Will of Richard Knyghte, husbandman, 1547


In the name of god amen the iijrd Day of May the yere of owr Lorde god 1547; I Richarde Knyghte of the p(ar)ishe of St Lawrence in Wynselowe husbandeman beying sicke in my body and hole in my sowle I thanke Jh(es)u Do ordeyn and make this my last wyll and Testament in man(er) and forme folowynge First I bequeath my sowle to allmyghtie god  owr lady saynct Mary and to all the blessyd company of heavyn and my bodye to be buryed within {thin} the churchyard of saynct Lawrence in Wynselowe aforesaid It(e)m I bequeath to the hygh Awllter for my Tythes neclygentely forgotten j Busshell of wheat It(e)m I bequeathe to o(u)r lady awltar wythin the said church j Busshell of wheat It(e)m to ye Roode lyght and the sepulcre lyght j Busshell of wheat It(e)m to the bells j Busshell of wheat Barly It(e)m to the torchis j Busshell of Barly It(e)m I bequeath to Joane and Maryone my daughters iij Acres of Barly and that to be equally devydyd bytwyxt theym boyth It(e)m I bequeath to the said Johane and Maryone iij yards of wheat lying at weste well of Mr Waytts lande, & that to be equally devydyd betwyxt theym in lyke manner the resydewe of my goods moveable or unmoveable not gyffyn nor bequeathed I do gyve theym holly to Alyce my wyffe, whome I do make my sole Executrix to se my debts and bequests paid and my body honestly brought to the earthe, to the p(er)formance of this my last wyll these beyng wytnes Thomas Graunge Clerk and curate theyr Thomas Cowp(er) of Sheyptone Jhon Brynsthall Robert Knyght wyth other more.

[Probate granted 2 June 1547 to Alice, widow and executrix.]

Inventory of Richard Knyghte, 1547


Thys ys ye Inventory of Ry(char)d Knyghte mayde ye xixth day of Maye in ye fyrst yeyre of ye Reynge of o(u)r sov(er)aine lorde Edwarde ye syxte & p(ra)yssyde by fowre Indeferre(n)t men (tha)t ys to say Thom(a)s Thorne, Thom(a)s Honende[?], Wyll(ia)m Parrootte, Rog(er) Schelttone
In primis in ye chambere all thyngs a owbuttyde to ye valewe off
x s
It(em) in ye halle
vj s viij d
It(e)m ij kyne
xxvi s viij d
It(em) vj mayre mayres suche as they bee
xl s
It(em) ye ploughe & ye cart\& ye harrowse/ w(ith) all theyr impleme(n)ts theyr towe beelongy(n)se
viij s
It(e)m vj schootts
vj s
It(e)m gesse dowks & heens
ij s iiij d
It(e)m a fatte & a hayre
iiij s
It(e)m in redy money
iiij d
page 2
Thys be ye deetts folowy(n)ge (tha)t Ry(char)d Knyghte dyde owe att ye owre of his dethe,
In primis to Mr Pygoott
xl s
It(em) to ye sayde Mr Pygoott
vi s viij d
It(em) to Benytt
x d
It(em) to Sawnders
ix d
It(em) too Hoollde Snowe
iiij d
It(em) too Thom(a)s Day
xiij s iiij d
It(em) too ye p(ar)sone of Mychyle Orwood for woode
v s
It(em) too Thom(a)s Ylyott for ye churche money
iij s iiij d
It(em) too Bostons wyffe
vj s
It(em) too Mr Watt
xx s
It(em) too Thom(a)s Fowllar
iij s vj d
It(em) too Mr Boston for a loade of strawe
xx d
Thys be ye detts folowy(n)ge (tha)t whas howinge to Ry(char)d Knyghte att ye day off his barryalle
In primis Mr Pygoott for mathy(n)ge off malltte
xij s
It(em) Wyll( ia)m Shelttone for a closse
xx d


Mr Waytts: this probably refers to Henry Watts, who is called "Mr" in other documents.

hayre: see OED definition.

Mr Pygoott: probably Robert Piggott, gent., who had extensive property at Winslow

Sawnders: probably William Saunders.

Hoollde Snowe: i.e. Old Snow, probably Richard Snow.

Mychyle Orwood: i.e. Great Horwood; the rector was Henry Dely in 1547.

Bostons wyffe: i.e. Jane, the second wife of John Boston.

mathy(n)ge: mashing?

closse: probably the annual rent of a close.

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