Will of Robert Plesteed of Shipton, 1625

Herts RO 67AW25

In the name of god, Amen.  The eight day of Aprill, anno domini 1625.  I Robert Plesteed of the parish of Winslow in the County of Bucks, being sicke and diseased in body, but in good remembrance (god be thanked) do make this my last will and testament in maner & forme following.  First I bequeath my soule unto Allmightie god, who created me, and redeemed me by his sone Jesus Christ, by whose merites onely I hope to obtaine remission of my sinnes, and consequently eternall life in the kingdome of heaven.  And my body to be decently buried in the Church yard of Winslow aforesayd.  Item I give to my sone John Plesteed & my daughter Alice Plesteed the summe of five pownds apeece, to be payd them within one yeare after my decease.  Item I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Plesteed the summe of five pownds, to be payd hir at the age of one & twentie years.  Item I give unto my sone in law George Russell two quarters of malte.  Item I give unto my sone in law Thomas Jeffrey fowr pownds which he oweth me.  Item I give unto all my grand children twelve pence a peece.  The rest of my goods unbequethed I give unto Alice my wife and William Plesteed my sone, whom I make my Executors.  In witnesse whereof I have hereunto set my mark, and caused my name to be subscribed the day & yeare first above written.

Robert Plesteed his mark

In the presence of us
Robert Maynwaring &
William Glenister
[Latin] Probatum extat in dorso

[another hand] The oath was administred to the Executrix Alice Plesteed the last day of October 1625 by me Robert Maynwaring

Inventory of Robert Plesteed, 1625

Herts RO A25/2857

The true and perfit Inventory of all and singular the goods debts and Chattells of Robert Plesteed Late of Shipton in the Counie of Bucks deceased made and praysed the xvth of June 1625 By Richard Snowe Thomas Stevens and William Glenister

In primis in the Chamber a bedsteed a Cupbord a Chest two Cofers a featherbed a mattris sixe paire of sheetes a bolster a paire of blannckets a Coverlet and two pillows      v li
Item in the hall an old Table a dishbord a forme five kittles two skilletts a brasse Chafindish a skimmer tenn peeces of pewter a Candstick[?] one Chaire[?] xl s
Item in the buttrye a salting Trough two barrells six shelves and  other Lumber             x s
Item a steeping fatt a Garner and two tubs an old haire and an old fat xxx s
Item Tenn quarters of Malt x li
Item in the wheete feild two Lands of wheat two of Mastling two of barley, & six Lands of beanes and pease in the beane field  vi li
Item two beastes a sow and one pigg iiij li viij s
Item a paire of Andirons a spitt a pott a fire shovell & a paire of tonges ij s vj d
Item three Ladders iij s
Item Beer x s
Item Cheese v s
Item a screene a sithe with other Implementes x s
Item a shovel  wood and bords xij s
Item his Apparrell       xx s
Summa totalis xxxij li xj s vj d

Exhibituum fuit huius Inventorium per Alice Plesteed Relictam ultimo die mensis Octobris 1625 pro vero pleno et integro omnium et sub protestacione de Addendo si etc.

                                                                                                                [signed] Thomas Rokitt

Disclaimer of William Plesteed

Junij 16  1625

Be it knowne unto all men by these presents that I William Plesteed of St. Clements Danes parish in London doe relinquish & leave over unto my mother Alice Plesteede all the right & interest that I have unto aine thinge by bequest unto me by the last will and testament of my Father Robert Plesteede lately deceased, given so that it shall be lawfull for her to administer in her owne name & to be wholly Executrix.  In token whereof I have here unto the day & yeare above written set my hand & seale

[signed] William Plested

In the presence of
Robert Maynwaring
Robert Wallis
William Glenister           
Thomas Stevens


Robert Plesteed was buried at Winslow on 8 June 1625.

Garner: a storehouse for corn or salt (OED).

haire: A cloth, mat, or other fabric of hair used for various purposes in some trades, e.g. in hop-drying, extraction of oils, etc. (OED, s.v. hair, n.7)

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Will of Robert Plesteed

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Inventory of Robert Plesteed

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Disclaimer of William Plesteed


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