg xxvj s viij d
It(e)m iij score sheepe xij li x li
It(e)m in mony vj li xiij s iiij d
It(e)m in Debts owing unto him xxiij li vj s viij d
Summa total(is) cu(m) Debit(is) [blank]


Richard Norman was buried at Winslow on 20 July 1571 (perhaps this was the date of his death rather than his burial). He married Agnes Clarke on 23 July 1565 (she d.1609; see Agnes Hogson). His daughter Alice was baptised in Oct 1568. His son Thomas died in 1587, and his son Michael (bap. 1570) in 1603/4.

an(n)o nono: 1567

freise = frieze: a kind of coarse woollen cloth (OED , s.v. frieze n.1.1)

black byll. OED, s.v. bill n.1: "An obsolete military weapon used chiefly by infantry; varying in form from a simple concave blade with a long wooden handle, to a kind of concave axe with a spike at the back and its shaft terminating in a spear-head; a halberd. Distinct forms of bills seem to have been painted or varnished in different colours; hence the black bills and brown bills of the 16th and 17th centuries."

meel = meal: a vessel, tub or bucket (OED)

Fate = vat

"Jogg" is not in the OED, but it occurs in The Weather Diaries of Sir John Wittewronge (1686), where it means a small cartload. There are some other examples where it is spelled "jog". Based on the value, it appears to be about 8-10 bushels here.